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Rock Construct

Last updated: X34.0.0
Rock Construct

The Rock Construct is an enemy found in the Mountains. It is always accompanied by a Steel Construct and a Wood Construct when it spawns.



HP: 2000
DEF: 20
EXP: 390
Location: Mountains

Counts to God Kills



Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Bullet
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets


The Rock Construct has two states: a “Waiting” state and an “Attacking” state. Upon spawning, it will exist in the Waiting state until a player comes within 15 tiles of it, subsequently transitioning to the Attacking state. It will transition back to the Waiting state when there are no players within 30 tiles of it.

  • Waiting state:
    In this state, the Rock Construct will spawn a Wood Construct and a Steel Construct if they do not exist.
  • Attacking state:
    Taunt: “We utilize strength in numbers”
    The Rock construct begins to move once entering this phase. It swirls around its spawn, attacking the nearest player. It will also heal the Wood Construct with a cooldown of 1 second between heals.
  • Reproduction

    Wood ConstructWood Construct
    Steel ConstructSteel Construct

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    Tips and Strategies

    Left: who heals whom; right: the classic circle of life

    The constructs were devised to be the embodiment of the concept behind the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Along with this, the constructs were made to showcase the Mystic’s stasis ability.

    In the image above, the left circle shows which construct heals which, and the right circle likens them to the elements that they each represent in Rock, Paper, Scissors, along with what beats what. The way constructs heal can be thought of as each element healing the element that dominates it–for example, since Rock loses to Paper, the Rock Construct heals the Wood Construct.

    The classical way to destroy a construct group is to use a Mystic’s stasis ability against one of the constructs, and then take them down piece-by-piece following the left circle in the image above. Stasis disables a construct’s ability to heal its dominant, thus breaking the healing circle and exposing their vulnerability. While you can use this method by stasising any one or even two constructs, generally, the best construct to stasis is the Rock Construct, due to it serving as the anchor for the other two constructs. When a construct group’s Rock Construct is killed, the other constructs will no longer swirl, instead wandering in search of another Rock Construct to protect. There is no limit to how many Wood or Steel Constructs circle a single Rock Construct.

    While using stasis was the intended method for killing constructs, it is not actually a requirement. The constructs are not as invulnerable as the Rock Construct claims them to be. If the player(s) can do enough damage (1600 for Wood and Steel or 2000 for Rock) to an individual construct in less than one second (the cooldown on healing for constructs), then the player(s) can take down a construct group without the aid of a Mystic.

    The constructs are great for necromancers to heal on. They are easy to ignore, and are the most common god in the godlands due to everyone ignoring them.

    For over a year, the taunt of the constructs was “We are impervious to non-mystic attacks!” This was eventually removed due to constructs spamming the chat.

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