(New Skull) Skull of Putrid Pestilence




Taken from the Son of Arachna and enchanted with nercomancy to bring it to life. This can produce a toxic lingering bile, although the same corrosive bile is the reason this skull cannot be directed at any one creature.


Tier UT
MP Cost 20 MP/sec
On Equip 45 HP, 45 MP
While Key Held Spread necrotic toxins within image tiles (Cannot be stacked)
Duration 60 seconds
Defense Ignored 60
Heal per Target 10 HP
Damage image
XP Bonus 6%
Feed Power 950

Drops From:

More info:

Compared to other skulls, this sort of skull is more of a hybrid of poison as it creates a lingering zone which provides very minor healing but deals its damage and heal over time. This was themed this way due to the nature of it coming from a parasitic origin, coming from the Son of Arachna. This also plays much like the boss, with an emphasis on positioning and zoning. Necrotic toxins would have a small green particle effects occasionally spawning from the tile it is on.

Due to its lingering nature, this would make it easier for the Necromancer to heal off targets they can predict the movement of or stationary targets they can safely approach, making this useful for rushing. This deals a consistent amount of damage over time as well as ignoring a decent amount of defense. However, it would require time to apply the zone and deal the damage as well as its heal being very undesirable when needing the normal burst amount of healing from a skull. This may also be a useful for rushing however due to its very poor DPS output and heal, it may be better to use other skulls. The main utility of this skull comes from its heal due to the number of targets it can possibly affect.

Let me know what you think of the ability in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

Edit History

Edit #1: I added a cooldown, I thought I already added it but yes I am not a cleaver man. Changed setting the health from 0 to 1. Editted some lines referencing it.

What do you think about the idea?

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Thatsa cool sprite ( didn’t read it yet )


Kind of the honey scepter of skulls, hm? Also, is that meant to heal 1 hp per target, or 10? 1 hp doesn’t even make a dent in most situations; you almost might as well not be healing, even in the early game.


Oh, I did mean 10. Thanks for the heads up! Although thinking about it now maybe I’ll nerf the duration to 1 minute? The lingering part is the main balance issue I’m worried about. Also now that you mention it yeah it would play a bit like Honey Scepter.


How long is it between each proc? Once a second? How does speed affect the tile spawn? If I am able to run more distance, will I be spawning more tiles of poison? Also, the do the tiles linger for 120 seconds? Isn’t that a really long time?


I was just about to ask a couple of those next. You read my mind. (:


1 Proc per Second, Speed would in fact help spread it faster making it more mana efficient as it would only check if the tile is “infected” or not. I also nerfed the duration to 1 minute.

I initially wanted to elaborate this in the ability but got a bit lazy. You can technically use a specialized build to infect as many tiles as possible. Making it so that as long as you can cross that area and keep applying it, you can make the entire arena infected. However you’ll have to have the right amount of mana and speed to do so as well as make sure you can make use of that effectively as spreading it needlessly would be inefficient.

Edit: Small additional information, this was slightly inspired from the “Four horsemen of the apocalypse”, Pestilence! Spreading plagues and such. I was slightly tempted to make a set or sets for this but feeling a bit tired out.


Yea I was thinking, why 1? That’s too low, but didn’t question it


This reminds me of leech seed in Pokemon, and I’m all for it. Necro needs more UT skulls as well and I think this would make a great addition.


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