What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


On the most recent update, 2 new ST sets were added. Mistakenly, DECA made it such that the armor and ring of both of the sets could be forged without their usually required ST token. This led to them announcing the following:

However, if you had these items in the vault, they would stay. However, if they appear in any other location (such as the nexus, a dungeon key, etc), they will disappear. Additionally, you cannot break these items down in the Forge, and they have 0 feedpower.

This makes these items (in my opinion) the coolest collectable that we’ve had in a long, long time. They were only accessible for 20-28 hours. (I don’t know if this bug started happening as of the update, or as of the hotfix that occurred 8 hours after it.)


Another one that I’m not sure people have noticed or just haven’t pointed out, but there’s a little derpy face on the walls of the Snake Pit. They’re pretty common but no one really talks about them, though it could also just be because it’s such a small and unnoticeable easter egg.


Due to the recent reduction of Huntress’s max Att, there are now overmaxxed Huntresses.
Before you get excited - This extra attack gets removed as soon as you enter the nexus.

I don’t think any other character has received nerfs to stats - although feel free to prove me wrong.

Edit: In Build 113, Knights had their Defense reduced to 40 from 50, and necros had their att/dex nerfed to 60 from 75.

In Build 123.3, vit caps were reduced. Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Paladin, Assassin, Huntress, Mystic, Trickster started to cap at 40. Necromancer started to cap at 30. Wizard’s wis began to cap at 60.

In Update, Assassin’s speed was nerfed to 60 from 75.


On closed testing during the swatsec hack, all servers turned off except testing. Arbiterz comes on himself and talks to me (Kmoelite) about what he thinks happened with the whole swatsec ordeal. Buried in my old old harddrive. I think it’s time to surface this before this and other files get lost to the winds.


Paladins dex went 50->45->55