X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


doesn’t seem to work for me
never mind, you have to make a new character for some reason.


Please tell me we are not becoming club penguin.

There’s a option to censor curses for the love of everything let us curse.


Just noticed this as I maxed my characters, pretty neat.


That’s actually been implemented for quite some time now.
And I agree - it looks really cool! Quite a neat surprise when I found that out, back when I started playing on one of my alts /w\

Anyway, /off-topic.


Only filtered in public chat, it’s fine thru PMs and gchat.




To clarify:
Plenty to go around ^u^
I also do enjoy the 0% off. An absolute bargain, truly :^)


Since I don’t see any comments about it, you can indeed mix and match 2 set pieces with others to get unique stat bonuses I don’t have most of the full sets I can’t show many combinations, but here’s a few that I did find:

pretty lackluster, but alright in terms of def
Set combination gives +50 HP, +100 MP, +3 ATT, +25 DEF and +4 SPD


Very good speed wise

Set combination gives +115 HP, +7 ATT, +17 DEF, and a Whopping 25 SPD,

surpassing the old max achievable speed for samurai by 4

quick correction, I forgot that the Eastern wind gives +5 SPD on equip, so in reality, this set is beaten by using the armor, and ring of the warrior set with the eastern winds by 1. sorry about that.

I could list more if you guys want.


Let’s start with the things I dislike first.

  • Tinkerer quests re-rollable for gold? Please do tell me that this is solely for testing and not coming to prod. This is absolutely something that should be payable with fame and even then I’m not sure I like it.
    In my opinion, this is a very bad direction to move the game towards.

  • “Players must now pick a name during account registration to simplify the flow.”
    This truly marks the end of the real npe. Such a shame and I do not quite understand it either, considering no-name character barely could do anything at all anyway nowadays.

  • “Disabled Beginner’s Package offer.”
    Another thing that is only meant for testing I hope. Why else would you improve on it just a couple of months ago?

  • Balancing the samurai and ninja by giving the both of them more vitality, but not updating their max hp to 750. Such a shame, this would’ve given the katana classes truly their own niche.

Now the things I’m wary of.

  • “Improved the campaign feature to allow us to run different types of campaigns and events in the future.”
    This could either be really bad or a fun extra, let’s hope it turns out okay.

Of course, there are also things I like.

  • “ST Sets now have partial bonuses which unlock as more pieces of the set are equipped. The new bonuses will apply with 2, 3 and 4 pieces equipped.”

  • The balancing changes are very nice to see as well. The samurai did need that defence increase. I’m not so sure about the dex. I had rather seen a slight increase in speed or even better a wisdom modifier for their debuff, but it shouldn’t take the limelight away from other classes.
    The vitality increase for both the ninja and the samurai will help out newer players or the few who like to play without a pet, I can only applaud this.

You seem to have forgotten to update the average vitality at each level though. A fresh level 20 still has the same average vitality as before, which makes it a real chore to get vitality maxed on each of the two classes.

  • “Reduced waiting times at Janus the Doorwarden and removed chest.”
    Great change, now we only need it so only the “spawned” lanes need to be cleared for Janus to activate.

  • “Shop packages and boxes now show limit per user quantity when applicable and are no longer visible when none are left.”
    Lovely! This always was a pet peeve of mine. Thank you.

  • “The Shield of Ogmur has new projectiles and particle colours”
    Another change Iove, the gold particles fit really well. Excellent sprites!

  • Now, let’s talk about the about the new sets.

This is my experience from levelling up both classes with the set on.
Without a pet or any maxed stats.
So do take this with a grain of salt, considering nearly everyone on prod will have a fair pet and often some form of a maxed character.

I can say that the archer one is definitely strong and fun to play around with. I could easily do all starter dungeons (even the hive) without real worries, which was nice.
However, once you got into godlands or did the more difficult dungeons the range on the bow was an obvious handicap, this obviously won’t be a problem on prod, which might make the bow a tad too strong?
The speed buff was a rather welcome addition, the ep kind of damage from the quiver was also really fun to play around with. Trying to get the most damage in one go is a tricky, little game.

Considering each piece of the set on its own, I feel like they’re all rather good without being OP. Which considering the set boni is only right. The ring is considering the general theme of ST sets, underpowered but better than plenty of other ST rings, take of that what you will.

The ninja set was quite odd. It focused on two things which seems weird considering it is supposed to be a specialised class. The focus on both defence and damage in one set would seem to fit the samurai more (although I would’ve switched it up to more defence and a stronger debuff for samurai, instead of more damage).
Considering I did not have a pet nor any maxed stats I never really got to experience the big damage buff. In general, the katana doesn’t come quite to it’s right in the starter dungeons or godlands because of the limited defence monsters have. Because of this and the range of both the katana and the star it felt very underwhelming. I’m sure this will be quite different on a maxed/petted ninja who will be able to use the damaging capabilities to its full potential.

