What do you believe are some issues with RotMG?


This is a really late reply, but thought I’d give some input:

Most MMOs have a MAXIMUM of 30 players for raids. A lot of them have maximums that are even lower than that. To me, it’s super weird that 85 people can be in an Oryx Sanctuary run. It seems impossible to coordinate anything at that point.

I’ve gotten used to 20 and 30 man raids from WoW and 8 and 24 man raids in FF. It feels super weird that RotMG has dungeons with 50 and 85 man player caps.

Also, by having lower player counts they don’t have to worry as much about the hp scaling algorithms because then the algorithm only has to account for group sizes up to a certain number. There’s definitely going to be some imbalances when they have to account for group sizes of 10 people all the way up to 85 people. The algorithm is going to put out some weird scaling at certain numbers when it seems fair for other group sizes.

Imo just easier to balance if the groups are smaller, but that’s just me. I get that RotMG players are generally used to having massive groups. Hell, I remember back on Flash when we’d have 200+ people in a single ice tomb during christmas events and the game was hardly playable. I get that it comes from a place of familiarity but I think if DECA capped everything at 50 or less, it’d probably make the job of scaling easier for them and we’d have less whack things like O3 basically being insta’d by small groups. Then again, DECA hasn’t really changed O3’s HP scaling since it first released so maybe DECA just lazy. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I love DD WLAB and Cdepths. They are great dungeons, whether you are clearing them or rushing. The bosses are really engaging and fun (Except for wlab boss. That jump phase is cancer)


DDock is scary but I still raid it for quest. Just died to Bilgewater himself b/c of skill issue.

WLab… nerf jump phase plz.

CDepth. EZ solo on Samurai.


don’t they already do that for basically every dungeon except the oryx dungeons?


My point isn’t to complain about dd and wlab duration (despite the thread being about issues). It’s about the reply I made for the amount of loot each dungeon gives for the time you take, with the issue being LOD taking an abysmal amount of time for almost no pots

What you said about dd and wlab supports my claim even more, as the plentiful pots epic dungeons give with their equal if not longer amount of time with normal players clearing, compared to a lod shows how lacking the pot drop rates and amount are in lod.

The point about cemetery also supports my original claim, as the dungeon is easy and boring, and probably just as long as lod, but somehow you can get a pot and a speed pot from each boss, at a decent rate too in a group, compared to lod’s paltry single pot that you’d be lucky to get in a group.

What I’d like to see, as lod is technically one of the reworked dungeons, is a buff to the drop rates of pots and more pots from each boss. All of the bosses can do something similar to cem, with dex or def having a chance to drop from all them instead of the last boss being the only one to drop 2 pots. Even more, if lod takes longer/more difficult than cem, buff the respective pots from each boss to greater, and the drop rate of the dex/def of 2nd pot similar if not more than the life/mana that drop from epic dungeons.


make sure to bring ronin’s waki, just saw one post on reddit where the guy’s samurai got sat on during the bosses phase change due to it’s fast speed, the slow debuff in certain dungeons helps more than expose or dps


Hi. OG player here. 2 of my favorite games from my youth were Runescape and RotMG. Both of them, to me, are pretty much dead. Both of them have the same cause of death: more.

The appeal to this game for me and my friends was that it was fun. I know, these days, saying that videogames are fun is an edgy, extremist position, but I’m of the sort that believes that good videogames should be fun, even if it means they aren’t “good” by whatever standards.

RotMG, when I first discovered it, about a decade ago now, was so, so fun to play. From the moment me and my buddies picked it up we were engrossed in the interesting, yet simple and intelligible world of Oryx’s Realm. The goals were straightforward: level to 20, max out your stats (if you could), and take on the hardest bosses in the game. We were motivated to do these things because they were fun.

When Wildshadow sold the game, I was worried, but understood because those guys created something too big for them to manage. When Ammys were removed and pets were added, though, I knew immediately that we were headed in the wrong direction: the grind.

