What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


That ring looks like it would raise a 9th stat.


I don’t need bracer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I don’t need juggs :joy::ok_hand::top:


I don’t need a life :joy::ok_hand: :top: :100:


IN MY OPINION, the most overpowered UT for each category is;
Weapon: Doom Bow
Ability: Prot
Armor: Resu
Ring: Bracer

Doom Bow because it can allow the Archer/Huntress to reach over 1,000 damage, and since both their abilities immobilize enemies, it doesn’t make it harder to land the shots.
I choose Prot over Jugg because it allows a robe class with low defense to become even more tanky than the Knight, and it also heals, making it even harder to die. Additionally, it provides a nice increase in Vit and HP.
Resu because it allows any melee to have as much Mana-boosting stats as a robe class, while sacrificing a small bit of defense (a stat which melees have the highest of).
Bracer because unlike the other Shatters rings, it provides a great boost in magic, offensive, and protective stats. It’s a much more well rounded ring, and is useful for any class.

If you disagree with any of my choices, please tell me why and what yours would instead be.


pretty solid list,

just felt like picking at [quote=“Trillum, post:85, topic:596”]
Armor: Resu

although its not really OP, i cant really think of any good ut armors out there…

i can see why, but lots of people prefer deca ring, never gotten bracer before so i wouldn’t know. but def doesnt do so well to like majority of end game dungeons.


The problem with QoT is that if you miss the shot, you have to wait a bit before being able to use it again. In some cases, that would be lethal. Also, that only helps with one enemy. You still have to deal with the others, whether it be annoying minions or other bosses (also note that in the case of ‘annoying minions’, you might accidentally daze one of them instead of the real boss).


I think so too. I wanted to say Fairy Plate but I’m not entirely sure if tradeable UTs count.

Again, didn’t know for sure if tradeable UTs were allowed. I’m only choosing UTs that are soulbound.


yeah thats st…
if st i would say either robe. [quote=“Trillum, post:88, topic:596”]
Again, didn’t know for sure if tradeable UTs were allowed.

fck, i forgot we were doing ut, but ubhp is ut.


this topic was literally revived 60 days after the last comment. Barely…


there might have been a deleted comment.


oh true


dat jugg, beautiful jugg <3


ya i agree here, i think there are a lot of great UT’s but i find the doku to be pretty much the only really OP one, simply because of the fact its a direct upgrade, no one disagrees, that in itself makes it much more broken because it doesnt sacrifice anything for being better than any other katana


some people prefer straight shots,

example where masumune is better: 1st switch in shatters.


Hmmm an item that is op ( without equip = stat bonuses) is Void blade the dmg is so high u can kill alot of enemies with it its perfect for chests and so usefull to solo lab boss it also so gud to buff things like ent/ lich and its rlly overpowerd in cem it steals all the loot


it may be op but try to keep a tomb clean with that thing. :wink: gl

I think bracer is the most op because it give 60 hp and mp which is rlly good and 6 def makes it usable on any class that needs an extra def buff. also the 6 attk causes you to blow stuff up. classes that this ring is op on include, knight, ninja, trickster, rouge, pally, priest, sorc, necro and wizzy.


When you think about it, “overpowered” doesn’t necessarily mean best by stats or use. It might also mean by efficiency and rarity. You might have an item that is brokenly overpowered in stats, but if it has a 0.0000001% chance to drop from, let’s just say the Cave of a Thousand Treasures, it’s not really going to be put into play much. While Jugg may be extremely overpowered, it’s not exactly common. Prot is a much more common item, and it is almost just as useful.

Also note that if you go the other way, you might have a UT that isn’t really overpowered, but if it’s useful and really easy to get, it might still count. Pyra is another example. It’s not as good as any of the Shatters rings, but it’s a lot more common and still very useful. With rarity coming into effect, this might be just as overpowered.

PS: Not saying that the more common an item is, the more OP it is. Just add rarity to the equation.


Lol its the pets men… The pets make every class overpower, thats my opinion…


very debatable