White tick off list


ooh ive gotten some that u havent. such as… bulwark reskin, bloody, scholar seal, enchantment orb, and leaf hide


Cute ^^ it’s the rng


but then uve gotten a lot thta i havent such as…
para spell pen spell jade storm mango cutter stinger brilliance bow tshot robobow morning star, anatis, cult staff, whatever the last staff is, the first wand, cwand, hammer, csword reskim, colo sword, mmace, cleg, krath(sadly), sullen, ages, qot, vquiv, bee quiv, necronomicon, top, puri, ice prot, heart of gold. dire, jugg, hive, vile, scutum, plague, medosuzoan, fire waki, death sceptre, sealed skull, torment, aether, bplate, fire armor, cult robe, and all the ice rings


Lmao, you wrote all those items :sweat_smile:
Why not doing your list and put it here?







Hello everyone! I’m back lads. What’s new?
The red ones are the whites I’ve gotten.


Are reds you have gotten or you have not? It could be either tbh


Ah I should say so. The reds are the ones I’ve gotten


Guess I’ll add mine here (sorry I am a pleb who uses just the whitebag list, I might make a nicer one in time)

Anything with a green circle around it, well I got that item at least once.
(p.s. yes i havent gotten a single parasite white and it makes me very sad dont talk to me about it ;-;
(p.s.2. the reason i am lacking the machine vanities is because i only came back to the game recently, wasnt here for motmg 2018)


just updated my checklist
highlighted items are the ones I’ve gotten


Joined Aug 20 2016, and still no bulwarks? BOI
I Joined Feb 9 2018 and I’ve gotten SIX
5 from stheno 1 from the prismimic


imagine doing snake pits


imagine getting event whites :frowning:


Imagine playing this game


But you were on earlier today…


Ah crap I’ve been exposed. How could you?


really not sure about some of the reskins and vanities