Xolotl the Lightning God

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)
Xolotl the Lightning God

Xolotl the Lightning God is the third and final boss of the Secluded Thicket.

A relative of Mixcoatl, Xolotl was appointed to Oryx’s court as his official bounty hunter. Being a more primitive god, Xolotl wields lightning and rules over the isolated tribe of the Secluded Thicket. Living with hunters has made him an expert killer, able to take out high profile targets at Oryx’s command. - Original Description

The Realm Eye says:
Xolotl is one of Mixcoatl’s four hundred sons, though he quickly became considerably stronger than his father.
Despite his tribal nature, Xolotl’s mastery of lightning caught the attention of the Mad God. Oryx recruited him as the official bounty hunter of his court.
His lightning assaults are used as a means of quickly dispatching foes at Oryx’s command, making him a valuable asset.



Base HP: 90,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 30
EXP: 20,000
Location: Secluded Thicket

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stunned
Immune to Paralyzed

Level 20 Quest
Counts towatds Humanoid Kills
Counts towards God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Lightning Shot
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Static Ball
Blood Drop Bleeding for 3s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Electric Discharge
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Static Star
Parametric Shots are parametric
Magnitude: 8
Faces Direction
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Electric Field
Petrify for 2s
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Storm Swirl
Silenced Silenced for 3s
Pet Stasis Pet Stasis for 3s
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Amplitude: 2
Frequency: 2
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Fired by seperate entity
Dark Orange Bomb
Red Down Arrow Slowed for 1s
Radius: 4
Red Bomb
Radius: 1
Yellow Bomb
Skull Sick for 3s
Radius: 3
Yellow AoE
Petrify for 2s
Radius: 2
From Lightning Strikes


Xolotl is found in a large circular clearing similar to Tezcacoatl’s battle arena. Four Lightning Totems are found in the outer middle of the room. He is initially found dormant and once approached will start flashing red. Shortly after, he will taunt:
”You have made a grave mistake killing Mixcoatl. Now you shall be my next sacrifice!”
and begin the fight.

While switching phases, Xolotl has short periods of invulnerability.

Phase 1

Xolotl alternates between wandering in place and firing a 2-way rotating shotgun of yellow arrowheads, or chasing players while firing streams of white orbs that inflict Bleeding. Every time he switches attack patterns, he will go invulnerable for about 1 second.

Phase 2 (90% HP)

Taunt: “Eltak Xifls’TOh Audraxas Qualtinero!”
Xolotl becomes Invulnerable in the center of the room and introduces his signature attack - a red crosshair that tracks the player. Upon drawing near a player, the crosshair will stop moving, flash yellow, and call down a bolt of lightning, dealing enormous damage to and petrifying any players caught in the blast radius. Note that the crosshair can be decoyed but will not flash or strike lightning until a player comes near it.

Regardless of whether it hits or not, once this first crosshair has called down a lightning strike he will taunt:
”Gwuh huh huh! Now you fear the power that you are up against!”
and proceed the fight.

Phase 3

Taunts: “You killed my acolytes, and I shall return the favor!”
“You have slain a great beast, but you will fall before me!”
“You destroyed the idol, now I will strike you down!”
“I will avenge the Masked Party God!”

At this point, the entrance to the arena will shut off and the edges of the room will fill with Evil Rainwater, which is functionally the same as Evil Water.

Xolotl wanders in place, firing 4-way shotguns of yellow arrowheads and aimed white orbs. Periodically, he will create a tracking crosshair that attempts to call down a lightning strike onto the player.

Phase 4 (70% HP)

Taunt: “Oryx does not take kindly to intruders in his castle. He has offered quite the bounty for your charred corpses!”

Phase 4A

Xolotl chases players while firing nonstop shotguns of white orbs, along with lobbing orange bombs that slow. Throughout the entirety of Phase 4, he will maintain a crosshair that circles the perimeter of his arena, chasing players if they draw too close.

Phase 4B

Xolotl moves into the center of the room and begins firing several dense rings of highly damaging spears while rapidly lobbing red bombs. After firing for a bit, he will start chasing players again for a bit, firing less frequent shotguns of white orbs, before repeating the phase. He is Armored while chasing, but Armor Broken while in the center.

Phase 5 (50% HP)

Taunt: “Mixcoatl’s ritual awakens the great power of the totems!”
The Lightning Totems activate, firing aimed Paralyzed bolts at nearby players while lobbing Silencing bombs. Xolotl will be chasing players with 4-way shotguns of arrowheads while spawning tracking crosshairs. After chasing for a bit, he will pause in place and armor break himself while firing several rings of spears. Then he will retreat back to the center of the room, pause for a bit while invulnerable, and repeat the process.

Phase 6 (30% HP)

Taunt: “Static electricity permeates the air!”
The Totems stop their previous attacks and start firing radial bursts of 5 Silencing waves instead, alternating between two shot angles. Xolotl himself will circle the arena clockwise just outside the stone tiles, firing rings of his spears. Occasionally, he will switch to circling along the edges of the arena outside the totems at a faster speed before switching back sometime after - he will be Armored while transitioning between the two patterns.

Throughout the phase, he will maintain a crosshair that circles around him. If a player draws too close to it, it will attempt to track them down.

