What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


“you and your little groups of null raiders” but all your characters use O3 whites??? Who’s the one running O3 all day long and not do any realm? that’s you yourself buddy.


there is lol. I helped 3 different light blue stars get their settings configured through a discord screenshare within this month.


White star wasn’t hard to get in 2019 my guy

Don’t try to act like an elitist when you aren’t even one

I’m losing braincells at a frightening rate. Are you really flexing your OT, shatters, cult and void completes? In addition, Realmeye is not an updated counter for tracking dungeon completes.

EDIT: https://www.realmeye.com/graveyard-of-player/Oajsuixz/101
Looking at the state of your graveyard, you were never truly endgame. Not a single crown or colo sword death. Not a single 8/8 death until 2018. You flex your void/cult runs on BaconSM, but you didn’t die with Halls whites until 2020, when discords were more meta than ever. You were carried by discords, which is fine, but you have no right to criticize others. You only had serious progression after 2018, when DECA had already taken over. I cheated my way to the endgame at in the past, but at least I don’t unjustifiably criticize others. Implying that you grinded OTs and tombs to max your characters is false. Flexing your shatters, cult, and Lost Halls completes is pointless when you were carried by puri priests and cheesing mechanics. You were carried by the new meta DECA introduced.

You are not a Wildshadow-era “rotmg pro”. Snap out of your bubble.

And right after this message… he immediately admits to playing O3

O3 is by far one of the most fun dungeon experiences, aside from rushing halls or chilling with friends. You probably didn’t like it because of this: https://www.realmeye.com/graveyard-of-player/Oajsuixz
(You have so many noob O3 deaths I can’t be bothered to screenshot)

BaconSM’s graveyard is 10000% better than yours. I saw him grind hours and hours for 8/8s.

Finally, like I’ve said before, fame wasn’t hard to get in 2018 - 2021 (when you actively played and got 8/8s) + there was lots of free pet food when you got serious progression + there were lots of events when you had progression + you were carried by discord metas such as puri priests + mseals.

Just wrong. There are new players. Look at my previous post. DECA has lots of issues, but claiming even 80% of players are just tired veterans is false, and will simply add more negativity to a down-trodden community. Don’t try to weasel your way out of this one by saying “obviously an exaggeration” and then saying “very close to that number.” You are not presenting a proper argument. In addition, you are the one that devolved into personal insults and critiquing.

Even more clear you don’t have a clue about the current ROTMG. https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/demon-blade

Dblade got massively buffed, and now possesses over double the range. Additionally, with the new dungeons and strats, Dblade is one of the best swapouts in the game. The arc gap got reduced by over 15 degrees. Please stop making up statistics, acting like a pro, and “flexing” that you slightly grinded the game from 2018 - 2020.

BaconSM is a massive nerd, but everything he said about you is correct:

TL;DR Stop making a fool of yourself @Oajsuixz. You are not a “Wildshadow-Era” pro player. You are a noob who got carried by DECA freebies and the Discord meta. Criticizing others for your own downfalls is hilariously mind-numbing and idiotic.


The rune system is awful

Firstly it forces you to have 3 unique keys on you, clear a whole realm + castle + o1 + o2, which is already long, and if one of the runes dies/nexuses/dc then there’s no run

Secondly, it creates a lot of toxicity

Some people use trackers to “join” runs that they weren’t invited to, and it’s very frustrating for the ones who are setting up the runs (which is exausthing to gather runes, find a realm and get crashed)
They then try to get rid of the ones that weren’t invited (asking to leave or PvP)

And in in the end it sucks because it’s the least accessible dungeon, so the people who aren’t very good at the game struggle to meet reqs and can never practice the dungeon

I have no clue why deca hasn’t changed this, it’s very badly designed while there are a tons of totally viable options


Bit of a theory here. Maybe it’s similar to how competitive games have more toxic communities. Since some people are ranked higher or get better gear, they feel superior and may become arrogant. Most discord servers run endgame dungeons, the raiders of might start thinking that they’re the best despite doing a dungeon designed to be possible to complete. Also, they’re being guided on how to do the dungeon, so it’s only partially their skill that led them to complete the dungeon. Basically, people might be getting toxic because they think they’re pros for beating dungeons under a person that’s shepherding them. What I don’t understand is how toxicity is so rampant if there are already rules on discord servers for both the server chats themselves and in-game chat. It may have to do with specific servers, but I’ve barely seen anyone say anything offensive in chat. I’m also a formal arl for Fungal and Crystal Cavern server, but I rarely ever see toxic behavior when I lead.


