X.31.4.0 Release Candidate


honestly its not as op as you might think


+40 to +90 mp on a knight isnt op?


not really, +40 mp can be reached with just Akuma’s tear or the honey circlet , +90 is easily surpassed by wearing the hivemind circlet with the fairy plate armor, going up to a total of +150 mp. Now if you wanna get really op, combine that with the partial ST bonus of the Fairy set by equipping pixie to get the +50 mp bonus, going to +200 mp, equipping any shield of your choosing, and a 100 mp heal pet on top of it.


If I may ask, what’s the reason behind disabling the beginner’s package? I was gonna try to get it next week.

  • Eternal Graved Great Sword: Fame Bonus increase from 4% to 7%
  • Eggre Battle Armor: Fame Bonus increase from 5% to 7%"

N ice.


my tiara got boosted in value c:



This make me severely happy.


It hasn’t yet.


On testing?


The update mentioned by Krathan has only been applied to testing; it will undergo review by players before possibly being added into prod.


The snow wasn’t really snow. And the ice wasn’t really ice.


Haha… my bad.


the snow and ice was just a winter reskin




Rip the pally could’ve had even moar fame


On a side note, please please please please please please PLEASE do not make the easter events the same as last year’s. Like seriously, please don’t. Last year was the worst. Untradeable eggs that only drop from chest events and egg baskets that don’t drop them 100% of the time! Wow, so wonderful and not fifty times more grindy than the valentines events that require the same amount of tokens!
Like seriously, don’t make the events like that. Practically everybody got burnt out from the easter events because of how stupidly grindy it was. I wouldn’t mind them being soulbound, but please at least make them drop from the same places as the valentines event.

Just my two cents.


You underestimate their inability to do what the community wants.


the community is very inconsistent tho

community “no more chest events plz”
deca “okey dokey”
>shatters mark event
community “hey wtf wheres the chest”
deca “u said no more chests”
community “…”
community “deca bad bring back chests gimme free crown and bracer reee”


Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, testing has been closed for a bit now.


Added mailing list popup to the website

Anyone knows what that means? The only popup I can think of is the Shop UI, but then, it is not directly on the website but in-game, and it has nothing to do with a mailing list.
Am I missing something? How do you guys even interpret this sentence?