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Don’t know if this is the best place to put this thread, but I have proposed some changes to the wiki to make editing much easier. Since the wiki does not use MediaWiki it can be annoying to edit.

  1. Templates: These would allow for content that is displayed redundantly on several pages to be centralized, which would greatly improve consistency between pages. These could include navigation boxes, infoboxes, etc.
  2. Realmeye/wiki-hosted images: While most ingame sprites are already wiki-hosted and automatically update, some other images (ex: item thumbnails in navboxes) are not and need to be hosted on a site such as imgur. Setting up a wiki image hosting service would allow for all wiki images to be easily updated by users. The recent change to the UB ring sprites illustrates this problem, because every instance of a updated ub sprite icon in the item navbox needed to be manually updated. Of course, a wiki image hosting service would need to be moderated.

Will update this as I think of more ideas.

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Thanks for reopen, @mattyfatty.

I’m thinking the wiki could benefit greatly from a discussion page (not sure if maybe even a section/sub-section of the forum).

There have been a couple of times that I’d love to have had an easier way to talk about pages, and changes, without having RE direct message as the only option.

There is a recent edit that I’m wanting to discuss, and get some thoughts of other folks, and I’m feeling hampered by there being no forum.

1 missed ring [UB HP not on the wiki?]

Turned off auto-close for this topic. Feel free to use it as an ongoing discussion for the wiki.


wow first time seeing revive of locked thread like that


One only need ask. Threads auto-locked by age aren’t meant to be permanent, just to discourage necrobumping stale conversations.


So the page I wanted to discuss is to:

@Pentaract has done some work in separating the game’s lengthy history by year.

I personally prefer the info how it used to be, all on one page, because I can ctrl-f for whatever I am looking for easily. But the old page certainly was getting ever more lengthy.

I don’t want to get into “edit wars” on the wiki, so, discussion:

  1. do we want to keep it as just split plain by year?
  • Or some split like WildShadow/Kabam/Deca?

  • Or combine some of the years in some other way?

  • do we want in addition to each year, to have a “Complete History” page duplicating the entire history onto one long page (replicating how the old page was)?

  • the previous history was reverse-chronological with the latest update always at the top.

    • do we want the year pages to maintain this?
    • or do we prefer them to be Jan 201x at the top of the page, to Dec at the end?
  • Any other things we can improve on the history wiki page?


Another thought, the previous anchor tags/links to each specific build on the “full history” page would now be broken as the content is moved over several pages now, might be a reason to keep the main page how it was, and then have years branching off it?


if anyone knows the league of legends forum, you can tag champions / items. not sure if you can do this on realmeye forums, but putting in mini pictures of classes / weapons, etc would be good :smiley:


Can you link to an example?


Is there a section for community made dungeons/weapons? If there isn’t that would be cool.

A Realmeye Christmas [CLOSED]


Why do you never play the game dad?


something like that


Thanks everyone who’s worked on the wiki. I linked this thread on the “help the wiki” page.

@Nevov I didn’t think of the “Last updated” header links when dividing the release history page. Fortunately, fewer than a hundred pages actually have those links, so the fix won’t be too daunting.

However, I hate that the wiki’s restrictions force editors to make any and all changes individually on each article. With the new STs, it’s time to update dozens of other pages just to add the sprites and links. Again, a pain, not too daunting… but Oryx forbid we ever try to do any kind of site-wide change.

I’ve been spoiled by MediaWiki’s templates and its edge in user-friendliness. Not hating on Markdown Extra, but I see people tweaking copy-pasted pages and messing up the formatting. (I’m not innocent of this.) It almost makes me want to use the Wikia.

tl;dr another “templates pls”


I’m not sure that fan lore belongs on the wiki.

Yes, it’s mostly harmless, but nobody (except @Liam) really bothers with that section. Maybe it would work better as a forum thread.


can you fix this? just uncapitalized the “F”. i usually fix broken stuff/unlinked page but i can’t find how to edit the link


does daichi have over 300,000 hp? If not, then his page needs edits!


That should be right.


So the Realmeye developers will be working on a replacement for static.drips, which is good. I asked them if it was possible for users to manually upload/replace images there as well.

Now to see if they can install MediaWiki and have it replace the horribly clunky markdown editing.