Was gonna type out an actual response but I cant be asked to give a shit anymore lol

Game is boring as fuck. Same loop over and over again with no variety

Ingame community bad, either barren with no one interacting, or sometimes slurs being thrown around

Outgame Community bad, source? this thread :smirk:

moderation bad, always has been

No innovation, same fight mechanics but this time they spin and have 20 bullets instead of 15 :fearful:

No direction or guide for players, experienced and vets included (No, 3rd party material dose not count sweaty)

Pets kinda shit, always have been

Economy is doodoo, went the way of the Venezuelan dollar :pensive:

Dicksord servers be fine if integrated properly, alas was not the case

Monetization and ads shit, league of legends skin cost with 2% of the quality :joy:

No class diversity, they all behave the same way effectively (bar kensei I guess)

Progression shit, always has been

RNG shit, sorrey but I rather get my loot through progression

This thread bad, squabbling over a pixel game :smirk:

edit: forgor about guilds, but so did the devs :skull:


Not all the classes are just “shooting but it costs MP.” Priest and Necromancer both heal, but Necro is more for crowd control while Priest is about pure healing. Warriors Knights and Paladins are about tanking the frontlines and buffing groups. Trickster and Rogue are about speed and stealth respectively, and while it’s true classes like Sorcerer, Assassin, more than half the bow classes, etc. are very flawed, I wouldn’t call the class diversity that bad.

Then maybe a game focused on grinding for long periods of time for loot just isn’t for you. Most RPG’s are about grinding, so it’s not really the game’s fault and more of a flaw within the genre.

Then why are you even here? It’s probably more pathetic that you’re spending time on an online forum mocking people passionate about a game instead of doing literally anything else worthwhile.


I didn’t expect an actual serious response, but respond I will :sunglasses:

I can see how you thought I meant they all just fire bullets but even with the minute (but oftentimes important) differences in classes they behave the same way gameplay wise. Whether you are a priest, or a warrior, or a rogue, you left click to fire and spam space bar when your buffs run out or you need healing. That’s what I meant by lack of diversity. It’s more of the range of playstyles you can adopt when playing classes, which is woefully small and only band aided by certain UTs (Rip old Puri Tome :pensive:) Even then UTs are not a replacement for what should be built into the classes themselves, which is actual playstyles like support or offensive/defense.

I actually forgot to include summoner in the exceptions since they have somewhat more unique playstyles of being ultra-aggressive to max out DPS, letting your adds focus fire on single targets so you can deal with immediate threats, or using them to take breathers via support UT maces. Might be one of the few examples of a decent class with variable playstyle to it.

With respect I’ll disagree lmao. Realm simply doesn’t respect player time and investment, simple as. In other RPGs and MMOs they at least have the decency to put in pity systems or give you some control in how you acquire that gear you really want (I know forge exists, but that also relies on you spending time to get similar rarity UTs that can give you materials for even crafting the item you want, defeating the purpose of it a little). Along with the fact that dungeons take too long to complete if you’re not doing discord runs (I’m talking about 30+ minutes of add clearing like in lost halls and shatters, and I guess nest but to a lesser extent). Exacerbated by having no checkpoint system for raid level dungeons.

Most other RPGs and mmos aren’t as tedious either. Played a decent variety and while they have grinding (obviously) its more monotonous and done for various reasons, whether that’s for cosmetics, achievement, gear/character progression or because its relaxing. And while they can be utterly grueling like realm in some areas, the difference is that those are some areas. Realm is entirely grueling grinds that can either be instantly over because you got lucky, or like some players I’ve heard and seen, never end.

Its also a personal burn out thing. Grinded out a lot of things in game over the years, but the game doesn’t give any incentive or motivation outside of having that thing (only to potentially lose it forever if its not in your vault), and after a long time that just didn’t cut it for me anymore.

in response to “mocking” the passion of the people here I’ll just say that the last thing I want is for people to stop being passionate about realm because I’d prefer if and when this game goes out, it’ll be with a fanbase that’s boisterous, loud, obnoxious in some areas but still full of heart, who’ll probably go on to make their own stuff inspired by that game they were so passionate about. instead of what I’ve personally experienced, being dejected remnants of a community that watch their game shutter for the last time, leaving it to be forgotten and traces of the game to quickly follow. Along with the fact that it’s always fun and great to see the wider community make content or ideas and experience moments in game, even if I don’t care to anymore. Also, it’d be pretty fucking silly if I was actually shitting on anyone here for “Squabbling over a pixel game :smirk:” when I was doing the same thing not even that long ago (and are right now lmao).

