YesButNo's trash art thread


Fair enough.


Ok lol. Maybe I’ll use Krita for such an important piece


I refuse to be derailed by your pedantry

YesButNo I would like to see you draw your skeleton trombone avatar please, I think it’d be cool



uh ok. That’ll definitely be an option, I really want to paint it too, and I think it’ll look ok (I spent 2 weeks drawing skulls to better understand the features of the face). Not sure about the trombone tho lmao


I played trombone

its pretty simple
If you want to draw all the details then yeah its alittle more difficult, but I recommend drawing a trombone without the add ons
Less stuff to draw, more simpler
I can take a pic of mine if you want


it’s fine, google is op.

don’t worry about the trinkets I can handle them


ok gamers this is a caboodle i made during summer
I didn’t post it until now because it got lost in my garage

And yes I know the arms are too short :c


That’s still amazing!


looks like a dwarf due to the short arms, really nice though!


human esben? :thinking:


but he gets a sick tattoo


drew my huntress because why the fuck not

Sorry for not posting in a long time, enjoy

Also @Wilhuff don’t worry your commissions are coming along nicely


@YesButNo Can you draw my realmafia thing lol
You can ask Wilhuff for the details


uh sure


bump I might post later


bump YesButNo might post later


bump YesButNo may never post later


i have shit drawn, just have to remember to post it x). I don’t have a phone so I have to borrow my mom’s to take pictures, so that’s always a hassle


here’s a thing. I was experimenting with color a little