White tick off list


Stop whining. If it hurts your eyes, that’s your problem.

Also, I don’t hear you complaining about Candyshi or Xaklor’s posts, and both of them did the same thing as I did with the same color.


wtf ‘-’ feels bad


I don’t really care for the jugg, it’s a prot, but for warrior, who already has high defense. And since realm’s game physics has an 85% damage reduction cap, I feel like double defense is wasted on warrior. Imagine a trickster with double defense! Or a priest- but that last one’s in the game actually!


flex tho


I’ve been playing this game for so long… If I wanted to flex, there’s items for that. I don’t have all of these, nor are some of these items tradable, but man, this, this is flexing.
(Consolation of Draconis) (Old Firecracker) (Less rare now thanks the MotMG 2016) (Valentine Generator)


Gave out old fire crackers a few months back. No flex qq
Valentine is only 2-3 deca so meh
Minor hp and mp pots are highly duped as well as greater wis so little flex as well.

Jugg is great if you have ever used one. Speedy on warr can be a bad thing in higher level dungeons, while the def is useful since those aforementioned higher level dungeons deal a ton of base damage.
Sure, prot does the same thing but for a robe class, but sometimes people dont want to play a class with 1/3 the dps of a warr.


where is your Ogmur? :thinking:


no shatts whites, don’t mock me boi >:c


mate how have you never gotten a lab white before


I don’t run labs because clearing for seconds takes ages. In the time it takes to do both lab bosses I can rush 2 or 3 abysses which is more profit than labs can ever be


question marks are ones idk if i got


@Arexrew says:


My, we’re a bit salty aren’t we?


No, that was my attempt at humor.


loads of whites :wink:


Green = acquired


Nothing new has changed, except for me getting a nil. :man_shrugging:


you may have twice as many whites as me but at least i have white warrior hat




quiet no white hat boy