Status Effects


Positive Status Effects

Armored Wooden Shield

Used by Helm of the Juggernaut, Tome of Holy Protection, Marble Seal, Seal of the Battle God, Cloak of the Mad God, Daybreak Chakram and various enemies.
Doubles entity’s DEF during damage calculations. Armor Broken negates this effect, taking priority.

Berserk Red Sword

Used by many of Warrior’s Helms, Chief’s War Horn, Star of Enlightenment, Banishment Orb, Soul of the Bearer, Planefetter Orb and Lifebringing Lotus.
Increases attack speed by 50%. Dazed negates this effect, taking priority.
Note: This increases attack speed by 50%, not the DEX stat. See how attacks per second are calculated here

Damaging Sword

Used by many of Paladin’s Seals, Orb of Conflict, Memento Mori, and Battalion Banner.
Increases damage from weapons by 50%. Weak negates this effect, taking priority.
Note: This increases damage dealt by 50%, not the ATT stat. See how attacks damage are calculated here

Energized Blue Cross

Used by Seal of Eternal Life, Epiphany Skull, Ornaments of Unity, Energized Ornament, as well as being received by standing on and breaking an Orb of Mana, found in Heroic dungeons after defeating a minion.
Effect on enemy: None; purely visual.
Effect on player: White floating pixels rise around the player, similar to Healing. Increases MP regeneration by 20 MP per second.

Healing Red Cross

Used by many of Paladin’s Seals, Many of Priest’s Tomes, including tiered starting from 2, Lifebringing Lotus, Ballistic Star, Bottled Honey, Royal Jelly, and received by standing on and breaking an Orb of Life, found in Heroic dungeons after defeating a minion.
White floating pixels rise around the player, similar to Energised. Increases HP regeneration by 20 HP per second. Sick negates this effect, taking priority.

Immune (Icon - None)
Used by many enemies, including the majority of Event Bosses and Dungeon Bosses.
Entity cannot be affected by the respective status effect, signified by red “Immune” text appearing over the enemy when a player tries to inflict said status effect on them. The standard statuses that enemies can be potentially immune to are Stun, Stasis, Paralyze, Daze, and Slow. Oryx the Mad God 3 has conditional immunity to Armor Break, and the Void Entity has complete immunity to both Armor Break and Curse.

While enemies do not have standard status icons telegraphing what debuffs they are immune to, boss enemies will have their immunities shown above their dedicated boss health bar in the form of grey shields with the respective status effects displayed on them:
Stun Immune Stasis Immune Paralyze Immune Daze Immune Slow Immune Armor Break Immune Curse Immune

Inspired Music Note
Used by many of Bard’s Lutes, and Bard Puppets.
Effect on enemies: Purely visual; Enemies that use Inspired have separate projectile code with longer range for the duration to give the illusion of the effect; Inspired has no actual effect on Enemies.
Effect on players: Weapon range is increased by 1.25x the base range, regardless of weapon type. The range increase multiplier can technically vary depending on the item, but all items that grant Inspired currently increase range by 1.25x.

Invisible (Icon - None)
Used by Rogue’s Cloaks, Prism of Shattered Light, Turncoat Cape, Ghost Pirate Rum, Draconis Potions if the purple soul is summoned, and Crystallised Mist.
Player sprite becomes translucent. Enemies cannot target the player, but the player is still susceptible to attacks. Quiet will instantly dispel Invisibility. Various enemies may mimic the effect by making their sprite temporarily disappear.

Invincible (Icon - None)

Applied for 3 seconds when teleporting to another player or when entering a new area, along with Stunned and Silenced. Also applied for 1 second when teleporting in Untaris at specific spots, and during transportation to Oryx’s Castle. Also used by various bosses between phases. Note that Items that allow for Teleportation do not apply Invincible.
Entity cannot be hit with attacks, which phase through them harmlessly.

Invulnerable Mithril Shield

Used by Seal of the Blasphemous Prayer and Crystal Shield. Also used by most bosses between phases.
Affected entity receives no damage from attacks, but is still susceptible to status effects and damage from Enviromental Hazards, such as Lava. Bosses with this status will have their dedicated boss HP bars turn blue as an indicator, along with the icon appearing beneath their portrait image.

