This is so nice ( wizard skin )


Nice wizard

this Wizard is so nice and polite,he from mysterious cool room


I would definitely use this skin over any other wizard skin I know of
GJ with this one


Shining cute


I don’t like the skin. Looks like a Bear mixed with a Hobo. Is there a theme around the skin?




Wow what a cool kid.

I don’t remember what the game was called, can you tell me?


Soul Knight

pun intended


fuck me i had that game, deleted because it was boring


Did you have all character with Max upgrade?


can you separate the skins from each other so that it is easier to see? Or are you too lazy?

btw nice skin


no i never bought any chars, just maxed the original one and quit. Only downloaded it because my friend had it so we did duos for a long car ride


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