Magic Woods Mystic Set


These are from Floflorians video so if you want to see that here it is

It also drops this

from the video it also drops dex and spd but of course i assume these are subject to change because its testing just wanted to showcase it though

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Hope that orb comes into the game a whole 8 second stasis chest troll hehehehehhehe XDD


It’s a weird one I’m at a loss to think when I’d ever use it. Messy tomb the only thing coming to mind, even there probs tiered orb with its berzerk/curse is a better choice.


chest troll videos
if u wanna be on yt let me know


I think his standards fly a bit higher then that. I would hope people wouldn’t use it be to toxic but that seems very likely


IKR imagine an 8/8 Mystic with as much extra wis from it’s robe and ring, and a max divine MP heal pet. They could very likely keep a chest perma-stasised. LMFAOOO xD


Why not make the staff be able to damage other players? I think that’s just about the only way to make the mystic any more of a misery to others than this orb.


This set seems kinda useless.
Robe sucks, ring sucks, orb is different and could be used for something useful, staff is different (rof) but probably still isn’t great


yeah, this is some low tier forbidden jungle type shit


It’s not suppose to be the best gear in the game.


That would make it correctly pitched because it is gonna drop from (my bolding):


The staff out-dpses cosmic until about 11 def, so it’s only useful for godlands or armor break.


i’m a mad lad somebody stop me


Actually there is a cooldown on usage of orb so permanent is impossible.


It’s an st set except without the set bonus. 1 unique and useful item and the rest is garbage. As long as the staff is rare I would say all of these items are balanced for the rarity and difficulty of the dungeon, except the ring. If I were ppeing, or just a new player in general, odds are I would have a t2-3 def or hp ring long before this ring making it likely to never see any use except by people who just don’t know any better. It definitely deserves some sort of minor buff to at least make it out class a t2 ring since the ent that drops the dungeon can drop up to t4…

Agreed. But the ring is useless even when compared to items easier to obtain.


I guess that’s why they are testing it. Lol.


Ugh, this set is sooooooo bad. The only thing I might use is the staff, but its damage is terrible (Between slayer and avenger staves), and the 190% ROF barely makes up for it. The only use for this staff that I can see is when you’re in a large group and want to land as many hits as possible on something before it pops. The orb is next to useless, as it could be used for rushing, but its MP cost is insane. The robe reminds me of the Forbidden Jungle robe, only this has no use if you’re wanting to be able to spellbomb, and 3 dex is mediocre at best. The ring’s buffs are so minimal that it’s next to useless. Not trying to sound like a critic here, but I don’t think I would ever use any part of this set (except MAYBE the staff, as a swapout instead of cserp). I do enjoy the pot drops from the dungeon, however, and the fairy dust is definately an interesting item. I love the sprites on enemies in the dungeon, and the boss is incredible. It’s the set that gets me going. I give it a 6.5/10.


The statement about the ring is true, this is supposed to be a decent and fun dungeon, not LH or Shatters. Spider Pit and Snake Pit gear isn’t great either. Its supposed to fit the level of player who will try this dungeon.


I mean you should consider it’s only a godlands dungeon. MOST if not all the whites/cyans are pretty garbage or situational.