White tick off list


Those are event whites and are not common


yeah… ik, but i was writing things and noticed i needed some more, but those two used to be super common, not sure if they still are, but if you say you have like 3 event whites ever, the guesses are usually ava spell, ray and oreo (ok maybe ogmur bc of event but you know)



Updated Whitebag list:

Also I have a mask set that you can overlay to blank out the whites you still need to obtain

And here’s my list:

yes i did it the lazy way so what


wait so you have every item BUT Those in color, or not?


no the color ones I have

is that not how it’s supposed to be?


Sorry am dumb tonight


Huh I actually don’t need that many more. Color means I don’t have because I’m a special snowflake




Wish I got more wbs.


Wew, it’s been a while since I last updated my tickoff list! Here it is :

Pretty happy about it, although I’ve been hunting for some rather common/uncommon whites for a while, for no results yet (cough cough Tshot cough Prot cough)






Not exactly a ‘tick-off’ list but here:


forgot prot oof

edit : got qot


I’ve been using the whitebag tracker in Jaki’s muledump since that also covers how many of each item I’ve gotten. but because it also includes admin/unreleased items as well, I have those highlighted but set to a total of 0 so I can see which ones that are actually possible to get easily:

here’s a more traditional-looking one if you’re into that:


I did my best. Color means I have gotten them



0 leafbow…
you can use one of my 10


I’ve gotten a lot of stuff I haven’t had before since posting so it’s time for an update:

and a traditional one for the haters: