White tick off list


Alright, we get it. No one cares about your vanity bunny helm.




I see your sarcasm detector isn’t working today.


I don’t have a crazy amount of whites but I have gotten most of these multiple times. I’ve had two bulwarks and fed them both :sunglasses:


You two should really get a room


Updating my list, also updated the format.

The lit up ones are the ones I have.


What program do you use to get the shaded effect?


Nearly 5 years and still 0 event whites.
Not sure if I’m really unlucky or just suck at this game.


Looks like a 80% approx opacity black overlay excluding the items he has



Please note that this white bag checklist does not include limited, vanity, or reskin items.



This is my white bag bad luck:



Plus SSeal.


Water Dragon Silk Robe is missing.


A clean slate for all of ya’ll.



Link updated to include Water Robe and vanities and reskins :slight_smile: ty for letting me know


marked is what I have


No esben wtf


I got the staff just not the skull