Tri-Sword of Shields


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Tri-Sword of Shields


_A sword that is capable of both apowerful offense and _


  • Tier: UT

  • Damage: 250 - 300 (avg 260)
    Shots: 3

  • Range: 6

  • Effect: Bleeding on target for 1 seconds

  • Stat Bonus: +5 DEF, -5 Mana, -9 VIT

  • Special properties: Shots pass through enemies

  • Fame Bonus: 5%

  • Feed Power: 800

  • Stat 1 (ie, att)

  • Stat 2

  • Stat 3

  • etc

Drops From:

  • Hermit God
  • Oryx the Mad God 2
  • etc

I believe that melee class dont not do enough damage with there short range, so this helps


sprites have to be 8x8. this is 16x16.

the -5 mana and -1 vit are pretty redundant and useless.
at the end of the day, isn’t this just a ridiculously broken indompt?

even knight has well over 2k dps; i don’t see where this is coming from.


The sprite is really bad. How exactly does it even have defensive capabilities. Bleeding is not possible either




now it -9 vit


I’m not sure if this is just a deity-tier shitpost or you actually being serious.
For reasons I’m gonna presume the former and therefore not give any criticism whatsoever.


Maybe its a 8x8 Sprite but he made it to look lite 16x16.


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