This needs to be done for Arena


Vanity staff
Projectile 1
projectile 2


Nice, also can I suggest renaming the title for the thread xd


I like that description btw for the dark shade sword!


Oh sure lol what should the title be?


Arena improvement ideas?


Ahh sure!


How do I change it though? Or maybe I could remake this thread as soon as I get my ideas together?


Thats also possible, and for fulure refernce there should be a pencil beside the title


Yeah I tried clicking the pencil but it won’t let me edit.


hmm weird, have you tried backspacing?


I’m pretty sure you can only change the post name when you are Regular or higher?


For your own post? I didnt need to be reg to change my post usually


Well I clicked this

And this keeps popping up


Huh weird, the option isnt available now, but it should be, that aint it


Awww :frowning:


Vanity wand
Projectile 1
Projectile 2


I post more vanity items later, may oryx bless you guys! Have a nice rest of your day!


Are you gonna continue working on more of the shot patterns and stuff for the vanity items in the future?


I’d appreciate it alot! :two_hearts:


Bow of Green Crystals
Chiseled from the Jade Statue, this bow is capacitised with the ancient magicks that sprung the statue to life. But, after decades of overuse, the bow doesnt shoot arrows the way it did anymore, thus it was scrapped and repurposed into a prize for the arena.


  • Tier: UT
  • Damage:10-15
  • Range:7.04(TrueRange:1.21)
  • Special properties: Shots pass through enemies
  • Fame Bonus:6%
  • Feed Power:500

Here, Ill try to do one a day, that sound good?