Exalt Account Manager v2.2.3 Hotfix: Daily Auto Login


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In the last release (v2.2.2) the Auto Daily Login Feature is broken, so I made a Hotfix for it.
This hotfix also contains some UI- & performance improvements for the Add / Edit Account function.

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Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Version 2.0 R2
Version 2.2.2
Main features
  • Quickly open exalt with different accounts.
  • Open multiple instances of Exalt at once with the click of a button!
  • Windows Data Protection API encrypted save-file.
  • Import accounts & configs from a muledump formated file, .csv or .EAMexport.
  • Automaticly get the Account name (nickname) if you leave the username blank (or use the checkbox for it while muledump import).
  • Auto Daily Login for choosen accounts.
  • Detect running Exalt instances and close them if needed.
  • Create login-tokens at runtime.
  • GUI-Log.
  • Graphical statistics
  • Ping Checker
  • Game Updater
  • Help / Troubleshooting build-in
  • Token-Viewer


Exalt Account Manager

Ordering Accounts

Two exalt sessions opened using the EAM

Game Updater

Color Changer

Statistics tool

Ping Checker

Ping Checker Gif

How to use

1. Add your accounts, only email and password do matter, the username is just for your organisation, if you leave it blank, it is going to be auto-filled.
2. Click on the round play button to start exalt with this account.
2.1 If the game is already running (with that account logged in) it is going to be blue and a “Pause Icon”, a click on it is going to close that game-instance.

3. Daily Auto Login
3.1 Choose your Timing settings in the Daily Login > Timing Settings menu. The first one is the time between each opened exalt instance and the second one is the time, the first exalt client is closed after the second one is started. Choose the timings according to the time you need to join rotmg after starting.
NOTE: You can only have up to 5 clients online at the same time, remember that you may want to play at the same time the task is running.
3.2 After you saved the timing options, you can go into the install task menu, wich allows you to set the amount of time the task waits after the windows login until executing and also set the local time on wich rotmg-resets the daily logon-time (time that counts as login for the next day).
3.3 After the Install task button is clicked, you will see if the task is successfully installed, if not you will get an error message - you may ask me for help here if you need.
3.4 Now, after you login into your PC (only your profile), the task will execute according to your choosen timings.
3.5 (optional) You can change the Notification settings to allow / deny windows-notifications or the tasktray tool.
NOTE: If the tasktray tool is disabled, there are no windows-notifications aswell, even if checked.

3.6 For each account you want the daily login to be performed, you need to check the checkbox in the account-list.


Why does Exalt not start?

  • If it for some reason does not start exalt, check if you have exalt installed, if so, check if the path in the options is set correctly.

I can’t even get it to work!

  • Check if you have .Net Framework 4.8 installed!

It won’t start Exalt!

  • If you have already started the game once via the Exalt launcher, it won’t work. Please close all running Exalts, close the Exalt Launcher and try again.

Exalt tells me something about a token…

  • Try to use the “Renew”-Button to the right of the “Play”-Button, this will request a new token for that account.

The Daily login task fails to install

  • Depending on the error-message I can help you with that, please write the error message you get here.
    You can also install it manually using the Windows Task Scheduler (mmc.exe). - I could also help you with that ofc.

The Daily login task is installed but won’t start!

  • This is a bit more tricky, try to got into the EAM folder > DailyService and start the “EAM Daily Login Service.exe” manually - does it work now?
    Do you have accounts checked to be used for the Daily-Login in the Account-list?
    Try to delete the EAM.DailyLogins file, open the ExaltAccountManager after that and uncheck-recheck one account (re-creats the EAM.DailyLogins file) after that, start the “EAM Daily Login Service.exe” manually again.

The Daily login task ran successfully but my accounts did not get the login-reward!

  • Check if there is an update for the unity client available, since I start it (hidden), it won’t login if it is outdated.

If you have problems, please let me know, but not just “it does not work”, please give me as much information as possible, so i can try to help you.

