Status Effects

Positive Status Effects

Armored Wooden Shield

Used by Helm of the Juggernaut, Tome of Holy Protection and various enemies.
Doubles defense. Armor Broken negates this effect, taking priority.

Berserk Red Sword

Used by Warrior’s Helms, Banishment Orb, Soul of the Bearer and Planefetter Orb
Increases attack speed by 50%. Dazed negates this effect, taking priority.

Damaging Sword

Used by Paladin’s Seals and Orb of Conflict and Memento Mori.
Increases weapon damage by 50%. Weak negates this effect, taking priority.

Daze Immune (Icon - None)

Used by some bosses and enemies, primarily in The Shatters
Enemy is immune to daze. Visible only to the user (red text “Immune”) after a failed attempt.

Healing Red Cross

Used by Paladin’s Seals, tiered Priest’s Tomes starting from tier 2, and Royal Jelly.
White floating pixels rise around the player. Increases HP regeneration by 20 HP per second.

HP Increase HP increase

Used by tiered Paladin’s Seals starting from tier 2 and Royal Jelly.
All players within range of seal have their maximum HP increased, with the HP amount and duration of the effect dependent on the seal and the paladin’s WIS.

Invisible (Icon - None)

Used by Rogue’s Cloaks and Ghost Pirate Rum.
Player becomes translucent in a puff of pixels. Enemies ignore the player, but the player is still susceptible to damage. As of Release 14.1, invisible status effect is removed from a player when hit by a quiet inflicting projectile.

Invincible (Icon - None)

Applied for 1 second after teleporting to another player. Also granted if you remain in a dungeon spawned in a realm while Oryx transports said realm to his castle. Teleportation via Prisms/Cloak of the Planewalker does not apply invincibility.
The Player cannot be hit with projectiles, as they pass through the Player.

Invulnerable Mithril Shield

Used by Seal of the Blasphemous Prayer and various boss-type enemies. Players also become invulnerable in between The Arena rounds.
Player or Enemy receives no damage from attacks, but is still susceptible to shots inflicting status effects.

Paralyze Immune (Icon - None)

Used by some bosses and enemies, primarily in The Shatters
Enemy is immune to paralysis, such as that from an Archer’s quiver. Visible only to the user (red text “Immune”) after a failed attempt.

Speedy Green Up Arrow

Used by tiered Warrior’s Helms, all Ninja’s Stars, Orb of Conflict, Soul of the Bearer, Tome of Holy Guidance, Book of Geb, Ghastly Drape, and Speed Sprout.
Increases movement speed by 50%. Slowed negates this efffect, taking priority.
Note: This increases the speed in tiles per second by 50%, not the speed stat. Meaning that a Warrior with 50 speed with the speedy buff on is NOT moving as if he had 75 speed, but as if he had 102 (from 7.73 tiles per second to 11.6 tiles per second). See how speed in tiles per second is calculated here.

Stasis Immune (Icon - None)

Used by most bosses and some of their minions.
Enemy is immune to Mystic’s stasis. Visible only to the user (red text “Immune”) after a failed attempt. All enemies gain stasis immunity for 3 second after going out of stasis.

Stun Immune (Icon - None)

Used by some boss enemies, such as Avatar of the Forgotten King.
Enemy is immune to Knight’s stun. Visible only to the user (green text “Immune”) after a failed attempt.

Purify (Icon - None)

Use by Tome of Purification, Book of Geb, and Holy Water.
Removes all negative status effects on other players and the player who used it, if they are within the radius. (The user will always be in the radius.) The Holy Water only removes negative status effects for the player who consumes it.

Negative Status Effects

Armor Broken Gold Four Pointed Star

Used by Urgles, Knight Puppet, Shield of Ogmur, Fire Turrets, Zombie Hulk, Bes, Nut, Gulpord the Slime God and Brute of Oryx.
Sets Player’s or Enemies Defense to 0. Damage done is purple when armor is broken. Purple damage is constant, no matter what defense.

Armor Pierce (Icon - None)

*Used by White Demons, Septavius the Ghost God, Archdemon Malphas, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God, Geb, Red Swarms, Esben the Unwilling and Mini Yeti
Attacks that hit count Defense as 0. Damage done in Armor Pierce is purple.

Bleeding Blood Drop

Used by Yellow Drake Eggs, Lord of the Lost Lands, Hellhounds, Snakepit Guard, Fat Angry Bee, Puppet of Pain and Davy Jones.
Yellow floating pixels rise around the enemy. Deals damage over time to both monsters and players. Stops player’s HP regeneration by VIT. Cannot kill players. Drains HP by 20 HP per second.

Blind Black X

Used by Urgles, Beholders, Stheno the Snake Queen, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God, Nut, Void Entity, and Master Rat.
Heavily darkens game screen. Adjust brightness if screen is pitch black.

Confused Swirl

Used by Blue Stars, Blue Shurikens, Sandsman Sorcerers, Yellow Stars, Sand Devils, Yellow Swarm Masters, Bloated Mummies, Snow Bat Mama, Icy Whirlwind, Puppet of Chaos, Goblin Sorcerer, Bat, Vampire Bat Swarmer, Void Entity, and the Crystal Prisoner.
Changes controls. Left > Down, Down > Left, Right > Up, Up > Right, Rotate Left > Rotate Right, Rotate Right > Rotate Left.