The quips pertaining to the thread were in jest more or less. Sorry if they came off as me being unironically dismissive or mocking of people here

Everything else though is an actual opinion though. Mainly formatted the way it was because I didn’t want to write a book’s worth of text like I used to, or like I’m doing right now :l


Ok so I wasn’t here for a couple of days due to certain things I had to deal with IRL, but I just want to say that while I get why so many people are getting heated with these arguments, some of you need to seriously calm down. This is meant to be an open discussion, where everyone can feel open to talk, not a place to flame someone else for having a different opinion. These arguments might seem harmless, but they actively ruin the discussion in two ways:

  1. They actively make the discussion screech to a halt because more replies are being made about the argument rather than the actual discussion itself
  2. They stop others from saying their opinions because they’re afraid of starting a long argument with someone that just wants to pick a fight

All in all, I just want this discussion to be civilized, and while I agree that different should exist and should be allowed to spread within the discussion, but there are limits to that, and we’ve already crossed those limits twice because people haven’t been able to be the better person and stop replying or asking others to stop.


It’s true, especially when you are soloing a dungeon for 20 minutes and then you think to yourself:

“I’m a clown :clown_face: for wasting my time because in a discord run this would’ve taken 2 minutes for the same reward chance. I would have 10x the loot in the same time.”

This may be half the reason I barely touch realm anymore. I don’t want to waste my time, but I also don’t want to use discord as a requirement to play realm. Nothing against discords by themselves - I just find it annoying to always need discord to play endgame content. Sometimes I just want to play the game.

Definitely my experience in the past, just got burned out entirely because the UTs I wanted were too rare and luck kept trolling me with useless UTs I didn’t want.


This image design is actually not that bad. I think if there was a Rotmg matchmaking menu, it would look like this. Then you just set how many of each class you need at minimum to start a run… then send off a notification to all players who match the reqs. Instantly filled key, no discord, no vc, no afk check. Problem solved. Popping a key in the magical key room could be so satisfying.


Hey, good idea! :smiley::+1:

left on read by deca games


Left unread by DECA games because it’s the Realmeye forums :c


I’ve been getting told a lot of the discords have gotten better since I left nearly a year ago. Granted I can’t confirm or deny, since I’m no longer in any of them, but if that’s truly the case, that’s good. Still doesn’t excuse the behavior that used to be around, but it’s a step in the right direction I guess.


It’s not as fun as it was in 2014.

This is a joke of course. The game is being run way better right now than Kabam ever did. I just miss the good old days when I could name every item in the game and when I sucked really bad and simple things were a challenge.


i explained it pretty well here, and my mind hasn’t changed since i posted this on the following link
Struggling to get back in it - Game Discussion - Forum | RealmEye.com

here’s a copy/paste for those who don’t wanna click on the link:

(Jan 27)
I made a guild full of newbies, where I only recruited light blue stars who were beginning players, called YallCute , and I personally got to know each and every one of my members over the span of two months. I even made us a Discord and everything, so we can talk to each other and get to know each other. I can attest not only is the OP right, but the beginning player’s experience is worse than I thought, having played with them so closely.

As it turns out, their age range is 15-early 20’s, and I am one who is very concerned for gen Z, as they are already the most depressed generation of our time from what I read. Having said that, this game is VERY unhealthy mentally for these kids. It fills these kids with self-defeating thoughts and depressed moods, the last thing they need in their lives.

If you look at the people I recruited in the Guild History page, the oldest former members were kicked, because they only played for one day, and never came back (look at their “account created/last seen” info on their pages). I always said this is a horrible time to be a beginner.

they created their account and stopped playing on the same day.

What really made me upset, disappointed, and saddened was that now 30 of the 40 people remaining in that guild have stopped playing too. I left the guild for my owns reasons, and it turns out I was the one holding the guild together, and the guild was the only reason they were playing. I was trying to give beginners a better experience/atmosphere to play in, because according to my guildies, playing solo or in other guilds was a horrible experience on its own, because they’d make friends, and their friends would quit saying “Man, I suck”, so they’d end up without any friends to play with.

I gained some insight from someone just yesterday on how new players think. This person told me they sucked and their skill level was so bad, because they had zero o3 completes and 0 shatters completes. I told them how upsetting that was to me, knowing that players now gauge themselves and their skill level based on extremely difficult endgame dungeons. This is why I nearly shouted in anger when o3 was first announced, while everyone else was excited, because there was so much else that Deca should’ve been focusing on, instead of new content. The learning curve is way too steep right now, and I just don’t know if anyone can fix that.

From the way things are looking, Deca just may have killed the game, and anything done to revive it will be too little too late. ie, look at the ONE active server remaining that is USW3. I mentioned the decline in population late last year, and I was flooded with “Well, it’s finals season and everyone’s busy with school, this is normal”. So, what’s the reason now ?

From my observation, Deca is milking whatever they can from the players who still do o3 in guilds like Mochi, h, Optionz with whatever they have left. There’s only player retention and no appeal in bringing in new players.

I’m reminded of this thread where @Doc praises @Toastrz and @Kiddforce, and I just couldn’t get myself to gratify this in good conscience. He says “With their departure there’s a lot of (justifiable?) skepticism toward what the future may hold for the game. What’s everyone think? Are we doomed, or will Deca and RotMG soldier on unscathed?” That skepticism toward the future he talks about already existed BEFORE their departure. The two people who left Deca are NOT what kept this game from being doomed and they are certainly not the ones who helped RotMG soldier on unscathed .

