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Yeah, I wasn’t really sure on what to put there >_<

@Wilhuff They were made because Toastrz wanted memes, probably.
I do know that he used it somewhere on the forum once…

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I’m glad at least one person had to see this and copy it over for the hover text.


I knocked up a bit of template to enable the now-official in-game L O R E to be added onto the relevant pages where The Realm Eye has a response coded, as I can’t think of a reason why we wouldn’t want it there available to read on the item that it relates to. The template/layout can always be altered to be a bit prettier by those better at things than I.

Am thinking to locate it after the factual introduction section on the page, examples:

Lore on item page (Wand of Deep Sorcery)
Lore on enemy page (Snakepit Guard)
Lore on dungeon page (Pirate Cave)

Edit: after other recommendations, I’m locating it at the end of the introductory section, after any Notes/Trivia. For pages with Contents subheader, I’m locating it as the last thing above the Contents. Have edited the screenshots above to match this idea.


I didn’t even copy it, I just typed it out.
Homestuck finally came in handy…


Would it be better to add the template at the bottom of the page near trivia? (I just think that this layout would look nicer and make more sense)


Pasta time

Lmao gottem


I’m pretty sure when Kabam created ST items, it meant Set Tier Items (but yeah, then it turned into ST sets, which does make less sense language-wise, but the T meaning Tier does make much sense with the other Tiers/Un-Tiered)

There was no official announcements as far as I know, they just called it like that internally, hence why most testers keep saying this name. Sadly there is not much left online from the Kabam times (most stuff was on IRC at that time), and I couldn’t find the full length word for ST on the few reddit threads :confused:

I could be wrong though, perhaps we just assumed that meaning at the time. I didn’t know there was some discussion on RE about it, so if you all went to prefer to call those Special Themed, my bad for changing it. I doubt Kabam or Deca cares much haha. I think the easiest way to be sure would be to ask Silex or some old Kabam dev if he remembers it :slight_smile:

Btw, I did change the link in the nav bar and on a link on the loot bag page, so that we the URL makes sense (I copied /wiki/special-themed-sets into /wiki/set-tier)


Sorry for the late reply, but stat ‘28’? Is there an reason for it, or was it just arbitrary numbers.


One of the things that I think influenced the name was because we already had the “themed” sets from Wild Shadow era, (Jungle necro, OT huntress, Lab sorc, Manor priest).

The “special themed” sets name I thiiiiiink could’ve been to show that these new sets were “special” not just 4x pretty items, but wearing them all did something to you, first with the 16x16 skin, later sets with a bonus, and that special themed set name was to reflect that concept of being special function sets.

It was fairly jumbled how STs were brought into the game. I went and read through all the patch notes but can’t even see any official usage of ST either way, which doesn’t help. :laughing:

My preference would be switch it back to how it was just because without evidence to change it, we should assume that the decision to call it that “Special Themed Sets” all those years ago was done for a reason as the phrase wouldn’t have appeared out of nowhere, and does make more logic, language-wise.

Edit: I’ll do the revert now.


Dunno if this goes here, but the wiki says that the machine is a “realm dungeon,” but it is technically a “special event” dungeon. It no longer drops, only on certain days.


Not really.


My bad then, I didn’t realize that


How to fix?


Patience… :slight_smile:
I have put a “work in progress” at the top of that page until they’re all done.
Edit: all done.


If possible, while we’re adding the Realm Eye lore to the weapon pages, add in the same-tiered weapon navigation as well.
Here’s how to add it in:

| response=Ah ha, the legendary Ichimonji! One of a set of blades that was created under the tutelage of one of the greatest swordsmen in the eastern realms.


Make sure that the same-tier navigation is under the general slot-type navigation, as that’s usually less intriguing for peeps to look at ;3


Hey Nevov,
Would it make more sense to put the tiered template before the group template?
For example, on the desolation armor page, add {{template-tier-ten-armor-navigation}} before {{template-heavy-armor-navigation}}


Probably not. Like I stated earlier,

…at least, that’s my philosophy thinking about it.


It’s just that this:

looks better than this:
(in my opinion)


I agree. Certainly makes the point a bit better.


It’s difficult as the tier structure/equipment tree is two dimensional yet the footer section demands it be laid out in 1D, so there won’t be a flat right and wrong answer, just a design choice for us to make however we wish.

We do want consistency across all the equipment so it is a useful thing to decide before going onto the Ability Items and Rings that logically will in due course also get tier templates added.

An aside (templates)

(I did try consolidating the multiple navs using a single {{template-navigation}} nav with variables {{{type}}} and {{{tier}}}, to let us do things exactly like this by simply altering the master nav template and it would affect all pages, but I just don’t think it’s possible to use a variable to call another template. It gave the red X error when trying to Compile such phrases as {{template-{{{type}}}-navigation}} and I think that’s the phrasing that’d be necessary for this to work. But if there is a way, it’d certainly be worth doing!)

Back to the point.

I think there’s no question that the ‘type’ is a closer relationship than the ‘tier’, like siblings vs cousins on a family tree, so I think that’s why I readily agreed with ‘type above tier’ for the nav layout, thinking the navigation section makes sense for the more important connections to go first – also that rationale neatly extends for items that have a third nav for being ‘themed’ items, which by higher importance gets placed above of both others.

History implies that the ‘type’-nav is more useful to users since that’s been the only navigation we’ve had for years (old-style nav alert!) and it’s also how the wiki navigational structure is, the pages going Armor > Robes > Magus rather than Armor > T10 > Magus.

But really I am not saying it must be this order, I’m just throwing out some small supporting reasons why I think there is some logic this way around.

I’ve done as another example the T1 cloak page with both arrangements, since ability items typically do have a different ratio of type/tier items:

T1 cloak example

current (type above tier)

alternate (tier above type)

I don’t know if it actually adds any benefit seeing a second example. I think if you are on the page wanting one thing, you’ll prefer one layout, and if wanting another, the other works better, so the inertia of keeping it type-above-tier wins for me, unless there is a reason to change.