Manufacturing an item/status grind in a game is a great way to create content, but content for the sake of content isn’t good. When Realm shifted it’s aim from “enjoyable challenge moment-to-moment” to “dungeon grinds for loot/fame/pet levels,” the game began it’s steady decline in value. These days, as far as I can tell from my revisiting the game on a new account (Lebigpp) and reading these reviews/complaints, I can see I’m not alone in my thoughts about the game being a mindless grind. I do believe the cause of this was the appeal to more.

Here are my points of contention that I think, if changed or removed, would restore the game to its former glory:

  • Permanent account buffs (pets and coins, namely). Removing pets and erasing the “vital combat” metrics would work wonders for the game, as far as I can tell. Also, P2W is always, always bad.

  • Player powercreep. If we get stronger, content should, too. Adding more, seemingly random endgame stuff doesn’t fix that.

  • Untradeables. When you make the most sought-after items untradeable, the in-game currencies become less useful. I think the forge for UTs was neat at first but it kills a lot of the natural chase innate in the game before it existed.

  • Item acquisition. I’m not too sure what I mean to say, but I know I dislike that so much content is skipped because items in them can be found elsewhere, easier or better. When I was maxing my earliest characters, I remember going from dungeon-to-dungeon, event-to-event chasing the potions I needed that could only be obtained there. Now I just hop on and kill random things and suddenly I’m 8/8.

  • Grouping as a steamroll tactic. I’m not going to touch on sweaty Discord culture, as I’ve exclusively played solo or with my buddies in public server contexts. I think that merely scaling content hp when group sizes change doesn’t actually make content more enjoyable, because dps isn’t the only thing that changes when group sizes change. Players have more survivability and share the brunt of tanking when more bodies are in the way. I think content should actively respond to group size with mechanical changes. “Buffing” world events like ents and liches through dps is a shallow example of this idea.

  • Class specialization. The coolest part about playing this game in WildShadow days was how useful each class was in it’s own right. Without pets and powercreep, I think this returns in a notable way, but I think some class UT ideas have blended some class specializations together, making the unique gameplay experience of a certain class less unique. It would likely be beneficial for the health of the game to commit to metrics/mechanics that make a class what it is. I think of making knights even tankier but slower, wizzies more dps but even squishier, Rogues even faster, etc. in tandem with difficulty changes, would revitalize the game greatly.

  • More is not more. This is the crux of my argument and where I will come to a close. Like Runescape, RotMG was (and still could be) a game that succeeded because it was unique and interesting, NOT because it was huge and engrossing and complex and flashy and mechanically impressive. Runescape had a beautiful formula: hop on, click, grind, get off. When changes to the core of the game (combat overhauls, changes to engines and game stylings), the game died. The same happened to RotMG, imo. When you make changes that shift the culture, soul, and direction of a project, you’re bound to do damage to it. Pets, items, buffs, more, more, more… is actually less.

Thank you.


Wlab jump phase absolutely reeks.

Boss can go to center of room and pretend that it’s about to do the leafs attack but then it can unreactably decide to jump instead and instapop you. I’m still salty about it.


the fact that chat only goes back so far and so do recent commands. I just missed a trade from some fella named “kuuradaas” or “kuuramaas” which would’ve been a really good trade but I couldn’t find their IGN because recent commands and chat just stop at some point. No reason that this should be the case.

I’m kinda pissed rn and I can’t find their IGN.


I just did a tomb with one other person and got 0/3

I’m furious. Deca please improve.


That alone pinpoints other issues like godland dungeons guarantee pots for 2 dudes.

A weird way to tackle this would be: on naturally spawn dungeon (anything that drops stat pots), everyone gets pots assume they secured SB. Meaning something like 50 man UDL (that drops from Ghost God himself), nobody is getting zero. Dungeons via keys will get hardcapped to guaranteed for 2 realmers.


