What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


Eh Dblade is very situational. Pixie is kinda overrated. Idk maybe because I’ve gotten too used to using both of them that they don’t really seem special anymore.


But any skull can heal people over 1k


The skull of endless torment is more likely to do it than, say a t2 skull, since the skull of endless torment does more damage per enemy, you have to hit less enemies to get 1k over healed. The skull of endless torment is useful for godwalls, as you have a concentrated bunch of enemies all in the same place.


I think the poison fang dagger is best.


This if you have divine pet… Spam with out cooldown


Yes, Prot. Armoured on a Warrior is nice, but on a Priest it’s transformational – it gives them as much def as a maxed Knight. And it still heals, the Priest still gets to pick off enemies from nine squares away. A priest is already the safest class to play in-game; Prot makes them near indestructible, with a high enough level pet.

The only downside is you are doubly vulnerable, to quiet and armour break. And you are still a Priest, with about the worst DPS in the game and no way to boost it.


But the enemies have to be grouped to close together that its not worth using for heals over a t6 or something with high range. 50hp per enemy is not better than a 1.75 range increase normally so i think for heals it is very situational. ( I have never used this item before)


You should compare the High-end UT’s to items that are most likely of equal value, because there is no point in comparing a t2 to a ut unless it is a low end ut such as the poison fang dagger or forbidden jungle set.


One of the greatest descriptions I have seen of the Jugg. Rest in peace. :cry:


For me the most op ut is sprite wand. JK
I really like 1000 shot bow I have never had it but I used it on my friends account omfg it’s op af


Anything UT is something that is not fitting into normal tiered standards.
The best UT is the ring of minor defense. Its so freaking strong, nobody can kill me with that 1 defense.


Why does everyone love jug I don’t get it.


Okay, so I got a bit of change after getting more experience with the uts. So here it is.

Most OP uts compared to other items of the same type
Doku Okay, we all know how much rubbish this thing is. More dps, more range, and better aim than other katanas. It is literally the best katana in the game, no matter what. It’s literally a t14 katana. Yes ladies, we are skipping tier 13.
Jugg Of all the helms, this fellow shines out because of his ability to double the defense of a class that already has one of the highest defense. Using this thing will allow you to tank better than a knight and make terrifying ghost god instakill shotguns into a mere 10-damage blast. With the berserk ability retained, an extra speedy boost, and a bargain 90 MP, this thing is a win-win-win. The only downside is the removal of speedy, which dosent really matter unless you are in a situation that requires superspeed (which is not that common), or you just like to race.
Mad Lab Robe Rivaling the t13 wc top, lab robes clearly beat out every other ut robes in every useful way.

Most OP uts overall
Doom Bow The one weapon that allows bow classes to safely compete with others. Second highest true range for bows and a stunning 500 damage-per-shot, both archers and huntresses can pump over a thousand damage with the right armors, rings, and abilities.
Prot Formally, I called jugg the most op ut overall, but after getting hands on my first (and only so far) prot, I realized the true power of this baby. Similar to a jugg, the prot grants armored, which gives the priest more def than the average wc top using knight. Along with maximum healing and extremely long durations with the right equipment, the most powerful part of this tome is the lack of cooldown. This means that if you have enough MP or a good pet, you can essentially permanently armor yourself without worrying about waiting a few seconds in between.
Csilk Although having bitter rivalry with other armors, csilk is the most balenced of all armors. Sacrificing only a mere def and dex from a hydra, you also get 3 speed, which allows you to rush better. Spectral can be better for some classes, but overall, csilk is extremely good for all leather classes.
Bracer Crowns and such are considered better by other players because of their overpowerness of a specific part, but by the end of the day, bracer is the best of them all. Having a healthy boost of the four general and most important stats (60 HP and MP, 6 ATT and DEF), everyone can benefit greatly on this ring. Yes, crowns do pump your dps past the sky, but most classes benefit more from both high offensive and defense stats rather than pure offensive.


the only time i would really use 1K shot (when i have c/dbow) is for the davy’s boss, or any other boss with a super short invulnerability phase.


155 MP cost.
It’s very situational, Magic Nova could be used almost twice as much as Tablet.


Mad Lab Robe I would not say is OP.
I am not dissing it and saying it’s not good, but I don’t think it’s overpowered.
The difference between GSorc and Mad Robe is +2 Vit for Mad Robe and 1 Wis for GSorc, if I remember correctly.
Does that really make THAT much of a difference?
I define overpowered as something that needs a SERIOUS nerf, as in it will break the game kept as is.
Nothing is really too overpowered in this game so far, except maybe Juggernaut.


Collossus. O wait, thats not an ut xD




I think the most over powered ut in the game is Poison Fang dagger because, its dps out shines every other weapon in the game


I guess typing “TOTALLY” doesn’t mean sarcasm in some parts of the internet, and especially since I explain why it is bad for a sake of a joke. :disappointed:

But hey, at least some people do take the time to read all the comments… or at least skim them. :smirk: