Why the Deca servers are so shit?


Sly why ? i dont know too


maximum efficiency.


because they are working on future updates, and they are trying to do many things at once.


Well, when everyone piles into the same server, things go badly. Play on servers with fewer people.


They’re not, people are going around crashing severs to get bee instas


What?! Thats so scummy.


Is this WC?


i think this has something to do with it? i saw it in pub halls discord


Servers are shit because of flash. That will hopefully change when the port to unity comes.


no its max efficiency

flash has nothing to do with the servers
flash is the client, so any server lag is happening server end, not to do with flash


How does one, “crash servers”?


30+ assassins spamming poisons at once in the nest, the most shit dungeon ever (@Mrunibro)

Combined with 100+ people in said nest


lots of assassins and a fucking degenerate discord


unwced because there is apparantly a real issue atm

Also: grafik


Thanks, I was looking for this thread to ask if anyone had news. EUW is unbearable today.


The performance from the servers today, overwhelmingly outperform any previous standard of server maintenance and hardware from earlier eras.

If this another meme about the servers, #off-topic. If you’re complaining about client or server lag, it’s either #game-discussion or #whine-cellar, depending on your attitude.

But this is hardly a #game-discussion:bugs.

Server lag is a rare thing to occur on the servers, outside of ddos attacks, and involuntary player ddos attacks. The former, caused by real hackers who either want to bring grief to others, or exploit lag to further their personal gains. The latter, and most common between the two, occurs when a larger than normal amount of players strain a single server, most often observable during dungeon events.

The way that the game is hard coded on C++, and ran client side on ActionScript 3, no amount of hardware upgrades can even theoretically prevent these kinds of attacks, intentional or not.


Because it runs on Flash. That’s all.
All will change soon tho…


The servers don’t run on flash though.


Correct, they run off


Theres actually a guy named Bert who’s going around crashing servers buy logging hundreds of characters on at a time, that’s why the servers have been crashing so much recently