Publishing this tool without explicit permissions is not tolerated

If you want to publish this tool on any website or other platform,
conact me here via PM or via E-Mail first!
E-Mail: mail@maik8.de

Github Repository: EAM 2.2.3

Do you want to support me a little?

  • You could think about buying me a coffe
  • Give me valuable feedback so I can improve my next versions.

You have questions?

If you like my release, consider to click the Download and Heart!
Any feedback is quite appreciated.


is there any reason that the first result i get when searching this up in google is a website containing lots of tos-breaking stuff for rotmg lol


Someone (the developer?) is promoting this on hacker sites as well. So use at your own risk.


The only reason it is there is that I wanted that site to change a bit from TOS breaking only content to more friendly stuff. And atm there is nothing else to be found there except my EAM. Also I used to create addons for the flash version like a spam filter (but the only place you can post it is there).

This is not a hack or interacting with the game itself in any way that the launcher from Deca wouldn’t do either.
The only thing, that the original game launcher does not do is the ping checker.
(It does not have an auto login feature, but that just starts the game without graphics in the background).
I hope that explains it a bit more.

If you still are unsure about it, feel free to look In to the source code.


Aaaand that’s basically a TOS breaker


Not quite, it is just starting the game in the background and a few users on reddit told me they contacted deca regarding it, they told them it is okay as long as it is not claiming the reward (wich it does not).

If you are still unsure about it, simply don’t use that feature (or the tool at all).

The tool itself does not login to the game servers at all, it just starts the original, unmodified game with the needed parameters.


Right, you’re probably gonna need proper citations of those DECA responses pasted somewhere in your original post stating that whatever your software is doing is 100% within TOS rules. Not saying I don’t trust your word on it, but when it comes to creating software like these, always good to have some form of official justification to back you up.

Then that’s not really considered “Daily auto log-in”, does it? Wouldn’t a better word to suit the feature be something like an “auto launcher” if all it does is to start up the application?


Frankly your involvement in hacker forums is a big red flag for me. Even if your tool is entirely benign posting it on hacker forums lumps it together with other hacker tools. Doing so with the source available makes it much easier for people with less good motives to take your tool and make something more harmful.

I would be concerned DECA will take a similar dim view and so clamp down on tools like this. It’s why the ban TOS is so vague and broad, including anything that does “automatic login”. There’s no clear line between a helpful tool and a hacker tool, and it’s easy for the former to become the latter in the wrong hands.


The daily auto login does work like this:
A task in the windows scheduler (can be installed by clicking on install in the menu of EAM) start on windows login + x minutes waiting (default value is 0), or when the time is reached that Deca counts towards the next day.
The task itself goes through a list of accounts that have the checkbox checked (inside EAM) and starts the game in the background (no UI) and waits a certain amount of time until it closes the game and starts the next one.
This is enough to count towards the daily login. I am not interacting with the game at all.
I could re-name that feature for sure.


I did start with creating tools quite a long while ago when flash was still a thing and the only Place you could really publish stuff without getting banned / posts deleted was that forum.
I get your point, but tbh there are a few reasons why they don’t adopt my tool and the open source is a point I don’t even mention there (git is forbidden there), even if they stumble across it: the project runs under a license that needs you to state any changes you made.
Another thing is: it only runs the vanilla game, so no use to the ppl that really wanna cheat - I won’t support them either, in fact my EAM probably would just „update“ the hacked Client with the original one (it checks for missing or outdated files via hash).

And lastly the forum is dead tbh I am the only one since exalt went live to release there.

The only reason I still post there is that Reddit and realmeye produced about 200 Downloads over a month or more and the forum about twice that alone. After all I want ppl to use the tool I created and trust me, it took a lot of hours to create it.

I hope you understand my point of view now.

Kind regards,



I do, and did already. I just have my own views on these things obviously. I would be concerned also that DECA’s views align more with my own, given what’s in the TOS and the many reports of them clamping down, imposing bans on people using third party software.