The rates aren’t that atrocious for 3-5 players. From my experience there’s a decent chance the extra players will get a potion. In Sprite world it doesn’t feel like it gets below 75% chance for a Dex until like 6-7 players. Since this dungeon drops all the time and is quick and easy to run, that’s fantastic.

Other dungeons that haven’t been reconstructed are probably really bad though. I haven’t thoroughly checked. I remember the frustrations of doing puppets which are moderately rare due to leviathans being rare, so there would always be like 5-10 people and even with trooms I’d walk out with 0 fairly often.

The updated content so far appear far more generous than previous versions. Potion collection isn’t as bad as it used to be but certain dungeons like Ocean Trench and Tomb which used to be exclusive potion sources, have actually been really stingy this whole time. So it’s not uncommon at all to see nobody in those dungeons when they used to be packed.


Once did 8 tombs in a row during a 1.5x event and got literally nothing besides mark, tomb is a very old dungeon and it shows


that i got 3 escutcheon blueprints and no other bps from o3


I think you should be able to exchange unwanted BP’s using O3 marks. Not a major issue but gud point.

I have a new issue with RotMG regarding the new class.

This has been cleared up regarding how the class works. However, this does create a new issue that I was not aware of:

The DECA team is incredibly frustrating to handle things with. Everything being mentioned and talked about, or even suspected, could have been cleared up from the beginning had it not been for all the dodging around just showing some examples, or even giving a brief explanation on how the ability worked. Instead, I got directed to 2018 sheaths, and told the specifics were not relevant when the specifics were the only reason I was suspicious.

That’s the only reason why I even said this:

I was trying to get a definitive answer about it being stolen or not, and to have some sort of reason as to why it was not stolen, but I got thrown through even more suspicion rather than my suspicions being cleared up. It almost felt like I was intentionally being dragged through the sand rather than actually helped.


mfs really think they own the dash and shoot ability


Allow me to clarify even further.


(This is the same Damian that leaks a lot of content to the RotMG Subreddit.)

Main post has been updated.


How old is your design? This mechanic was one of two considered for the Samurai. They had both a rush + the slash mechanic on testing, for people to try. In the end I think many people thought rush broken so they went with the slash mechanic of the current Waki.

The Samurai has been in the game for more than three years now, so the rush mechanism is older than that. I don’t remember it having the other features such as invulnerability, just burst damage. They’ve clearly worked on it a lot since then but it still seems broken.


The exact design here is from mid 2020, with the charged part of the move being a bit earlier than the dash. However, it is important to talk about Sheaths in this instance as it is not a simple 1 2.

Toastrz pointed to this as well. Sheaths from 2018 were nowhere near what was being shown currently, and nothing has been shown publicly between 2018 and the trailer. In 2018, it was simply a teleport up to 2.125 tiles (or some oddly specific number) away from the player and an AoE attack on self that was 6 squares or so.

While definitely a weak attempt at some sort of dash mechanic, it’s nowhere near enough to look past what it is today with the reasoning “it was always this, you’re just being pompous”. It’s oddly specific for something like Prod, which has done no sort of charged mechanic as of yet as far as I’m aware, especially in the exact manner Damian describes.

But this is also why I say we’ll have to wait for Public Testing. I specifically talk about it being almost exactly the same due to all the specifics that are being shown and mentioned looking and sounding almost exactly the same, but without a hands-on demonstration (or just a proper explanation from someone who actually worked on it, cough) it’s not going to be clear.

And, of course, after checking the specifics (obviously through a video) it has enough different factors to be enough of a difference where my suspicions are quelled. It was incredibly frustrating to have such horrible reasoning from Toastrz and what I can only assume are other members of DECA’s team though, who were incredibly unwilling to show how things specifically worked and were trying to dismiss the fact that specifics do matter, or point to Sheaths and say “this has been around forever, see?”. I was indeed not entirely correct on it, but I had perfectly valid reasons for suspecting such after the behavior displayed.

Main post has been updated.