Completely Revamped 'Awesome Oryx Set'!


Hello, fellow Realmers (And most probably Spriters in this Art section);

Today I was searching up some items through the Realm wiki after a user sent me one Jugg reskin he made for the sake of improving the old sprite. That made me think about other sprites which could have some sort of visual improvements, but not small tweaks like the Hydraskin armor or the swords, none of that. I stumbled upon The Oryx Awesome Set by going through the Random button and after a while looking at it, I said to myself: “Man I really hope this set spriting didn’t suck tard and could be improved such as other ones”.

A lot of people would agree that, first of all, the current Set Items (Not the Set Skin, the 16x16 one) has ANYTHING to do with the actual Skin which you get by completing the set. The color palette is off, no cape is shown in the armor, and most furstrating the Set was already revamped once and it didn’t get the update it deserved. Secondly, The Oryx Awesome Set is not a set which could be considered an actual ST. Should be UT like the Sun Solstice set, being just reskins, so I will also leave my idea on a new shield mechanic, new Sword with new playstyle, and a Set made specifically to mimick Oryx The Mad God stremghts and weaknesses.

I, being someone who does really get triggered by small mistakes like this, decided to show my idea of what the set should look like. This is my second actual time investing quite a long time spriting, but I ended up asking for help through reddit two times to see how I could improve my original sprite.

The following links are both the first and second post about the Skin when I presented my idea in Reddit:

The main reason I am asking for feedback in here it’s because one of the people who left feedback told me you guys would be willing to give your own opinion on them, and knowing there are a ton of devoteed spriters I wanted to take a shot at it. I do not mind roasting any of my ideas, in fact I want you all to give an actual critic on how all of this can be improved and if it’s even an idea that could be implemented on the first place.

Sword of the Mad God

A detailed sword crafted out of blackened cobalt and precious bloodstone. Its size makes every weakling trying to wield it to tremble upon it’s weight.


  • Tier: ST
  • Shots: 3
  • Damage: 200 - 300
  • Range: 4.5
  • Stat Bonus: +5 ATT, +5 DEF, -5 SPD, -5 Dex
  • Special properties: Shots decreasingly lose speed, shots spread on a 60 Degree angle in front of the player randomly.
  • Rate of Fire: 60%
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 450

Drops From:

  • Janus the Doorwarden

More info

The Sword, as you can see, has just slightly been tweaked. The shape is still the same but the color palette has been adjusted to the one actually used in the 16x16 skin. Easiest item to reskin and frankly one of my favourites of the set.

The sword heavily focuses on getting the player close, just like a shotgun. Massive DPS At close range at the cost of being a very slow firing weapon. Also RNG partakes here, as the three shots wont be shot at a straight pattern or cone, rather be spreaded through a 10-15 Degree cone.

This is very suceptible to change, perhaps having Less fire rate or damage as it can surely be busted on certain classes with certain items, but it is truly the only Bass Cannon weapon in the game.

Onyx Shield of the Mad God

A cobalt-stone alloy shield looted from the depths of Oryx’s Castle. The durability of the shield makes it really useful to stop projectiles with, at the cost of reduced speed by its massive weight.


  • Tier: ST
  • Mana Cost: 175
  • Effect: Slow on self, stunned on self.
  • Cooldown: 5 Seconds (After the Shield has vanished)
  • Range: 1
  • Stat Bonus: +15 DEF, -3 SPD, -3 DEX
  • Special properties: Blocks all incoming shots on the direction casted and reduced damage received by them by 90% gradually decreasing to a minimum of 30% (5 Seconds to fully decrease). While the damage is gradually reduced, the speed of the player increases from the base -50% of slowed back to 100%.
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 600

Drops From:

  • Oryx the Mad God

More info

Alright, this shield tries to include a new mechanic into the game, being actually blocking. Ever wondered why use a shield for attacking purposes when you can always tank all the shots? Right then, this is your chance.

At the cost of having such a high MP cost to avoid being use infinitely and not fully blocking all shots for the same reason, it does offer a group a chance to go through dangerous zones at the cost of making the knight unable to deal any damage, instead being used as a literal meat shield.

The Range of the shield, instead of the stun, its the range where the Magic Barrier will appear, on a 90 Degree where the player chosed to cast it. It is possible to re cast it after 2 seconds of casting it to avoid the Knight being unfairly slowed and getting killed if he cant escape. Whenever the shield is deployed, the knight will be unable to move as fast as he was able to nor shoot, at all, and like mentioned above, all damage done to the shield will be transfered to the knight with a certain drawback: The shield starts blocking at all, but the more it spends deployed, the more damage the enemies will sttart dealing again. This encites knights to use it on specific moments / shotguns to avoid a whole group getting murdered, such as a parry method!.

This shield is tuly controversial and I do need all feedback of you guys to keep it balanced, such as the sword.

Almandine Armor of Anger

A piece of heavy plate mail forged in the dungeons of Oryx’s castle, it is decorated with crimson Almandine stones…


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonus: +100 HP, +20 DEF, +5 ATT, -9 SPD, -9 DEX
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 435

Drops From:

  • Oryx the Mad God 2

More info

The Armor is specifically made to make the knight a bit more bulky while giving him more Attack, to adapt to Oryx, a true juggernaut. While this armor does have good strengths, it’s reduced speed and dex does make other melees think twice before wearing the armor.

Almandine Ring of Resolve

A ring bestowed upon Oryx Henchmen to endure the heavy gear they were once given, forged from an unknown Astral Almadine chunk.


