Trivial Issues Thread


It’s spelled correctly, though.

Yikes I’m bad at reading


Funny thing is that it says raindeers at the top and reindeers at the bottom.





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(clarification for those who don’t see it: Oryx calls out that a Frostaract has spawned, but the DisplayId shown in the Quest calls it a Pentaract still)


spaces are allowed


Caps caps caps. Snowy is maybe (guessing) a bit Germanic in his capital letter usage?


Wants to be Snowy the Frost God, no cap for T, and doesn’t need the Y of Yourselves or P of Presents capsing. The S in Snowman in his first line can work either way: with cap S if referencing self, using ‘the Snowman’ as a nickname, or if it’s intended as a generic ‘the snowman’ it’d want lc S.

(For the name, compare how Daichi has it correctly styled with Daichi the (small T) Fallen).


(this Daichi typo is still wrong BTW - prev post).


The german equivalents of “the” and “yourselves” are normally not capitalized


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I haven’t got a video since I’m lazy but:

The coffin creatures in the manor still open and close when stasised.


If I understand correctly, that’s cause they use some extra animations to make it happen - kinda like the Crystallized Fish’ vanishing.


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Should be Janus’ not “Janus’s.”


Possessive singular nouns could be either way.

Apostrophe instead of apostrophe-s is only a rule for possessive plural nouns ending in ‘s’.

Grammatik macht frei


I like how everyone is pointing out grammar mistakes when most of DECA probably has English as a second or third language
spot the grammatical error :wink: