What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


They used to also do double boss events. They weren’t continued because they worked poorly with any bosses besides a select few.


Double bosses were one feature of the Arena. When the Arena was created Tomb was probably the hardest dungeon in the game, so its bosses appeared in the Arena at some point. But what could they then do to make it harder? 2x the bosses. I think it happened with others but Tomb bosses was the one I remembered.

Gone but not really missed. The Arena was counter to two design elements of the game, cooperation and perma-death, being solo and death just ending the session not killing your char. Without perma-death the rewards were very stingy. And with all the odd mechanics it was buggy, with many sessions ending with the game grinding to a halt and locking up.


Not sure if everyone has seen it, mostly because I haven’t seen much talk of it, but the large pumpkin in the Halloween Nexus not only talks, but is actually lived in by Guill. I don’t know how rare it is nor have I screenshoted it, but if anyone else has proof I’d appreciate it.


I don’t have proof, but I saw it talk a few times. Actually, the last time I recall it talking, it was Guill letting me know that it was actually him in the pumpkin.



Added this line and some other missing ones to the Dialogue page. There seems to be a decent amount missing there. (certainly some I haven’t seen, too.)
If you gain hallucination, you can see guill inside the pumpkin:


Kabam version dialogue:

...what are you waiting for?...
...there's nothing to fear...
...the cat is hiding under the table...
...trick or trickster...
...the spambots are pure evil...
...join forces to cleanse the realm...
...look behind you...
...I'm not evil, just misunderstood...
...what does the pumpkin say?...
...wanna see a magic trick?...
...advice pumpkin says don't take advice from a pumpkin...
...blah blah something meaningful...
...down with pumpkin carving contests!...
...beware The Shatters...
Happy Halloween!

Modern dialogue:

Happy Halloween!
If you see my cousin in the realm, say hi for me!
Look out for those skeletons wandering the realm. They're spooky AND scary!
Trick or Trickster!
The Alchemist sure is taking his sweet time, huh?
Don't allow Totalia to accumulate any more bones! Who knows what wicked spell she'll whip up!
I hope all those bots don't try to run through me again.
Psst! It's me, Guill! They put me in here every October, but I really don't mind. I've got a nice little bed and everything!
Apparently Skuld gave the Zombie Horde another shot. As if it accomplished anything the previous years...
Down with the pumpkin-carving contests!
Is it a compliment or an insult to have the word 'Creepy' in my name?
Ah, remember the days when I would make dated references to songs from 2013? Good times.
A deep evil still lingers beyond the realm.


Toast coming in clutch as always, updated :slight_smile:


The Alien UFO’s spawn location is very faintly visible on the ground. If you stand on this dot, the UFO won’t be able to spawn.


How would you even be able to see that? It’s smaller than a pixel.


It’s also visible on the minimap. It wasn’t visible on the minimap on flash, but was visible with hacks.


It used to be visible as a green dot to everyone; previously so definitely on Flash. At some point they removed it from the minimap as it just led to people blocking it like above. Not sure when it was removed. Anyone using hacks to see it now deserves a lengthy ban.

It was visible too on the ground; not something you’d find normally but with it marked on the map you could locate it, and it was visible I think even on Flash. You might have had to move back and forth to see it though.


I believe it’s now visible without hacks, though it could’ve been removed since I last played.


There used to be a statue of oryx in the old vault that you could only reach with trickster or rogue with planeswalker. Removed about 5 years ago.


There’s still a statue of oryx in the vault. It’s one of the first easter eggs ever added to the game.

It was briefly removed during a MotMG for an Oryx Horde event.


Which? The green dot was removed and not recently; years rather than months ago.

The other thing, the pixel sized marker of the Commander’s spawn point, was there when the green dot was if you knew to look for it. Again it doesn’t need a HD display, you could see it using Flash, though maybe you needed to move around a bit. I would not be surprised if it’s still there. In fact I’d expect it to be, as removing the green dot would not obviously remove it. But finding it without the green dot would be pretty much impossible, or at least require a lot of luck.


I think I’ve seen the minimap green dot in the past 2 years, although I of course could be mixing something up.


Don’t forget they’re doing a lot more with colours. A green dot could be for Forax or for one of the Keyper’s towers. And they’re all drawn the same way as dots. Pretty sure the alien commander one is gone, I’ve not seen it even though I’m an enthusiastic alien clearer and he doesn’t get blocked by people sitting on it any more.

Interestingly he does still get delayed sometimes, probably by people accidentally being near where he spawns. It’s never a long delay though.


Well, it probably got removed since Oct 2020. That’s when the green dot screenshot I have is from.


Not particularly obscure, but Oryx Loves Tacos.


If we’re taking Oryx dialogue in the realm, are we going to include stuff like devs trolling? One time I experienced myself was Oryx citing the Bee Movie script when I said there should be a reference to the Bee Movie in The Nest.