Now, on the other hand, we have the star which doubles the ninja’s defence. The set only gives 13 defence in total, which is very little. This is obviously done with the damage in mind, however, I feel like it’s just a rushed idea. It doesn’t seem to quite fit. This gives the ninja 26 defence at times, which is rather strong for a leather class and at other times it just gives a silly 13 defence. This pushes the ninja so very much into the hands of people with a great pet (when the st set is used). I can’t say I like that very much.

The ninja set will be completely OP in the hands of someone who can use the star and completely underwhelming in the hands of someone who can’t. This doesn’t make the set special, but rather the player’s pet. Perhaps it would be a good idea to switch the paralyse star with this one (considering paralysing something helps you damage it, thus making it in line with the other parts of the set) and give the set overall a bit more defence. Perhaps to 18?

Considering each set item on its own, I again feel like they’re quite right. Each item is usable on its own, which is quite a difference with earlier sets. Again, even the ring isn’t absolutely useless.

On the topic of taste, I really love the sprites of the set, the shots and the abilities. I’m not such a fan of either of the skins, but that’s a matter of taste.

This concludes my book on this potential update.
A special thank you for any who managed to read it all.


Though I’d argue that it’s only the regen part of the star that’s influenced by pet - essentially meaning you do get a slightly lower cooldown on your Armored status.
Keep in mind that, for this Star, it disables your pet’s MHeal while holding the ability key.

18 is quite a bunch considering the strength of the armor. If we leave that unchanged, then we’d still have an immensely powerful Ninja, considering only 2 pieces are needed for the defense boost to become active.

I myself tested it with a Divine pet.
The Katana feels very fun to use, but is noticably weaker than a Masamune. However, thanks to the mild amplitude of the shots, clearing weak minions is very easy - more so than Doku, I dare judge.

The Star feels odd, to some extent. Its extremely short range, being offset with its absolutely insane damage, doesn’t feel completely right to me. A slight buff to the former and a slight nerf to the latter would probably make it feel slightly nicer…though that would, in turn, make the range inconsistent.

The Armor and Ring are kind of odd to talk about, since I had only them on at the moment. From what I can judge, the Armor being a leather Mercy’s Bane is interesting. The defense being added when two set pieces are equipped does make it fit the role of an ST quite well, though.
The Ring isn’t half bad nor grand. I’m not a big fan of it giving so much speed in total (+12? Hella fast.), but that was probably done with the thought in mind of compensating for the loss of Speedy.
…Except you get the +7 speed with two pieces equipped. I would recommend moving that to three instead, or maybe splitting it so a part comes with two, and another part with three.

Overall, a pretty neat set.


I’m not quite sure we use the word ‘slightly’ in the same way.
It takes approximately 53.61 seconds to regen from 0 to 252 mp with 70 wisdom. When you have a 100 mp pet this is brought down to 5.07 seconds.

That’s a difference of 6.89% of the time being armoured, to 44.10% of the time being armoured.

I did however, not know that this star disables your pet’s MHeal. I suppose that makes it a tad better.

Where does it say this?

You’re right about that.

The +5 defence should be included in the 3th or 4th set bonus.
Considering the range and speed loss of this set I, personally, do not feel like 18 defence (43 when maxed) is too strong, even with the great attack and dexterity boost. This is of course, debatable.

My Steam name is usually this:


so I think we do indeed have wildly differing interpretations.

Ninja’s max wisdom is 70, though; you used that in your calculation too.

If you were constantly Armoring yourself, though. The duration is so short that it really doesn’t deserve that effective 53-second cooldown.
The best way I could see Armored being implemented onto a Star is by sticking it to an effect post-throwing, with a cooldown. (Though that, again, gives people with high MHeal level pets a humongous advantage…)

Literally nowhere!

/s, I couldn’t help myself ;w;


My bad, I actually did calculate the regen with 70 wisdom in mind. Seems I couldn’t remember the correct max wisdom long enough though.

I’m not completely sure what you mean with that. Does this mean you agree with me here or …?

Definitely the better solution. A shame they decided to stick with the need to give a ninja star something extra while holding the space bar.

P.s. “Third”


Is there a flash projector link for testing server?




@WindowsHDD that’s mean :angry:

https://test.realmofthemadgod.com/client here it is.


@GBSlayer What do you mean? The link is at the top of the thread and is labeled D:


Oh. Didn’t see that somehow.
Thanks @GBSlayer nonetheless


The bow is like a void bow.

Etherite level


I like the removal of unnamed accounts. No longer is there that noob who does not know that he cannot get loot, or access most of the game’s features because he is unnamed, and suffers for it.


I don’t like the idea of partial ST set bonus this just makes the pixie+fairy combo more op