This needs to be done for Arena


Dear deca, I have some really amazing ideas for the game, and I can almost guarantee you that these idea will make the game 10 times better, so please listen because I feel these idea’s will benefit the game substantially…


Item drops
Tbh I don’t why enemies in the arena don’t drop items, but personally i feel like arena would be more rewarding if enemies actually dropped loot(even if the chance is lower than normal)

I think there was a similar idea came up with, where someone suggested that there should be skins that boosted your stats, I personally think that this is a great idea, and that these skins could maybe be prizes you could receive from the actual arena. There would be a skin for each class/character, and there would be 3 ranks for skins, and there would be a skin for each rank.(if I worded it correctly). Depending on how high the rank the skin is will determine how much the skin boost your stats. And each ranked skin would actually boost 3 stats randomly, for example: A bronze rank skin would boost 3 random stats by +1. A silver rank skin would boosts 3 random stats by +2, and a gold rank would boost 3 random stats by +3. If you wear ST sets with these skins, the stats could maybe be stacked onto eachother. This could maybe be used as a strategy. Now you must be careful though, because unlike normal skins, if you die with these skins, unfortunatetly you’ll lose the skin entirely and you’ll have to win another one as a prize again in arena. The way you win these skins in arena is by making it up to a certain wave. If you make it up to this certain wave, you’ll be rewarded the skin. Now I don’t have an actual design for these skins, and I was thinking/hoping for a design to be made for this.
Anywho, you can also win tokens, potions, weapons, misc and other stuff from arena by making it up to certain waves too.

I also think it would be really hype if there was a crowd that cheered the player’s name as the players did the arena. I also think it would be absolutely amazing if enemies could have dialogue when they spawn, like for example, when Stheno may appear, she could say something like “I came out of my snake pit, for this?? Blah… so be it!” And the fight would start. Deca, you must do this idea, because I assure you by doing this idea, it will vastly improve the game and make players want to play the game more.

I’m not done yet though, because I still have vastly more ideas to improve the game, and by listening to my ideas I can almost guarantee you this game will be bigger than fortnite! And if it is, you guys should give me realm gold for making the game so much better, but any who thank you so much for listening and I really hope you the best :wink:


I think a glow would be better than a skin, honestly, since Skins are ‘cosmetic’ and will be harder to implement as ‘lose-able item’ And glow would be more fitting since each people prefer different skins. Maybe when DECA adds glow selection at Unity, it would make much more sence.


rotmg has 70k players
fortnite has 100m +
that is a significant change and tbh your idea isnt enough to do THAT much to the game.


Maybe peg down your confidence a little, also rotmg overtaking fortnite is nigh impossible, and give you realm gold seriously? Also, regs, please move this to WIP, anyways, deca doesnt look at these forums, and why do you think your idea will benefit the game so much, arena is just one aspect of the game, and I doubt people will actually do it, considering the bigger risk, and it will also create a bigger gap between players with low level pets, and people with maxed divines, also prepare the sprite for the skins, and just polish the idea, I feel like this idea right now is just too lacking.


Don’t get your hopes up M8.


This just sounds like a shitpost


Not saying you are wrong because of it, but pretty bold of you to say these things, considering how little game experience you had according to

Your Realmeye

Not gonna focus on that though, since it’s offtopic, and @ArexRew and other bluestar/redstar lovers will rant on me again and drive me to an actual permaban this time.

Simple answer : NO.
Long answer : Arena doesn’t have perma-death. Say, in changed arena, there are Oryx2, Forgotten king, Maybe even nest boss etc. Which are, extremely difficult, but obviously solo-able. The only reason their whites/STs(by that, referring to Oryx ST) remain rare(okay, maybe not), is because The player have to RISK LOSING THEIR CHARACTERS Which leads to them nexusing, dying, etc. But getting whites by Not finding the actual dungeon, nor risking your character? to me, it looks like your turning arena into a good place for new players to mindlessly farm up whites when they don’t want to risk their character.

Terrible Idea. Let’s please not add actual game changing features to cosmetics anymore, especially when they are visual features. Players like what they like. They have rights to use whatever skin they want. So, as I said, why don’t we add a glow? Since we already have 2 glows out there, DECA is likely to add glow selection in Unity port, and Glow for the arena would be more fitting. I’m not sure about stat boosting, but considering how other 2 glows doesn’t do anything for you, I don’t think it should have additional stats.

Non-permanant skin. I see. If we made this into a glow, maybe we can make the reward as the consumable of some sort that binds to the character when used?

Tokens, I think you are referring to Vault and Character slot tokens. But that would be a loss for DECA, since they should remain extremely rare with no actual way of getting it excluding events. Maybe it can drop different tokens that are made for Arena, and can be turned in for exclusive rewards/vanity/skin/etc?

Crowd cheering, sure, why not? But it might be a bit annoying to see all the chat being spammed up with some random cheering when you focus soloing 5 nest bosses and 10 oryx. Maybe make it not appear in chat, but only as a text bubble?
Not so sure about mob dialogue, seems like a good Idea, but it can be kind of chaotic when there are thousands of mobs spawning all at once at later Arena. As a person who personally doesn’t do arena, With my last experience of just casually reaching 30. It was pretty chaotic already. For actual good players unlike me that reaches +80 Round on Arena, the mob dialogues can be a bit… confusing.

It is indeed a good Idea. Arena does need some change. But I think this Idea has a long way to go and be a bit more polished.


Fam u were a little shit while handling that incident.


Honestly Ark’s glow idea is pretty lit, maybe the glow can get more intense as you go up the levels so at level 10 you get a very faint one but level 50 gives you a really strong one. Level 100 fucking blinds everyone in a 100 tile radius ez


Geez, you guys are so hostile, why can’t you be like me and fence sit 24/7 :smiley:

you could add in a feature to not allow white bags/STs to drop, which would only allow pots and other garbage to drop still.