Phase 7 (10% HP)

Taunt: “Your brittle armor cannot withstand the might of the storm!”
Xolotl turns invulnerable and moves into the center of the arena. He begins firing shotguns of white orbs at the nearest player, which will rapidly increase in density frequency before abruptly returning to normal again. The Totems will regain their paralyzing bolt attack, and will also start to spawn crosshairs of their own, which circle them and chase nearby players.

During this phase, all 4 Totems become targetable and must be killed. The fight will not progress until all totems are killed.

Phase 8

Taunt: “The roar of thunder shall be the last sound you ever hear!”
Xolotl remains invulnerable and after a brief pause unleashes an enormous maelstrom of boomeranging yellow orbs, which form a cyclone of shots that rotates clockwise. During this time, he will fire shotguns of arrowheads along the cardinal/intermediate directions, aimed Bleeding orbs, and parametric orbiting white stars. He will also spawn crosshairs in groups of 4, which will travel a fixed distance along the cardinal/intermediate directions before detonating. He also further restricts the edge of the arena with more Evil Rainwater at the start of this attack.

He will also be bombarding the perimeter of his arena with sickening bombs, to prevent players from simply waiting out his bullet storm by clustering in the edges of the room and healing. If any player tries to leave his ‘storm’ of bullets, he will call them out for their cowardice with one of the taunts below and rapidly target them with additional sickening bombs.

“Face me, you coward!”
“You cannot hope to escape the storm!”
“Hiding back there will do you no good, fool!”

After surviving the storm for about 20 seconds, Xolotl will taunt “Huff…huff…” and stop firing for a moment. In this stage, he will start spawning tracking crosshairs, but will still be invulnerable. In order to finish him off, one must drag a crosshair onto him, tricking it into striking its creator with a lightning bolt to bypass his invincibility. If he is struck with a lightning bolt, he will exclaim in pain and explode into a ring of harmless Petrifying shots, leaving your loot in tow.

If this is not done fast enough, Xolotl will flash red, rise up again, and repeat the phase. Every time he repeats the phase, he will provide a taunt to provide increasingly obvious hints that you are meant to attack him with his own lightning strikes.

First cycle possible taunts: “Your feeble attacks cannot hurt a god!”
“Nothing you do can touch me!
“I am invincible with the storm on my side!”

Second cycle possible taunts: “Laughable! Is that all the strength you can muster?”
“Only an attack far beyond your comprehension could harm me as I now am!”

Third cycle taunt: “Nothing short of a lightning strike could penetrate my defenses!”

If Xolotl goes through four or more cycles, he will randomly repeat any of the taunts from the first three lists.

Assisted by:
Lightning TotemLightning Totem

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Tips and Strategies

In general, it is absolutely essential to avoid his lightning crosshairs like the plague. Getting hit with one will inflict a staggering amount of damage and leave you wide open for further damage - something that can be fatal, especially if Xolotl is chasing you or is in his last phase. The paralyzing shots the totems shoot in Phase 5 can also put players in dangerous or fatal positions.

Arguably Xolotl’s hardest phase is his final one, where he traps all players in a swirling cyclone of shots while bombarding them with more bullets. It is imperative to find a good “compartment” in the storm and circle along with it, as touching any of the storm’s bullets will Silence and Pet Stasis, virtually cutting off a player’s healing - especially if they have been already hit by a Sickening bomb.

For faster classes (60 speed or more), circling in the largest, outermost compartments at around the distance of the totems is recommended. This allows you the most space to maneuver around while still remaining out of range of the lightning crosshairs and most of Xolotl’s aimed shots. It is not recommended to circle along the very edges of the room near the water however, since this may enrage Xolotl and prompt him to bombard players with sickening bombs.

For slower classes (50 speed or less) it is recommended to circle in the middle compartments, at approximately the distance where the stone tiles begin to vanish. This will usually allow the player to position themselves in a place where few shots will connect (you may tank a few bleeding shots or parametric stars, but this is far better than tanking a line of cyclone shots or a lightning bolt). It is ill-advised to circle close to him in one of the inner compartments since that will put players in range of his own shotguns.

Formerly, Xolotl could be “cheesed” by clustering in the corners of his arena while having healing classes constantly heal the group. This would render players unhindered by the majority of his shots and outhealing the damage from the Evil Rainwater or Sick bombs by simply baiting the bombs away. However, it is ill-advised to try this now, as Xolotl permanently bombards the area with bombs along with his aimed ones - making the sheer damage and Sickening effects likely to overwhelm players.

There are multiple “safe” spots that can be abused to not need to move at all to survive the final phase. Be wary though, if you plan on using a safe spot, then make absolutely sure that you are the only on the safe spot and are in a big group. If conditions are not met, then the lightning strikes can target you and kill you easily. It is generally not advised to use a safe spot however, since the last phase can be mastered with practice and usually guarantees more safety than a “safe” spot.

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The incantation Xolotl recites when he summons his first lightning strike is similar to the ones that the Twilight Archmage recites when using his fire/ice attacks. This suggests a link between the two, which may be that they’re both forms of primitive elemental magic (since Xolotl’s description referred to him as a primitive god).

In Aztec mythology, Xolotl is the god of lightning, fire, twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness and deformities. He was also associated with the sunset and was said to protect the sun as it travelled through the underworld every evening. Source.

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