Cannot see items when hovering over player name


Whenever I hover over Affini’s name I see no gear and other times I see other players name as u can see in the ss.

(My mouse is hovering over his name.)

And another here.

Trivial Issues Thread
Weird bug when looking at players list (Stars are dislocated)
Weird ass glitch on locked and nonlocked

I believe this is some kind of cheat, but I’m not entirely sure how.
I’ve had a similar thing happen to me, and recorded it to send to Deca:


That’s what I thought but don’t really want to assume anything.


Moved OUT of Trivial issues, this is an outright bug or issue of its own, if the game interface is not working. Not one for Trivial.


Geez i am on a role with the 2 lately. Thanks Nevov,


I asked them why I couldn’t hover over their name and they said it’s a glitch that was done to them by another player. Could be something to do with the guild rank glitch, I dunno. Korupt wouldn’t tell me how ;~;


I’ve experienced the same today, and the name it (wrongly) displayed was the one of a person I’ve unlocked shortly before, so maybe its related to that somehow.


Hehe talking about trivial guess who’s in the third pic


No clue. Who?


I believe a fix is to drop an HP pot on the ground and pick it back up. (also it’s not a cheat)


Yeah, I believe it’s related to the guild rank “glitch” (idk if I’d call it a glitch if it’s just exploiting the game through cheats).

As far as I know, apparently there’s a guild rank that can be assigned via hacked clients, that will cause the player to be unable to be hovered over in the bottom right corner. (If you do manage to somehow hover over the player, I believe the guild rank icon is just invisible or not there, as opposed to the no/error placeholder symbol that normally shows for an invalid guild rank).

I might be wrong about some of this, as I’m going off of memory of what I heard that specific guild rank was for a couple weeks ago.


Shoot I forgot who I was talking about… Sorry


Not really a big bug, seen this quite often today and I think this bug was talked about before, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong but I just look at the player lists and some players have this but fixes when I nexus or go to a other portal. The bug only took place in dungeons.
Edit: just noticed, look at some players like in the last image, Cutie is Jaskper while Jaskper is in the bottom??


This thread could be talking about something similar? People speculate it as some kind of cheat but like I said, just speculation.


I don’t think its a cheat because it happens to guildies in dungeons only, not in realm nor nexus. Its a weird bug that occurs more common now.


It happened in nexus.


Basically there is a hacked client commnd called /grank and if u type /grank (player name) followed by a number it shows a message (player name) has become a guild unknown, and then this happens.
/grank BQuiver 3


wait do you say the people who do this are hackers or does someone thats a hacker does it to them


sometimes when you hover over some1 it doesnt work and it wont show anything

image as you can see my cursor is on him


Could be in a similar vein as this thread.
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