X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


Unless the new sets drop from new endgame, I feel like they’re a bit too op.


The cooldown property of the Charge behavior has always been inconsistent with other cooldowns, because it also functioned as an initial offset.

<Behavior speed="1.3" range="1" cooldown="1" duration="6" acquireRange="20">Follow</Behavior>

Let’s say you have this Follow behavior. You transition to the state, and the object will immediately follow for the duration of six seconds before pausing for the one second cooldown.

<Behavior cooldown="2" speed="1.8" range="10" bucket="movement">Charge</Behavior>

With Charge, that cooldown would happen before the first action. So if you transition a state with this Charge behavior inside, it would first wait two seconds before charging, then doing another two second cooldown and repeating.

In practice, this made it unnecessarily annoying to design precisely timed movements around, and in general the inconsistency always stuck out. As the post said, all existing Charge behaviors were adjusted to behave like the “incorrect” way they did before, so you don’t have to worry about the Marble Colossus charging instantly during his paralyzing star phase or anything like that.


How does public testing work?


I was wonder how long it would take someone to ask about that one, everyone else is just all “yay lod and epic manor!!1!”


^Use those links to play on testing, you have to register for a new account tho.

@Xaklor xD nobody cares about your baby ;-; so sad. hopefully it’s fun :3


As someone with HEAPS of partial made sets this makes me very happy.


I think you’ll be happy about that.


Considering the positioning, it’s unlikely to be linked to LoD rework. Either Shaitan rework or new dungeon would be my guess.

Not like it matters if it’s just another closed room boss fight.


Even better, I recorded it, including the cool particle effects.
Still had this super-high-end Knight set leftover from the Secluded Thicket testing.


proposed my own thoughts and dislikes on the update.




Since we now have ST sets for all classes, does that mean we won’t be getting anymore?


there will be new classes soon don’t worry



how do i max my chars :confused:


actually that’s not mine :P


Increasing maximum stats won’t help Ninja and Samurai any. They need better growths. They’re fine once maxed.


dang it, you nerf the archer st armor set
before its 16 def :frowning:


Could someone send a picture of the two sets? I couldn’t seem to find them.


That is the skin.