Trivial Issues Thread


The Items sure like to pop out to ya dont they?


this is pretty late but as far as i know, this also applies to other pop ups like when you hover over the things in the top left(gift chests, etc)
this was mostly a problem on flash but i think it also happens on exalt


I don’t know whether this is trivial or should be in the Bugs section but:

My screen resolution keeps resetting. I have a 1080 screen but play on 1600x900 because I prefer the slight zoomed in view to minimise the fog of war (which pisses me right off but I’m grudgingly getting used to it. Slowly).

Every other time I connect to Realm it’s reset back to 1920x1080 again.


I haven’t been on enough lately to notice, but at least for a while, many of the options settings would reset themselves on people without appearing to have changed on the on/off buttons. I’d always have to swap my settings opposite of whatever they were set to and back again to change them. It was (is?) annoying, for sure. Your resolution may fall under that umbrella.


Aaaaaa I really hate this bug! It’s only been happening to me on the “Enemy damage text from other players” option, but it’s every single time I fire up the game and I never remember to fix it until I’m in the thick of battle


I know I’ve seen this mentioned before, but one of my old-worst pet-peeves in this game:

The client settings are not saved server side. Whenever one logs in on a new PC, you have to redo all of the settings and hotkeys…
It doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to arrange a short identifier to save a player’s settings in the server side.


Very relatable, as the server selected also doesn’t follow when logging in on a different device. I’m playing on laptop when I’m staying at the dormitory during the weekdays, and on PC when I’m staying at home during the weekends, so I keep getting the teleport cooldown when I’m at home!


Oh boy, I’m glad I can use this beautiful princess warrior skin and everyone can enjoy, hopefully, nothing will make it go away

Changing to my ST set also changes my skin to default, which is tragic because the skin is beautiful

Extra bug: Pirate Princess


Grrrrrr… ok, now that someone finally mentioned it, I don’t have to be alone. Two of my biggest (menial) pet peeves are the fact that st’s reset your skin to the default like that, and that trickster decoys don’t match your current skin. D:<


I remember when they didnt do that even in flash


It’s ALWAYS bothered me. My brain is just too tired of acknowledging it after hundreds of hours of playtime looking at these characters, always swapping weaponry around.


The options screen on Exalt is very annoying to me. It is solid-dark and takes up the whole screen, so if you try to change something during gameplay it is risky. I don’t see why it can’t be pretty much transparent, like when you hit the escape button before selecting options, so that the player can see what’s going on behind the menu still (and be able to close the menu to move / shoot/ nexus if some enemies come in range)…


If I walk left and spam up, I slowly move diagonally as normal, but if I do the same thing while walking right, there’s this weird animation reset.

The GIF doesn’t seem to show directly. May have to click the link.


This happens quite frequently


yes i was so i bored i tried it and it worked


That’s some damage right there


This is non-trivial imo


Lmao never noticed that before. Any idea whether legacy is different?


I don’t have a screenshot, but there is a really common cult problem in which you see the stupid cheater set box sprite (Mistake I think) instead of Malus.


There is no legacy version of that particular set; it still drops only as non-sb items.

Also, that post was made four years ago.