What does a star mean to you?


Fun fact: My brother is about to get white star without fame training.


where did you get that?


It’s Traktion’s cheater list.


A few specific outliers does not invalidate a conclusion as long as the majority fits in that category.


Fairly sure that its a different one


Oh, didn’t know there were multiple.


Statistically, most of the realm players I enjoy being around and I find are the most humble and kind are red,orange and yellow. People believe that white stars are egotistical pieces of shit since you hear so many loud obnoxious white stars. Then you have the white stars who are more mature and these ones tend to be more humble and quiet.


Tfw you have only stayed in red star since you started. Pretty much true tbh, because I have been playing realm since February 2013, and I am stuck in red stuck cause of focusing on characters that I wanna use, and since I have like 3-4 alt accounts.



I believe that @Wafflelead is an exception

except for the mongols does anyone get the reference?


I’m asian here!


honestly just how much a person grinds. like I’m a red star (one away from being orange) and I honestly don’t care about stars, but every time I talk in the game my point is shut down by people with a higher star level than me. I just wish that one day people will be judged by the content of their inventory and not by the color of their stars.


good reference


I’m South Korean, there you go xd


Red stars are rude to the blue stars, Orange stars are rude to the red/blue stars, and everyone hates the Orange stars.


I’ve literally never seen this. It’s usually toxic white stars or orange stars that pick on blues from what I’ve seen.


only hackers would know the content of my inventory


uhhhh lemme guess you have a fire stick and a kendo sword


I can speak from experience and confirm that we light or dark blue stars are being treated unfairly.


lets hope for the latter