What you can and can't you get banned for


This is a list and explanation of what can/can’t get you banned, based on game history and the current Terms of Service.
Keep in mind that if you have recording software, you can record players and report them to Deca here.

What can definitely get me banned?

  • Hacking: This is normally the blatant stuff (shooting through walls, anti-debuffs, noclipping, etc.); See HeroMax’s page on how to detect it.
  • Harassment: Trolling, griefing, insulting other players, discrimination based on race or religion. Recently, Deca have taken notable action against offensive behavior.
  • Sitting: Falls under hacking and harassment. This includes using hacks to sit on Ents, Avatars, etc.
  • Multiboxing: This is essentially hacking, but on a larger scale.
  • Exploiting: Abuse of game mechanics, usually to get fame. Large groups of people can get banned when the owners crack down on this. Deca has also explicitly stated that mass-claiming freebies from the front page can result in a ban. (the packages where you are only supposed to get one)
  • Duping: Duplication of items is hard to prove, but if it is, you will be permabanned.
  • Mod/Dev impersonation: Self-explanatory. Don’t do it.
  • RWT: Real World Trading: exchanging items/accounts for real money.

What might get me banned?

  • Dragging: Possible, if someone gets really salty over you killing them.
  • Recording yourself doing contentious actions: Just don’t record yourself doing things Deca may not like.
  • Scamming: There have been cases where people have been banned for scamming. So don’t scam.
  • Muledump: Technically against ToS, but has never been punishable with a ban.
  • Realmscripts: Same as above.

What most likely won’t get me banned?

  • Crashing dungeons: Barging into dungeons you weren’t invited into.
  • Leeching in dungeons: Staying in the spawn room/safe spot whilst letting others rush/kill boss.
  • Screwing up bosses: This includes Crawling Depths and Forgotten King.
  • Muling: Deca will not ban people for using extra accounts as storage, but if your mule is mistakenly caught in a net of mass bans it will not be unbanned.

Feel free to suggest what else I may have missed
This is a wiki post, so add anything you feel should be on here

Banned? For What?
Make mules obsolete!

The mods already said that “@moderators” does nothing.


Man I wish crashing dungeons was a bannable offense although the crashes are usually toxic as hell so that works too.

Also I rather have people not know they can’t get banned for it


Aww I didn’t know that :c


I’ve converted it. Others can edit this now but tracking and reporting abusive changes to us will be down to you.

Let us know if you need it changed back.

Also, as @Shatter said, the @moderators mention annoyingly doesn’t work.


Thanks a lot!


RotMG Troller has been banned for Scamming.

You also should put in Muledump and Realmscripts (for responding and stuff) since they mostly likely won’t get you banned, but are in theory still against the TOS.


I made the changes, nice suggestions.


I’d be very leery of trusting a list like this. Unless you have a commitment from the devs, you can’t really say that something won’t get you banned. Just that we don’t know of any instances where anyone has been banned yet.

If you can link to a statement from a dev past or present about a stance taken on any of these items, that would be a lot better.


Shatter - hey silex for the sake of a list being made on the realmeye forums can you be banned for. Leeching a dungeon, Crashing a dungeon, Using muledump, Using Realmscripts?

Silex - Today at 10:21 AM I was reading the articleI’ll need to get back to you. But Muledump usage is tolerated, Realmscripts: I need to check what’s possible to do with them

Other topics he said wait for a official response from the Deca team.

Make mules obsolete!

Bullshit… one guy was sitting on avatar and i reported him but he didn’t get banned (1 year ago)


Did you submit a screenshot, or a recording, or just said ‘This guy sat on an avatar’

And try re-reporting him again,


I think that i sent them a screenshot and it was a year ago and i didn’t get a reply for them and i forgot his name and lost all the data because it was a long time ago. Kabam sucked and i am happy that Deca bought RotMG.


Normally, Kabam would only ban someone if there is solid evidence e.g. video proof, sending in a screenshot ‘could’ have been very lucky timing, so they cannot go based off of that alone.


One case of someone not getting banned does not negate the statement “Doing this can get me banned.”

Enforcement of any rule will never be perfect, but this post is meant to help the reader understand behavior that runs the risk of punitive action.


I know, but that guys should have been banned and my 5/8 knight should have been back.


Kabam has never refunded characters for ‘unfair’ deaths, except for when O2’s were spawned in nexus, so your 5/8 knight would never have been given back


well, if it was a bannable offence, then new players would have a hard time, b/c sometimes they don’t know how to do a cdepth or tomb or shats.


I’m talking about crashing private dungeons people open in bazaars. Not screwing up bosses, I could care less about that.


oh well the same thing can apply though, a newer player might not know that a guild hosted a dungeon in bazaar. They would just think “oooohhhh a cool looking dungeon here, lets go in”.