Tomb Ring Reskins


Got bored and messed around with sprites. Eventually made these:

Ring of Anger


Let the anger take over. Let the darkness consume.

Reskin: Ring of the Sphinx

Ring of Fear


Let the weak cower. Let them be afraid

Reskin: Ring of the Nile

Ring of Horror


Destruction of the Realm is imminent. This ring reminds us every day.

Alternative Desc: The face you make when you get Pyra instead of Prot. The face has forever been imbedded on to this ring.

Reskin: Ring of the Pyramid


aliens 2.0
no actually they are cool but they look like alans


I really dislike these sprites.The rings themselves look awkward; I like the insect like eyes, however.


plus one neon heart


You’ve probably noticed, but I’m not great at spriting rings. The idea just popped up as I messed around. :sweat_smile:


It’s awesome how the eyes matches the ring name !


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