Ask the 75 star who hasnt survived an MBC anything


no, but just from watching videos and studying on realmeye it looks easier than MBC


well i had the same thoughts when i did my first mbc (i’m 4/5 in mana exaltation on warrior so far and did not expect to reach this far), so good luck


its just MBC is suuuuch a hideous bossfight, it looks ugly, its basically undodgeble, and it HAS to be cahnged pls deca listen


How do you remember your first MBC attempt? (Assuming you remember it)
Was it scary, stressful?


it was pretty chil until survival, when i got a serious lag spike. i unplugged my pc so i was able to save my char.


Do you feel like you’ve been asked a lot of questions, a little bit of questions, or is this about what you expected?


a lot of questions


Why can’t you complete an MBC? Is it skill related or lagg related? Are you able to complete nests, fungals, and O3s?


No, it’s one of the very few, and very first bullet hell experiences we have in the game that’s closer to fair than spam. (Whereas Tomb / Ice Tomb (dirty), The Forgotten King (last phase), et cetera are less fair). Once you understand the shot patterns, it becomes a fun/stressful game of dodging and choosing your most favorable path. Especially with the latest changes to the fight when Deca reduced the length of certain debuffs.

In your opinion. I don’t think the current design is objectively bad from a game design aspect. Subjectively, I do not feel particularly strong one way or another. It works as an intended fight against an ancient animated marble golem.

In some phases, it is purposely designed that way to apply low damage shots and debilitating debuffs. In other phases, it is quite easy to strafe the shot patterns. It’s the high damage shots, or the debuffs that can lead to your demise, that you have to look out for. As a priest, you’ll want to recognize and dodge the silencing shots. As a trickster or rogue, you can weave in and out of shot patterns. Each class has their strengths in a fight. Melee classes are disportionally challenged in such bullet hells, but are in turn rewarded with higher stats in defense, vitality, and life. Not to mention damage output. When you know how to survive MBC, you’ll learn when to go in, and when to back out. I highly suggest joining the Lost Halls discord at first, and just trying your hand at it. Nexus if you get uncomfortable. Death is not worth it while learning, though sometimes it is inevitable. Granted, it sounds like you’ll need a better computer, or at the very least, an upgrade to certain parts of your current computer to play properly (you mentioned client-side lag earlier).

No. You simply lack the means and wisdom to complete it. I struggled, throughout LH 1.0, 2.0, and with in-combat, what I call LH 3.0. However, over time, and a few deaths, I learned. I’m always a little cautious when learning a new dungeon. It just takes practice, and the ability to push through your fears and what you currently know to be safe.


ok, understandable. i am planning on buying a new PC when i get the funds for it. I think you had some good points, but, shouldn’t you theoretically be able to dodge every single shot, with enough skill, in a bullet hell game?


i can complete nests and fungals, and o3s. (ive done 1 pre-pet nerf and i did a Biesa on a 0/8 archer post pet-pet nerf. i just think that MBC could use some changes to make it more dodge-able, but besides that, i think its more lag-related problems than skill (i have a pretty big dealy between nexus key press and actually nexusing)


Well if you’re comparing it like that then there’s much more problems with the game than just MBC survival phase.

I haven’t completed MBC either btw just saying that there are a lot of examples of not being able to dodge no matter the amount of skill (paralyze and petrified kek)


In a game like Touhou, sure! However Realm of the Mad God has bullet hell elements, but does not follow every single convention from the genre. As the difficulty increases in the game, the probability of getting hit approaches zero, and eventually reaches zero.

In fights like Oryx 1, dodging every shot is more than possible. Even the completely radial shots that debuff the player.

In fights like Oryx 2, dodging every shot is much more difficult, but still possible. Though it’s much more likely that a player will take at least some damage from the boss.

In fights like Oryx 3, dodging every shot is physically impossible. You WILL take damage.

It is in fights like MBC, that give you experience and wisdom to take on challenges like Oryx 3, where you will be expected to damage, and expected to know how to survive in hectic situations.

Personally, MBC’s survival phase has given me the wisdom to then attempt Xolotl the Lightning God, Oryx the Mad God 3, Killer Bee Queen, and the Crystal Worm Mother.


I disagree. Sure, places with enemies everywhere (like the godlands) can create situations that are impossible to escape from without taking damage, short of nexusing, but oryx 3 is a patterned boss fight. What I mean is each phase has a specific pattern it does every time, so if you were at the top of your game for the entire fight and you know all of the patterns, it would be possible to not get hit a single time.


u have a divine pet?


I think we all might agree Leucoryx is the easiest miniboss damageless.

( Knowing the phases )


Virtually impossible, only the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of players have the skill to pull off such a feat. I’m speaking from the experience of an average end game account here.


The only way to do that is Trickster, and even that it’s basically impossible.

Portals are a nightmare, deadly with mostly Cowardice + Portals.

Dance Phase really sucks.

Also after Celestial, celestial itself isn’t easy to do damageless, but after that he teleports every phase, some phases suck for that. And random beams come out.

Cosmo Heavens is NOT good even for trickster, it’s just the timing, even without the heaven walls, lingering Cosmos shots, especially if next phase is Inner Rotates, alright…

see ya.

For Minibosses I would say

Archbishop < Dammah < Beisa < Gemsbok.


wdym Dammah is way harder than leucoryx. U can pretty much leech in every Leuc phase, but in Dammah is pure dodge skills. Leucoryx counter can also be really easy if you pay minimum attention. Leucoryx and Dammah can be harder for people with bad fps, but other than that is pretty nice.


But I put Dammah harder than Leucoryx?