Helm of the Constructs (UT)


Helm of the Constructs

Drops from Stone Contruct
Drops from Steel Construct

Drops from Wood Construct

A helmet forged from the Constructs imbued with their powers, what the helmet lacks in damage it makes up for in healing.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 80
  • Shots: 10 (90° arc gap)
  • Damage 80-100 (90)
  • Total Damage: 800-1000 (900)
  • Range: 8
  • Duration: 5 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Effect: Speedy on self
  • Party Effect: +20 VIT on group for 6 seconds
  • Passive Ability: +2 ATT +2 DEX when within 5.5 tiles. (Stacks up to 3)
  • Stat Bonus: +5 DEF +5 ATT +5 DEX
  • Special properties: Shots Pass through Enemies
  • Fame Bonus: 3%
  • Feed Power: 450

Drops From:


  • Party Effect Originally gave Healing now Buffs Vitality.
  • Originally +5 DEX +10 VIT > +5 DfEF +3 ATT +3 DEX > +5 Def +5 ATT +5 DEX
  • Added passive ability: +2 ATT +2 DEX when within a 4.5 tile radius.
  • Range of Passive Ability originally 4.5 Tiles > 5.5 Tiles

More info

The shots it releases are the same as the construct, the snowballs.

There is gonna be three different sprite for the helm where each one does passively boost every other players attack and dexterity, The helms passive ability only stacks up to 3 giving each player a max boost of +6 ATT/DEX.

Another thing to keep in mind would have to be the passive ability does not affect the warrior that equipped the helm, unless another warrior is near by with the same helm equipped.

Just another idea , I also figured since the Rock Constructs were there to just be there why not give them an actual reason for some people to farm them? so I made a helmet based off the three, each having their own unique part in the design.


I don’t mean to shoot down your idea, but isn’t this just a seal with damage and speedy instead of damaging?


Yup! I intentionally made it that way, the whole idea was for the UT to mimic the Constructs (Despite the fact that it is a less effective seal), but I also made it so it would be considered as a swap out for warriors.


I love the sprites, by the way, nice and simple. The only real problem that could come up is when vit mod gets released this might be too op. Does the passive ability affect the self or group when you have multiple within that radius? Either way, I think the range of where the bonus comes from should be increased a bit, maybe 2-3 tiles?


I can see the passive buffs going out of control if there’s large groups of them x.x

Maybe put a cap on the max amount of stat increase by the passive to 3 and increase the stat boosts a bit to compensate.


oh ye, i put that in the info, tho ill add it into the items Stats


Thats answered in the “More Info” part of the post, I might increase the tile range for the passive ability tho i dont see a reason why since its not something a warrior would primarily use unless it was planned.

And if the Vit mod is introduced soon and the helmets are added to the game as well, then the buff would get lowered maybe? but probably not depending on how the Vit mod is implemented.


DPS is an acronym, which are often avoided in descriptions. Perhaps change it to “damage” or something?


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