Cloak of the Wraith


Cloak of the Wraith

A ragged cloak worn taken from a slain wraith, still as fragile as its previous host


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 130
  • Duration: 4.5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • Effect: Invisible on self, Immaterial on self
  • Stat Bonus: -5 spd -2 att
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 800

Drops From:

  • Any enemy from Davy’s except boss in cyan bag (very, very rare)

More info

This cloak has the same duration as a tiered cloak, however, it costs 20 extra mp AND it has a 1.5-second cooldown. However, it’s redeeming quality is a new buff called immaterial. Essentially, the buff makes you immaterial, meaning you can pass through enemies, bullets, and obstacles. However, your bullets also become immaterial, meaning you can not damage enemies. Now, you can’t pass through walls, even destructible ones and you can’t break them due to being immaterial so this cloak fills a very specific niche.

That’s it. This one definitely needs some work… so GIMMME YO FEEDBACK!

PS. I realize that the idea of immaterial has been passed around the forum before, so I apologize for any similarities to anyone’s previous posts. I swear I’m not mooching… This is my idea of immaterial. Thx :smiley:


Interesting idea, but I think immaterial duration should be reduced by a bit


Wtf, if its ripped, then the areas where your clothes are exposed wont be immaterial


Due to the way bullets are programmed (at least the way I think they are)in realm of the mad god , I think this would be impossible to implement unless DECKER recoded the game.
Also this is essentially 5.5 seconds of invulnerability, you do realise that? It doesn’t matter if you can’t shoot anything during that time, this is still mega broken. Shatters rush would be the easiest thing in the world because you ALSO GET INVISIBILITY. Not only are you invulnerable to damage from enemies, you also don’t even get spotted by enemies. This is essentially a direct upgrade of the t6 cloak when most UTs, ESPECIALLY ones that don’t drop from the boss, shouldn’t be like that.
Also, I don’t know if grenade projectiles would still hit, but if they don’t then you also happen to be IMMUNE TO ALL STATUS EFFECTS, because status effect shots can’t hit you.
I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how this isn’t overpowered.


Really nice design for the cloak, ghost like and original


oreo dont come even close to this cloak


Honestly looks like a cnidarian decided to mate with a cloak


Feel free to use it.

The Spooky Cloakeroo

i think that a skyrim wraith color would look cooler


what if you get stuck in a wall when uncloaking?


you can’t go through walls,but if you are in an obstacle you probably can just walk out. If you are completely surrounded, then just cloak again.

Not saying I agree with this idea, just an explanation of what I interpreted as the design of the effect


These enemies respawn.


Instant dc probably.


This is from when they added TP invuln:

  • Teleport Protection! When teleporting to another player, 1 second of Invincibility, Silenced and Stunned is applied.

  • Invincibility means projectiles pass through players.

  • You can still get hit briefly, if projectiles are already rendered for you (when close to the Encounter for example), so be careful and don’t rely on it for short distance teleports!


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