What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


They won’t fix the anti cheat as such a large percentage of the community hacks and probably would not play if they couldn’t use a hacked client.


You make a mistake many people make when discussing issues like these: the jobs of designers and devs are seperate.
The creation of content by designers and artists like KiddForce, Poshun, etc. generally do not interfere with the development of system stabilization and anti-cheat.

Exceptions exist, of course - for instance, the creation of 64x64 sheet support for the Dark Nexus’ decorative objects likely took a little bit of dev work, as did the overlay present in the O3 fight (and all other uses of it later on).


Well, we don’t need hackers anyways.


Still need to as cheats are not healthy for the game in the long run…


Wasting time on pointless reworks and skins instead of fixing the game. :slight_smile:


Atm i have 1 big complaint above all else: the game crashes far too much lately.
I been playing for like 10 mins and im already kicked out of a cemetary run. Its nice when you on last boss, and suddenly everything rubberbands and you know its game over.

Loading exalt seems to last longer with every update too.
Cem isnt the biggest dungeon, so crashing late in a very long dungeon will be much worse, and leads to even more and more people not even paying them, as the chance to get to the end seems low.


After just sitting in nexus a bit while doing some real life stuff + a few trades, i enter a dungeon opened from nexus and again get the rubberbanding/crash, game really wants to drive it home :frowning:

If this keeps going for a week or so more, im prolly gonna look for something else


Can artists and UGC artists fix bugs in code they’ve never interacted with?

It just doesn’t hold up. Different people have different jobs, and time spent on reworks does not come at the cost of devwork for bugs.


Clearly, he wants Lovens and Wunderwafe to rewrite the code base.


I second the notion. Those reasons mentioned are why I loved this game when I started! Some small part of me is hoping for that happen again, and I’ve waited years. I will wait more, and will witness this game’s demise if I have to, though I do not wish that to be any time soon.


So not to make you depressed but it was probably just because we were all younger back then. I mean look at old school runescape. Despite it coming out as a replica of the game from 2007, it lost almost all of its magic. The community focuses on being as efficient as possible. We are just older now. We have less time, more responsibilities, we can’t experience games the way we used to


The problem, from what I’ve heard though, is that in order to really improve the anti-cheat and to break the clients, they’d have to completely make the game from scratch, which isn’t a financially viable move for them as a company. I don’t have a good grasp on the issue, but I have spoken with people who do and it sounds like DECA doesn’t “encrypt” anything and so all the code and interactions are visible and modifiable (like with opacity). Due to this deeper problem, hacked clients can exist and DECA can only throw on band-aid fixes.


Yeah, this is a really good points; in the thing I’m pulling together, I’m trying to separate based by smaller sub-groups like design vs. security teams.


This game isn’t going to survive in the long run anyway


But you/we(the community) don’t own the game and don’t have any say in updating the game. Deca makes more from hackers thus they won’t fix the anti hack.

The General Chat Thread v2

“What can be said without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” Christopher Hitchens.
Even if you had annual reports for the company there’s no way to prove which of those players cheats, if they had a way then they would be b&, duh.
Just look at whiners on reddit, whales get b& no matter how much dosh they throw at decker.


I know exactly what I don’t like about realm though, I don’t have a vague sense of “It was better back then”.


More UX concerns… saw that someone said this on Discord and I agree, the options menu could be made easier to understand/use



I miss the days of sitting waiting for hp to regen w/ 75 vit.


the worst issue: the missing stability.