Idol's Head (UT skull)


Idol’s Head UT
Loot bag:IA2a6mv
Feed power: 750
Fame bonus: 5%

On activation: Inflicts Curse on enemies in radius and Self, Curse blast centered around cursor, duration 5 sec, radius 4 tiles,
MP cost: 100
Special: There is a 5% chance each time the player kills an enemy to heal the same amount of hp as 50% of the enemy’s max hp (capped at 500, cooldown 10 seconds)

Description: the scrapped head of a once-exalted idol. A wisp of blasphemous energy resides within, binding the souls of the user and whomever they wish to kill.

At first glance this just looks like a really bad orb with a really high MP cost. However, this is not so. This skull has a passive effect of stealing 20% of the HP of 10% of enemies killed (capped at 500). This means if you’re god farming, each time you a god you have a 5% chance of healing for 250-500 hp. Just remember there is a 10 second cooldown, and another downside- each time you curse enemies you also get cursed.

I’m still new to balancing items and making items in general, I appreciate any feedback about my idea, whether it be about spriting, balacing, or even the concept in general. Thanks for reading!


My dude, there is already a skull which curses, (check here) that’s why I see this as kiiiinda unoriginal, the HP concept is pretty neat, but this item wouldn’t have a role in the game, since there is already a skull which curses.


Might just be me but its ability may be a bit too strong. What you have to consider is that a lot of monsters have a lot of health. Even something as weak as the brute of abyss offers a 250 heal while most shatters minions would offer easily over 1000 health (a ice mage would offer 4500 health), in other words an insta heal to full health. Note, although the 250 from abyss may not seem spectacular, the rate at which they die makes you basically a priest with god tier heal rate. I think you should #1: lower the chance of healing or add a cooldown and #2: you can make the heal based off percentage but there should be a low high cap (like 500 or 600).


Good idea, I’ll fix it!


yeah I didn’t know that was a skull cuz im bad and don’t do lhalls. I think the curse would be good on this skull because it would make it slightly easier to kill mobs. Also keep in mind you can only have a chance of healing if you deal the final hit on a mob, so in a large group of people it would be rather hard to heal.




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