Curse Curse

Used by tiered Mystic’s Orbs starting from Tier 1.
Affected enemies receive 20% more incoming damage, applied after defense.

Darkness Darkness Orb

*Used by some enemies in The Shatters and the Master Rat. Also used by all enemies in The Void. *
Visibility decreases to a small area around the player and prevents enemies from displaying red dots on the minimap. All entities outside of the area are completely invisible.

Dazed Yellow Swirl

Used by Quiver of Thunder, Snakepit Guard, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Snow Bat Mama, Esben the Unwilling, Queen Bee, Cursed Blast and Black Moons
Effect on enemies: quantity of projectiles in a single shot is halved rounded down, but not less than 1 projectile;
effect on players: reduces player’s Dexterity to 0 (Base, 1.5 attacks per second). Nullifies effects of Berserk.

Drunk Wine bottle

Used by Pirate Rum, Ghost Pirate Rum, Saint Patty’s Brew and Vintner of Oryx
Blurs the screen if Hardware Acceleration is disabled, or heavily warps the screen if Hardware Acceleration is enabled.
If a player cannot see their gameplay while drunk, they may choose to turn off Hardware Acceleration to return Drunk to a blurry screen.

Hallucinating Mushroom

Used by Magic Mushroom, Masked Shamans, Wishing Trolls, and the Seal of the Enchanted Forest.
Replaces objects and enemies on screen with random object or enemy sprites. Note that this does not actually change the object or enemy, but simply alters their appearance.

Hexed Mushroom

Used by green pools in Mad Lab and Transformation Potion.
Replaces the player’s sprite with a random pet sprite.

Paralyzed Paralyze icon

Used by Blue Drake Eggs, Archer’s high tier Quivers, Midnight Star, Tomb Thunder Turrets, Lion Archers, Ghost of Skuld, Scarabs, Nut, Coral Venom Trap, Archer Puppet, Cursed Grave, Stone Guardian Sword and Helm of Draconic Dominance.
Renders enemy/player completely immobile.

Pet Stasis Pet Stasis icon

Used by various Lair of Draconis bosses, The Puppet Master 2 and Puppet Mystic
Turns player’s pet into a chicken, rendering it immobile and unable to use its abilities.

Petrify (Icon - None)
Used by Daichi the Fallen, Evil Spirits, and Void Entity.
When inflicted on a player, they cannot move or shoot. It is essentially a combination of Paralyze and Stun. Note that the player can still take damage while petrified.

Quiet Word Bubble

*Used by Lair Vampire Kings, Fire Mages, Fire Adepts, Flayer Gods, Sprite Gods, Septavius the Ghost God, Mysterious Crystal, Oryx the Mad God, Esben the Unwilling, Nut, Brown Slime, and Void Entity.
Completely drains MP, stops MP regeneration, and causes Magic Potions to be wasted if used. Fleeing to Nexus or entering a portal while quieted will restore the amount of MP to maximum(without bonuses), even if you had little mana before getting quieted.

Sick Skull

Used by Bile of Oryx, various Lair of Draconis bosses, sewer water, and Kage Kami.
Stops player’s HP regeneration, making their vitality 0. HP cannot be restored by any means except using Seals.

Silenced Silenced

Only applied for 1 second after teleporting to another player. Teleportation via Prisms/Cloak of the Planewalker does not apply silenced.
Prevents player from using their ability. Unlike Quiet, Silenced does not deplete the player’s MP.

Slowed Red Down Arrow

Used by Green Drake Eggs, Archer’s low tier Quivers, Huntress’s Traps, Arachna’s Web, Stheno’s Pets, Lair Vampire, Sorcerer’s Scepter of Fulmination, Encore Traps, Gulpord the Slime God, Oryx the Mad God, Bile of Oryx, Yellow Slime, Goblin Warlock and Snowflakes.
Reduces enemy movement by 50%, reduces player Speed to 0 (Base, 4 tiles/second). Nullifies effects of Speedy.

Stasis (Icon - None)

Used by Mystic’s Orbs and Orange Drake Eggs.
In this state the enemy turns gray and cannot move or attack but cannot be damaged.

Stunned Gold Five Pointed Star

Used by tiered Knight’s Shields, Sarcophagus, Bes, Ghostship Rats, and Mad Lab Lime Green Water. Also applied for 1 second after teleporting to another player. Teleportation via Prisms/Cloak of the Planewalker does not apply stunned.
Renders enemy unable to attack, and player unable to use standard weapon. The player can still use their ability while stunned.

Unstable Unstable Arrow

Used by Avatar of the Forgotten King, some enemies in The Shatters, Esben the Unwilling and Rats
A character shoots in random directions when attacking. Also applies to abilities that require aiming (spells, poisons, etc).

Weak Weak icon

Used by various bosses, Earth Golems, Urgles, and Crystal Prisoner Steeds.
Reduces player Attack to 0 (Base, 50% weapon damage). Nullifies effects of Damaging.