Purify (Icon - None)

Used by Tome of Purification, Book of Geb, Skull of Endless Torment, and Holy Water.
Dispels all negative status effects from the player save for Pet Stasis. Is instantaneous and does not have a duration. Some bosses may inflict unpurifiable versions of Status Effects.

Speedy Green Up Arrow

Used by many of Warrior’s Helms, many of Ninja’s Stars, Orb of Conflict, Soul of the Bearer, Tome of Holy Guidance, Book of Geb, Snake Charmer Pungi, Legacy Ghastly Drape, Speed Sprout and green pools from the Mad Lab.
Increases movement speed by 50%. Slowed negates this efffect, taking priority.
Note: This increases move speed by 50%, not the SPD stat. See how movement speed is calculated here

Used by many of Bards’ Lutes, including tiered starting from 3, all tiered Seals starting from tier 2, Helm of Draconic Dominance, Helm of Exalted Might, Cloak of Bloody Surprises, Cloak of the Darkened Sun, Cursed Spire Spell, Tome of Holy Furor, Ceremonial Merlot, Champion’s Bastion, Mad Javelin, Orb of Conquest, Prism of Shattered Light, Rage Claws, and many Consumables.
Player’s stats are temporarily increased. HP/MP increases will also fill the HP/MP bar to its temporary increased maximum. The amount of the increase depends on the source of the buff. If multiple boosts from one source (eg. Tinctures) are stacked, every successive boost will only be half as strong as the previous one. If multiple boosts from different sources (eg. HP boosts from two abilities, like a Seal and a Helm of Draconic Dominance) are acquired, the strongest one will override the others.

Negative Status Effects

Armor Broken Gold Four Pointed Star

Used by Urgles, Knight Puppets, Shield of Ogmur, Crystallised Fang’s Venom, Alien Core: Dark Matter and the Entropy Reactor, Fire Turrets, Zombie Hulks, Bes, Nut, Gulpord the Slime God, Crawling Grey Spiders, Son of Arachna, Crusade Explorers, Brutes of Oryx, Daichi the Fallen, Lost Sentry and Parasite Chambers barrels.
Reduces affected entity’s DEF stat to 0 during damage calculations. If the target’s DEF is reduced to a negative value (ie. via Exposed), only negates their positive DEF. Damage numbers for an Armor Broken target are purple.

Bleeding Blood Drop

Used by Yellow Drake, Lord of the Lost Lands, Hellhounds, Snakepit Guard, Fat Angry Bees, Puppet of Pain, Pink Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks, Davy Jones, Crawling Green Spiders, Crawling Red Spotted Spiders, Son of Arachna, Pterasites, Daichi the Fallen, Spectral Sentry (Event) and Spectral Sentry (Lost Halls).
Yellow floating pixels rise around the affected entity. Drains HP by 20 per second to both monsters and players. Stops player’s HP regeneration by VIT. Cannot kill players.

Blind Black X

Used by Urgles, Beholders, Stheno the Snake Queen, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God, Nut, Megamoth Larva, Black Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks, Void Entity, and Master Rat.
Heavily darkens game screen. Adjust brightness if screen is pitch black.

Confused Swirl

Used by Blue Stars, Blue Shurikens, Yellow Stars, Sand Devils, Mini Bots, Yellow Swarm Masters, Bloated Mummies, Fairies, Beefy Fairies, Swoll Fairy, Snow Bat Mamas, Icy Whirlwinds, Puppet of Chaos, Goblin Sorcerers, Bats, Vampire Bat Swarmers, Henchmen of Oryx, Oryx the Mad God, Mini Megamoths, Mama Megamoth, Micro Megamoth Sentinels, Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, Void Entity, Crystal Prisoner and Corrupted Casters, and Unshuriken.
Changes controls by swapping directional controls and reversing rotation controls. Left > Down, Down > Left, Right > Up, Up > Right, Rotate Left > Rotate Right, Rotate Right > Rotate Left.

Curse Curse

Used by many of Mystic’s Orbs, including tiered starting from 1, the Skull of Corrupted Souls, the Hivemaster Helm, the Parasitic Concoction, the Necronomicon, Red Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks, and all Void Shades from The Void
Affected targets receive 20% more damage, calculated after defense and defense modifiers.