These are some examples of the “last seen on the day they created their accounts”


I know I responded to you before, but there is one thing I’d like to add, despite me still agreeing with you as much as back then. I’m still appreciative of much of what Toastrz and KiddForce did do (even if there were a couple of gameplay decisions I thought were questionable that I could pin back to Toastrz specifically :smirk:), but it’s usually very difficult to discern between individual employees and companies themselves since there are a lot of decisions made behind closed doors.

My guild and I have actually had topics along this line come up in our Discord lately… it should be fairly obvious that there is something very wrong internally with the Rotmg side of DECA. We have multiple speculations, rumors, and evidences as to creating some picture for what might be happening, but we don’t actually know. I don’t intend to make this response an initiative for a long tangent on that topic, but there might very well be a major difference between what the content creators want/are capable of vs. what the DECA executives want/are prioritizing.

I agree that it might be a bit much to say they saved the game without proper evidence of behind the scenes influence, but they seemed stalwart to their own visions, and did bring some good to this messy indie game! Yes, they didn’t fix some of the core issues the game has, but I’m fairly confident in saying that was probably beyond the scope of what their positions entailed, and they wouldn’t have had a sole say in the company’s decision making process. Indeed, I think largest part of Doc’s statement had to do with them being some of the last OG staff that had taken part in the early days as players, which much of the new staff hasn’t had. All they have is what they know from other games, and for better or for worse, we’re at the mercy of the chaotic whirlwind that is upon us.

TLDR, I think both extremes of saying those two devs did very little vs. being saviors aren’t correct staments. There’s too much we don’t know


One of the problems I’ve identified and put much thought into recently is how negligible the early game is. Players attempt to teleport to godlands immediately and start leeching off god kills and looting chests because early game dungeons do not drop guaranteed stat potions or instrumental items, and because players can literally progress through half of the tiers of items by the time they reach level 20. More experienced players can jump right into event clearing and running more rewarding dungeons like Cem, LOD, Cult, CD, Wlab, DDocks, and O3 to GREATLY accelerate maxing and gearing. While I think that’s a cool, valid, fun, and effective way to play, it gives the game the appearance of having little viable content which gets exacerbated by other features like forge and power creep.

IMO It could take a moderate amount of tweaking and adjusting the scaling of everything to give the game the appearance of actually having 15 tiers of content, just like its weapons. Therefore I’m currently planning to write a fan fiction piece on re-scaling almost the entirety of rotmg in a way that fills some of the existing gaps I see with repurposed, preexisting content and theoretical new content. Maybe not Puffagod levels of work, but maybe so. I’m not sure how deep the rabbit hole is yet.


Not the sort of game that it would be possible for.

Primarily the main game loop involves a number of things you couldn’t really put in the hands of players. Earning fame + getting loot in a fair way. That could not be put in the hands of players editing their own maps, making them too easy or too generous. The only way to do it would be to remove all rewards, which would then make players made maps very unappealing, a distraction from the main game. Especially as the quality would be highly variable.

Also the game is not architectured to suit it. It doesn’t consist of small self-contained levels as you see in many puzzle games but also some platformers, dungeon crawllers. Having small self contained levels, one per screen, makes it easier to create an editor. Often the developers have an in-studio one which can be polished up and published, or a file format for the levels they can release the spec for. This is not an insurmountable problem, but it means it would be much more work to create usable tools.


I was just thinking about this.

For me the World Bosses and the Dungeons they drop don’t feel special anymore. People will rush the world boss and ignore the dungeon. I feel like that is just so sad because back a few years when I played when a dungeon would drop from world boss everyone would just go in and do it. Now it’s like people rush World Bosses but ignore the dungeons and for me, that’s just sad that a lot of content gets ignored. Of course, I can do them solo but where’s the fun in that? Isn’t this MMORPG? If I wanted to play a single-player game I would.

When I want to do some content solo I’ll just farm right. I’ll do Sprites, Snakes, Abyss, Sews, Libs and so on. If I want to challenge myself sure I can do something harder solo but most of the time I don’t want to do these World Boss dungeons solo cuz it’s not as fun.

I think one way to fix this is to reduce the number of world bosses one realm can spawn. Have them be rarer. For example, you won’t be able to see an Ocean Trench for 2 realms because they just didn’t spawn right. Meaning (IDK the exact amount) But let’s say one realm could hold 10 World bosses. But in total there are 30 World Bosses the game can offer. So each realm is always MORE UNIQUE.
I think people would then value the dungeons more. It would also be necessary to make better loots for these dungeons as well, now that they would be more rare.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the game. :slight_smile: