What does a star mean to you?


If we lived in a sane society being white would not be any problem…


nono it’s the opposite, the people over here hate anyone that isn’t white


You’re not even that good. I’m trash but when I was in my prime as a red star noob, I was way better than you. Red star is gey I can admit to that.


It’s a thing that exists.


Personally I feel as someone who has been a red star for a while we often get a bad name for the much louder majority. at least when I play I normally just keep to myself when I am talking to my group and I play nice with all star ranks because I don’t see the point in being a dick just to be a dick.


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“To bump”;
verb, to post a no-content reply on a thread either to push it back to the top of the ‘most recent’ topics, or to stop it locking due to inactivity.

RealmEye forum has anti-bump measures designed in so it really shouldn’t ever be an issue, but people get in the habit of calling and arguing about ‘bumps’ from experiences on other less well-designed forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I think the game also if unfair to all of the 0 star players playing. I made a new account to store my stuff in, and I realized when I typed in a message on my new 0 star account, most people can’t see it on their screens. I found out why, I went to my old account’s option > chat and found a “star requirement” that basically means if your a 0 star, people with the star requirement that is set higher cannot see 0 star messages unless they change it. I’m not sure if this setting applies to a lot of people, but this explains why 0 star players are so silent…
I am a red star right now, and I feel kinda bad when I have to decline an offer from a light blue star, because I was once one of them. But to all of you blue stars, you have to understand that us, the people you’re begging items from, had actually earned these items, and they are rightfully ours. Imagine you just earned 1000 dollars at work from working 20 hours straight and now a poor guy is begging for it and won’t stop. You earned that, and it’s yours. I feel like light blue stars are just too scare at playing because they think they will die. True, you just need a lot of practice to actually be good at the game. Now, I can dodge shots from multiple gods in Glands easily, and before, I could barely do that. So everyone, when someone begs, decline, unless its a t1 item XD.


:expressionless: red stars r cool man


Most spam bots are light blue stars or under 10 stars. Recently people give their accounts that’s are red or dark blue or even orange to the companies, I think, and use the new accounts to spam since you can’t automatically block them with the star requirement. For those you would have to ignore manually. We are playing a game, why so much to do.


white stars have tried scamming me before…soooo…


a red star ones isnsultted me u kno wat that mean


im not talking about u, just an veteran white star tried scamming me.





Light blue stars = pleaders
blue stars = pleaders and people who are trying to flex with sprite whites
orange stars = people who are trying to flex that they are not blue stars
red stars = major population.
yellow stars = quiet
white stars = salty motherfukers

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I find this offensive, I’ll have you know I’m quite loud and annoying


Damn I see more white stars and dark blue stars than ever now for me.


Same… Once I start sometimes its hard for me to stop.