Darkness Darkness Orb

Used by some enemies in The Shatters, Master Rat, Corrupted Monks and Lost Sentry.
Visibility decreases to a small area around the player and prevents enemies from displaying red dots on the minimap. All entities outside of the area are completely invisible, but their shots will not generate on your screen unless they are marked on the minimap (ie. Quest Monsters or enemies within the visible area).

Dazed Yellow Swirl

Used by Quiver of Thunder, Brain of the Golem, Siege Scepter, Snakepit Guard, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Esben the Unwilling, Queen Bee, Cursed Blasts, Orange Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks and Black Moons.
Effect on enemies: Halves the number of projectiles fired per attack. Rounded down, but not less than 1 projectile.
Effect on players: Reduces player’s Dexterity to 0 during fire rate calculations, resulting in a base fire rate of 1.5 attacks per second.

Drunk Wine Bottle

Used by Pirate Rum, Ghost Pirate Rum, Saint Paddy’s Brew and Vintners of Oryx.
Blurs the screen if Hardware Acceleration is disabled, or heavily warps the screen if Hardware Acceleration is enabled.
If a player cannot see their gameplay while drunk, they may choose to turn off Hardware Acceleration to return Drunk to a blurry screen.

Exposed Grey Down Arrow

Used by many of Samurais’ Wakizashi, including Tiered starting from 3, the Killer Bee Queen, The Beekeeper, Crystallised Crawlers and Crystallised Boomers.
Reduces affected entity’s DEF by 20 during damage calculations. Affected targets can have their Defense reduced below 0, resulting in them taking more damage per shot. Exposed does affect Armor Piercing attacks and attacks on an Armor Broken target, making them deal 20 more damage per hit. As it affects defense calculations, Exposed is calculated before Cursed.

Hallucinating Mushroom

Used by Magic Mushrooms, Masked Shamans, Wishing Trolls, Desire Troll and the Seal of the Enchanted Forest.
Replaces objects and enemies on screen with random object or enemy sprites. Note that this does not actually change the object or enemy, but simply alters their appearance.

Hexed Mushroom

Used by green pools in Mad Lab, Transformation Potions, Grotesque Scepter, Wishing Trolls and Desire Troll.
Replaces the player’s sprite with a random pet sprite.

No Effect (Icon - None)

Used by a players Pet when another Status Effect blocks the useage of their HP/MP Heal ability, signified by red “No Effect” text appearing over the player when the ability is casted.
The intended support is prevented by another Status Effect, changing the intended support to instead remind No Effect.

Paralyzed Paralyze icon

Used by Blue Drake, Archer’s high tier Quivers, Midnight Star, Alien Core: Power and the Entropy Reactor, Tomb Thunder Turrets, Lion Archers, Ghost of Skuld, Scarabs, Nut, Coral Venom Trap, Archer Puppets, Cursed Grave, Stone Guardian Sword, Son of Arachna, Woodland Paralyze Turrets, Corrupted Bowmen, Daichi the Fallen, Lost Sentry, Marble Colossus, Void Entity, and Orb of Aether.
Renders entity completely immobile.

Pet Stasis Pet Stasis icon

Used by various Lair of Draconis bosses, The Puppet Master (Encore), all enemies found in The Void, Blue Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks, Mystic Puppets, Nightmare Colony, Corrupted Sprite and Corrupted Spirit, Jade and Garnet Statues, Corrupted Spawn, Daichi the Fallen, Spectral Sentry (Event) and Spectral Sentry (Lost Halls).
Turns player’s pet into a chicken, rendering it immobile and unable to use its abilities. Players who do not have a pet equipped cannot be inflicted with Pet Stasis.

Petrify (Icon - None)
Used by Daichi the Fallen, Evil Spirits, Lost Sentry, Golem of Fear, Marble Colossus and Void Entity.
Players are rendered unable to move or use weapons, but take 10% less damage from all attacks. Most abilities are unaffected by Petrify, and can still be used.

Quiet Word Bubble

Used by Lair Vampire Kings, Fire Mages, Fire Adepts, Flayer Gods, Sprite Gods, Septavius the Ghost God, Mysterious Crystal, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God, Iceions, Esben the Unwilling, Nut, Brown Slime, Crawling Spider Hatchlings, Son of Arachna, Woodland Silence Turrets, Mammoth Megamoth, Murderous Megamoth, Pulsating Obstacle, Swarm Colony, Nightmare Colony, Corrupted Armor, Lost Sentry and Void Entity.
Completely drains MP, stops natural MP regeneration by WIS, and causes all forms of MP recovery to stop functioning. Fleeing to Nexus or entering a portal while Quieted will commonly restore the amount of MP to the player’s maximum base MP, even if they had little MP before getting quieted.