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonus: +100 HP, +5 SPD, +5 DEX, -10 VIT, -30 MP
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 400%

Drops From:

  • Stone Guardian

More info

The Ring was basically made like the description says: Contrarrest the other parts of the set to not make it so unfair for the full geared knight while impeding other classes to use the other items without any huge drawback, mainly being lack of speed or dexterity. But all of this comes to the cost of sacrificing the same number for other stats, which comes really into the lore of the Astral Adamantine Chunk, once know to go through planet to planet. It awaited for some lifeform to obtain its power, and offered the user the most desired thing he ever wanted, at the cost of his current most beloved thing in the world. Whenever the user and guardian of the chunk died, mostly either by eternal pain, greed, the sorrow of losing all he had before the chunk, or suiciding due to the fact of him being the only responsible for his missfortunes brought by the stone, the chunk will propel to another realm to be used by another life form.

Set Bonus

  • 80 HP
  • 80 MP
  • 5 ATT
  • 5 DEF
  • 5 WIS
  • 5 VIT

Anyways this is all my ideas for the set itself, revamped with new mechanics and sprites. All sprites used were made by me, nothing special to be honest. I’d preffer if feedback for both the balancing of the items, the new mechanics, and the own sprites can be freely said in the comments, as I am willing to be improving from there.

As always, thank you very much for at least reading all the way here.


The first 3 sprites look good but the ring is kind of boring


You see, if you check the reddit posts a lot of people have been saying that. I went through 4 complete overhauls of the ring. My idea was to keep it like the first one, just reskinned, but didn’t turn out so well.

I even tried to do like a gauntelet, like an Oryx Bracer yet it could not match the quality of the other sprites. Most probably I’ll end up scratching the ring idea, again, and do a completely new one, but thanks for noticing it!


Lmao I love the sword and how its similar to oryx’s shot gun. I suggest tweaking the RoF. This sword is pretty similar to the indomptable in that way with both haveing 25% RoF. Indomptable is a very underwhelming sword and can’t really be used in any situation because of its slow shot. Increasing the RoF on the sword would be a good idea since not only does it draw itself apart from indomptable, but it presents its self as more useable in more situations. Statwise, I feel like the -2 dex and +3 att seem to be a bit redundant and it would be better just having a sword that gives def at a cost of speed.

The shield is certainly a very interesting ability. I feel like you should get rid of the cool down since its already a mana draining ability. It feels weird to have the two added together. Maybe just add a higher mana cost to balance it. Even with your description I feel like the ability itself seems kind of useless. I wouldnt really know any situation where I would use this. The only really useful part might by MBC tentacle phase but the negative affects kind of cancels it out. The fact that it stuns and slows you makes for a bad combination.
Imo it would be a fun idea to have a shield that stuns and gives you speedy. This could fit into the oryx theme with O2 since in a small group you most likely have to run in and out to get a stun. Then again its just imo. You could rework the shield ability in other ways.

Just my thoughts on the first two pieces. I’ll look at the other when I have time.


I’m not a great fan of this set sadly, I don’t know what play you’re attempting to achieve.

It seems like you get a lot of speed deducted, but the knight is already slow so these negative speed bonuses seem like a major inconvenience.

I only like the Armor sprite too, the colors put me off for the others and the ring looks too squashed.

I know there isn’t much you can do with swords anymore, but 3 shots just seems flat and thoughtless.
Furthermore the stats are pretty much useless and the negative ones just make it trashy, in my opinion (sorry).

I feel like this would have more potential if I could tell what you were trying to ahieve with this.
I feel like you were right in giving the Speed decrease, but then I think it should focus on Attack and Dexterity to make up for the loss.


Much apreciated for your feedback always!

I already spoke with people about the sword and Shield mainly, making the shield have more moveability for the player to not make it useless and while its Damage reduction decreases, the speed is also increased to balance it and make the knight quite the guy who would take one for the team.

About the sword, yes we spoke about an increased RoF while making the angle a little bit wider, like a DBlade. This sword was mainly created as a true Shotgun Sword which indeed was inspired from Oryx.

I am still developing all of this, including sprites, so do expect future updates on it on the near future.


My main goal for the ST set is to make the knight the true jugernaut. Huge Damage per shot and Defensive abilities at the cost of less speed, fully inspired in Oryx. I am still tweaking the sword and shield abilities however, that is why I exactly requested all feedback and future improvements for it. About the sprites, you should also know I am requesting a lot of help and improving from it. Ex: Making the shading less simetrical and using depth in my favour thanks to the Rotmg Ideas discord users. Hope you can truly understand the idea behind the set is to add something really new into the game from a set it was thought to be useless all along, changing the playstyle of a knight abolutely different, being what a knight or tank in an Rpg should be.


randome no


No stop


Sword is overpowered as hell on warr with big amount of dex , shield also because this thing can make 90% of bosses useless , why? This shield can never stop working , it doesn’t have maximum time of blocking these projectiles . 2-3 knights on some bosses makes fights complete joke as they can’t do a shit if they are stationary/permalyzed .


oryx set is already getting some changes


Ok wait this is actually pretty balanced


Like are you for real with it or just sarcasm? The reason it is like this it’s to be used with the set. Any other character with an armor like this would destroy the set and make the Item op for all characters but the class it’s supossed to be


That’s what I was working on.

I will perhaps changed it to be casted, last X time then have a huge cooldown, probably 5-6 instead of being a held item to make it a little bit more fair.

But thanks for pointing it out


I do know it, another reason I wanted to give my idea, as it’s the best time to do so. Mostly because DECA may be inspired by some of their player’s creations.


No, if I say to myself: I would never use this item, then it’s balanced


Makes sense then. Possible tweaks may be added so it could vary.


Honestly such a beautiful set! Nice job on it, glad my guild mate shared it in discord :slight_smile:



OMG this is so beautiful and very nice
Keep work
I can’t give you a cookie because I don’t have single. :frowning:


I am actually surprised the set got to get out of the forum by another user, so whoever shared it give him my kudos to him!