(btw, maybe the arena should have a tier selection menu which would act as difficulties, IE tier 10 would be the hardest and tier 1 would be easiest.)


if you sit on the fence you get splinters up your ass


DID YOU JUST ASSUME THE FENCE WAS WOOD? I’ll have you know it could be steel, plastic, ceramic, copper, bronze, dirt, stone, diamond, oak and birch.


Deca doesn’t read these forums, with the exception of the Trivial Issues thread

tbh it sounds like you’re putting a lot of faith in the intelligence + attention span of an average realm player

Probably too spammy unless it was rare like the sheep’s “baa baa”, in which case it would defeat the purpose because it wouldn’t feel like a crowd

‘must do this idea’ your idea was literally dialogue which they already have in the game ??


you’re welcome and thanks


I’m with @Woeshievos, this looks like a really bad shitpost due to these.

This idea isn’t nearly as good as you think it is, the Arena is in the game for fun, it isn’t supposed to be extremely rewarding, as you can’t even die within it. Adding stackable buffs to it isn’t a good idea at all.

Honestly, the Arena should be removed for something better, the way it works now wouldn’t work well with a rewarding reward system, instead of endless waves there should be an actual objective to get your rewards, such as a daily hard-mode dungeon where the loot is increased along with the difficulty. (not an actual suggestion, just an example)

You can’t die in the arena, allowing for it to drop items, even at a lower rate, would just allow for people to farm indefinitely without the fear of death, that’s a terrible idea.


Uh aren’t those wood?


Yes, but they’re different types of wood!

off topic btw


Can we just all stay on topic? This is getting way too toxic lmfao :joy:

Starting with the idea:

There’s something that many people failed to explain and went off ranting about “no this, and no this” – You’re misunderstanding the point of the Arena. It isn’t for grinding loot and was never meant to be. It’s supposed to be a level-up “mini-game” that progressively gets harder to challenge players and give them the motivation to beat high-scores.

The Skin idea isn’t all too bad – it’s pretty fair and justifiable. However, they’re just cosmetics. That’s their purpose, nothing more. The concept of simply having more things that add as stat bonuses isn’t just lazy, but also more confusing and useless work. Think about it – 3 Skin ranks for each of the 15 classes (plus more future ones)? That’s 45 Skins. What’s that? Yes, you’re correct. That IS a lot of time wasted.

You know, that’s a cool idea and all, but it seems pretty pointless. Plus it could easily clog up the text box and get irritating.

Finally an actual good concept…if the enemies didn’t already have a dialogue. There’s no point in adding spawn dialogue if they already have something to say.

Moving on to your…ego, should I say?

Whoa there. It’s nice to see you all confident, but let’s not get way too cocky right off the start.

I don’t want to get all offensive here, but you’re ideas aren’t that “revolutionary”.

The self-esteem just leaves me speechless. Being confident in your ideas is a really good thing, but going as far as mentioning “bigger than fortnite” and “realm gold for making the game so much better” isn’t gonna happen, man. Sorry :grimacing:

If you’re really determined in having DECA hearing you out, you could try emailing them or something, though they are quite slow at responding and often simply ignore altogether.

I would say this is a complete idea. Moving it to WIP is unnecessary.


Okay, so I came up with a better idea for arena, I also really like the glow idea! Thank you ArkRumier, you’re the best! Anyways… I was making a couple of the skins for my original idea and was a tad bit disappointed when I saw people disagreeing with the stat boosting skin idea, an idea I kinda liked, but I knew you guys were right, and I scrapped it of course… But anyways, on the other hand, I still think some ideas could work for the arena, and will like to present them to you!

Reward System
I still think a reward system for arena is still a good idea and and I have a new way of making it work! You see, I was thinking of a coin system in which each wave you complete you receive a coin. By collecting coins the more waves you complete of course, you can use them to buy items, weapons, misc, and skins etc. This will 100% encourage players to do arena more, and will be the funnest experience players could ever have!

Yes. I know the enemies have dialogue already, but I was originally thinking was that they could have something different! Like something about themselves before the battle started… For example, Thessel from the ocean trench could have dialogue about supposedly how she was “taking care of her octopuses” and when she heard of “a chance to battle some realmers” she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get revenge on realmers for defeating her in her ocean trench or something of that caliber. Regardless, was just suggesting some new dialogue is all I want for arena, give it something special! Also, I still think an audience cheering the players name is a phenomenal idea, maybe a “Go [player], Go!” would be nice! This could be said before the actually arena begins to give the player encouragement, and there also be dialogue after the player completes each round of the arena.

I’m telling you though, phenomenal is only the word you can use at the least to describe how amazing these ideas are, don’t you think? Anyways, continue discussing away in the comments of course, and thanks again guys for reading! I really appreciate it! And if you would like to see some of the skins I made for my orignal idea, why please ask! I wish you the best rest of your day, and may oryx bless you!


no lol

you realise the arena was never meant to give profit etc. if the weapons and items were vanity only then that might be a good idea

y tho
theres no point

theres really not any reason why the bosses should have more dialogue, they have plenty anyway :/

look idk what you think the arena is but its meant to be an arcade like addition to the game for if youre bored and such. having extra dialogue is kinda pointless and a waste of time and space


My good sir, I’ll have you know that it cost 250 fame just to do arena, and you get absolutely nothing from doing it. The least that could done for the arena is to make the 250 fame you spend on doing it worth it, and these ideas are guarenteed to do just that. I mean, is not something you would like?


Fam it’s not meant to be “worth it” in items, it’s meant to be a fun thing for more endgame players to do, not some way for beginner or medium level (such as yourself) to upgrade their gear.