X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


I believe that the stats they should change on samurai are:
HP: 150-180, 720-750
SPD: 10-12, 50-55
VIT: 10-12, 0-1 - 0-2, 40-50

Ninja should also receive the HP and VIT buff, but should get his WIS buffed to 75.


Are ninjas traditionally known for being wise? 75 is the current maximum across all classes, I don’t think it would be right for ninja to have this. 70 is already pushing it when many classes are rooted down on 50 and my poor sorcerer makes do with 60. Lower MP for stars possibly could get the same outcome you seek if it’s more spammability?


ninjas aren’t traditionally known for existing alongside wizards and archers and the general mythological inspirations of this game. ninjas were out of place from the very first. anything that buffs the garbage star is welcome


Well, I think the 70 wis is justified for the lack of real usefulness of the Star.
Additionally, it’s not 75 because Ninja is supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none-kind of class.
None of its stats are the highest among the classes, but they are still high.


Seems to be a good update. Sad that I will only have a few hours today to test it out.


What’s the reason behind this?


Hope you won’t forget to change this.


Cool, the quiet bug for ninja works with the armored so this might encourage a “sadistic ninja” play style xD


We could make it 74 wis :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have thought ninjas to be quite wise. Also, I wonder if ninja will be the next class to receive wismod benefits?

Another thing about ninja being a jack in terms of stats, I disagree with that notion. Every other class has at least one stat where they’re excellent at (the stat cap is the highest it is for all classes). Why shouldn’t ninja? I believe that WIS would be the most fitting stat (though not having a wismod would really hamper the logic behind buffing his WIS stat).

As for samurai, I kind of disagree with buffing his DEF. But these stat buffs will make him fairly OP and I kinda like the class so should I really be complaining?


I suppose Splinter was wise wasn’t he… :thinking:


Am hoping the Janus chest abolishment heralds the same for a future Lod rework. A chest is only beneficial when there are non-combat roles for players (eg Shatters at 1st when the blob draggers could be denied direct sb). All other times it encourages leech scummyplay, so unless it’s actively useful, bin the chests!


I’d argue even this is giving chests way too much credit. Disregarding how absolutely atrocious the Sentinel is as a “battle” and how the whole blob-dragging aspect isn’t even intended design, there’s still a window of vulnerability before the blobs show up in the first place. Realistically, most groups nowadays have enough DPS to simply shred through any blobs that get close without even needing a dragger to take some away. Chests are fundamentally bad design, and I look forward to the day when the last one is eradicated from the game.


Top 10 chest event betrayals




I didnt get to buy the beginner package yet yikes


I mean, it only does more damage than the rarest and previously highest DPS bow in the game.


Then again, we don’t know how difficult the new dungeon will be and how rare the ST bow is


Let’s assume it won’t be more difficult than LH, the literal endgame dungeon.


@Krathan could you please add a few maxing apples or spawn in characters that are at least lvl 20? Bit of a turn off for testers to have to level, and even then it’s hard to test the ST sets without being maxed. Thanks!


What does this mean? Does anyone have a specific example?

Anyone have pictures? :0

They were talking about this :3


I’m interested in what this



I think we can reasonably assume the orange is some sort of magma (or honey!). It’s definitely the start - or end - room of a dungeon. The red dot in the center is probably the room’s boss. I don’t recognize the dark shape in the center. My immediate thought was two connected anchors, like for ships, but I don’t think that’s correct.

My guess is that it’s going to be another dungeon like Secluded Thicket - the way forward looks blocked, at least until the mysterious enemy in the center is defeated.

And a final wild guess - maybe those six squares at the edge of the map are some sort of turrets? Maybe this room will involve dodging, like these guys image from the wall in Parasite Chambers, or these image from the flashing red sections of El Dorado’s fight.

Whatever this turns out to be, I’m excited!