Sick Skull

Used by Bile of Oryx, Parasitic Blobs, Parasitic Blob Scouts, Parasitic Blob Guardians, various Lair of Draconis bosses, Toxic Sewer water, Kage Kami and Lost Sentry.
Stops natural HP regeneration by VIT, and causes all forms of HP recovery to stop functioning.

Silenced Crossed word bubble

Applied for 3 seconds when teleporting to another player or when entering a new area, along with Invincible and Stunned. Also used by Marble Defender, Marble Colossus and Void Entity. Teleportation via Prisms/Cloak of the Planewalker does not apply silenced.
Prevents player from using their ability. Unlike Quiet, Silenced does not deplete the player’s MP or stop MP recovery.

Slowed Red Down Arrow

Used by Green Drake, Archer’s Quivers tier 2 and below, Freezing Quiver, Red, Blue, and Yellow Beehemoth Quivers, Huntress’s Traps, Scepter of Fulmination, Orb of Aether, Orb of Sweet Demise, Shield of Flowing Clarity, Ronin’s Wakizashi, Chief’s War Horn, Cloak of Bloody Surprises, Arachna’s Web, Stheno’s Pets, Lair Vampires, Encore Traps, Slime Gods, Gulpord the Slime God, Oryx’s Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God, Bile of Oryx, Yellow Slime, Goblin Warlocks, Guardians of the Lost Lands, Small Creampuffs, Deadwater Docks Parrots, Deadwater Docks Macaws, Painlings, Pterasite Bombs, Jade and Garnet Statues, Corrupted Monks, Corrupted Spearmen, Daichi the Fallen, Lost Sentry, Spectral Sentry (Event), Spectral Sentry (Lost Halls), Green Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks and Snowflakes.
Effect on enemy: Reduces enemy movement speed by 50%.
Effect on player: Reduces player SPD to 0 during movement speed calculation, resulting in a base speed of 4 tiles/second. Nullifies effects of Speedy.

Stasis (Icon - None)

Used by Mystic’s Orbs, Gravel, Orange Drake and Lightning in a Bottle.
Affected enemy turns gray and cannot move or attack, but also cannot be hit or damaged. All enemies put into Stasis get three seconds of Stasis Immunity after it wears off.

Used by Crystal Shield, Helm of Exalted Might, Seal of the Enchanted Forest, Tyrant’s Toxin, Ceremonial Merlot, Tincture of Courage, and Tincture of Fear.
Player’s stats are temporarily decreased. The amount of the reduction depends on the source of the debuff. If multiple reductions from one source are stacked, every successive reduction will only be half as strong as the previous one. If multiple reductions from different sources are acquired (eg. two SPD reductions from a Crystal Shield and a Tincture of Courage), the strongest one will override the others.

Stunned Gold Five Pointed Star

Applied for 3 seconds when teleporting to another player or when entering a new area, along with Invincible and Silenced. Also used by many Shields, Grotesque Scepter, Ballistic Star, Sarcophagus, Bes, Ghost Ship Rats, Desire Troll, Void Entity and green pools from the Mad Lab. Teleportation via Prisms/Cloak of the Planewalker does not apply stunned.
Effect on enemy: Enemy is unable to fire attacks.
Effect on player: Player cannot use their weapon, but can still use abilities.

Unstable Unstable Arrow

Used by Avatar of the Forgotten King, some enemies in The Shatters, Jade Statue, Soulblasts, Snow Bat Mamas, Esben the Unwilling, Lost Sentry, Void Entity, Rats and Server Heart.
Player shoots in random directions when attacking. Also applies to abilities that require aiming (spells, poisons, etc).

Weak Weak icon

Used by various bosses, Earth Golems, Urgles, White Marble Colossus Pillars/Rocks, Crystal Prisoner Steeds, Pharaoh’s Requiem and Server Heart.
Effect on enemy: Reduces damage of all attacks by 10%.
Effect on player: Reduces player ATT to 0 during damage calculations (Base, 50% weapon damage).