Trivial Issues Thread


moments before disaster


you seem to gain an extra second of drop rate when you enter a bazaar(or at least right bazaar)
it’s trivial because it seems to go away when you leave the location


What a strange one!
I don’t see that happening on my character, so maybe it’s a client issue?:



(tested on left and right bazaars, on USW2)


it might be, i also tried this on the daily quest area and this also seems to happen


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Sounds like a full bug, of the calendar not working as designed, so split to its own topic.


More likely that it’s between two seconds, causing it to sometimes add a second.


I investigated it and it can also happen with your vault


yeah it happens to me too in the vault


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i have this recurring problem where i keep running into cute players


same lol i found this level one that started playing 1 day ago and i gave him a t13 armor and t5 ring and he didnt know how to even put them on . it was so cute


I usually don’t give items to bluestars with star levels below 10 because they tend to die or not show graditude as they don’t know how good tops are.


The only players I don’t give items to are the ones that actively beg for them. I come to you, not the other way round.




Its not an issue tho, and also its not trivial either


nazis are bad




it hardly looks like a swastika though


ignore the walls and you can see it