Oryx's Castle

Last updated: X33.0.0
Oryx's Castle
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4
Teleportation Disabled

Oryx’s Castle is a high-level dungeon that can only be accessed by closing a realm. When specific Quest Monsters have been defeated and after a wait of two minutes, all players will, during an earthquake, be teleported to Oryx’s Castle. The players in the realm are then divided into 4 teams which converge and fight a pair of bosses that drop the portal to Oryx’s personal chamber.

Note: during winter, the floor of the Guardian room is iced/slippery



Layout of the Oryx's Castle


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Stone Guardians

Enemies of Oryx’s Castle

Spawns Warriors of Oryx (3-5 of them) around every 7 seconds, can take multiple bullets before dying. Has armor phase where it inflicts armor broken to those it hits. This enemy can kill even 8/8s almost instantly if you are hit with its armor break fight it with extreme caution. Drops stat potions, wines, tier 8 armor and paramount rings.
Lunges at closest player at high speed, shoots bullets alternating a spread or a star-like pattern around itself and at the player when close. If almost all shots hit it can result in instant death for most players.
Spawns Insect Minions (8-15 of them) every 3 seconds, dies pretty quickly when attacked by a group. Drops stat pots, wines, and purple-bag items.
VERY annoying little insects that shoots in a star-like pattern, can result in an instant kill for low levels if all shots hit.
Takes a few more shots than Warrior of Oryx; will lunge at closest player, but not as fast as Warrior of Oryx, shooting a flurry of bullets that inflict slow at the player.
Not too powerful, will die pretty easily; can possibly instant kill very low level players.
Can take large amounts of damage, shoots flurries of bullets at the player like the Knight of Oryx; it goes into an invulnerable, paralyzed state where it regenerates 200 HP every second while shooting in a star-like pattern when low on health (eventually will exit its state).
Also as annoying as the Insect Minions, it is immobile and will throw bombs (it has a very long reach) that land on the ground and explode in a spread of bullets that inflict both the Quiet and Weak status effects on players; usually protected by vulnerable walls, but easy to kill.

Oryx’s Castle Boss

Left (Red) Stone GuardianRight (Purple) Stone Guardian

Stone Guardians

The Stone Guardians are the first bosses of Oryx’s Castle. They are supported by several haunted armors, as well as wielding a powerful sword that can break even the most powerful of adventurers.

Janus the Doorwarden

Janus the Doorwarden

Janus the Doorwarden is the second boss of Oryx’s Castle. He is located in a room above the Stone Guardians which opens when all the stone statues in the castle are destroyed.


Before Release X32.4.1, Oryx’s Castle had the following portal sprite:

Old Oryx's Castle Portal

This change did not, however, affect anything from the player’s perspective, as the portal to Oryx’s Castle does not normally appear in the game - players are automatically transported to the start of the dungeon and do not access it through a portal.