Aight so, just to confirm, all this software does is log your selected accounts in the game, and it counts towards the calendar log-in rewards but doesn’t claim them right?


a bit off topic, but I’ve noticed that this thread is designated as being in the fan art section for some reason.

did the op accidentally set it like that and I just never noticed until now, or was it correctly assigned as being in the community hub, just that someone else arrived and messed it up somehow?

I don’t have anything to say about this third party software, because I’m not sure how I feel about it. that’s it.


Yes, all it does is to start the game with the needed parameters (exactly like the Deca launcher does it), except I add one more parameter to it: -batchmode that tells unity to don’t show any UI.
This is like starting the game without doing anything for a minute or two then closing it again.


Right… that’s technically against the rules because of the fact it does it automatically. Like, a player using your client does have an unfair advantage against a vanilla user because the vanilla user actually has to log in 28-31 times a month, but your client user can ignore the game for the entire month and collect every calendar reward on the final day despite not manually logging in, ever, during that entire month. As miniscule of a task as logging in is, it still is something that has been explicitly stated within the TOS quoted earlier that it should not, be, automated.

All that being said, considering the rampant amount of cheaters and bots in the game that are apparently not under DECA radar, I doubt they actually have some form of client detection within the game, or at the very least, an effective one, which would explain why none of your users have had an issue with them. I doubt there’s anything that detects an auto log-in system if bots still exist.

Anyways, I did read through your Reddit profile and kinda know that you hate your software being called out for being illegal, so I’m not gonna entirely rain down on your parade because you have spent a good chunk of your time and effort into developing this.

Personally? I only have an issue with that auto-logger, I think you did a splendid job with everything else and it would be great for people with multiple accounts. Essentially it’s kinda like what Muledump is. But the auto-logger has to go, it doesn’t do well with the TOS, everything else can stay as it doesn’t give the user a practical advantage, just more information.


I see your point and reddit didn’t allow the feature at first aswell, but the point they now claim is a big no-go is the ping-checker. I have yet to decide if I make another release there (the amount of work to amount of users isn’t high enough imo.

Deca does not have any sort of client side AC system in place, but even if, it is questionable if it would even detect my EAM, as basicly just starts the game (the unmodified and original game). From there on I only check the windows processes for running instances and show wich account is ingame inside my EAM (to avoid starting the same account multiple times).
Bot usually don’t even use the client at all, they just emulate the data that is send and received, that is hard to detect, but should at least be possible for spam bots…

The EAM also has a notification system in place (as of v2.2.2) that allows me to send a notification / warning to every client by modify a file inside the git repo. I can also activate a “killswitch”, that makes every EAM stop working. That’s a feature I will activate if I get ppl report on me that they got banned for using it. After all there is no point in letting ppl get banned.
The Notification-feature can be opt-out in the options of course. (Prior to getting kill-switched)

Well, yeah of course. After all I did spend not only a few hours on it. :sweat_smile:

Be it as it may, I like getting feedback of any kind and appreciate that you told me your concerns.
I don’t have plans to develop new features or make big changes in the near future right now. I will keep it working of course (it is working since 05.2020).


Thanks for telling me, I don’t know if I did it by accident or someone else did put it in fan art, if I did it - not intentional.


I recently made big changes to the EAM by adding a muledump replica (called Vault Peeker), wich will come in the next update!

And since the current version of my EAM is laggy if you have like 100 accounts or more, I want to change that and also match the themes of the EAM with it’s modules.

This is where you guys come in, I want to get some feedback on what I have done so far.

Below is a gif of the current UI-Sample, it is not complete, missing a filter for example, but the general layout should be done.

I sadly can’t tell you when to expect this update as I have only so much time for this project … but I will do my best to not let you wait too long!


(Email starts at the bottom)

Names censored for privacy reasons.

Exalt Account Manager v3.2.1 - Captcha Aid improvements, discord update and bug fixes
Exalt Account Manager v3.1.1 - Captcha Support, News, Installer, bug fixes and much more
Exalt Account Manager v3.0.0 - Complete overhaul, Muledump Replica: Vault Peeker and more

Thanks for taking the time to contacting Deca!
Really appreciate it.

Best regards,