Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Never said that difficulty was the problem. I’m talking about consistency, a single event per-realm is still a single event.

Well considering Epic Pirate Cave, Epic SpiderDen, and Epic Woodland are all endgame, we can assume that Epic Hive will be as well. But, as I said, adding content isn’t the problem, we need to fix the current game.


AlexlY when was the ut weekend?


No it doesn’t, in most circumstances it correlates with time spent in a train.

I am not here to provide a pancea. I am here to provide 20 or so minutes of entertainment, alongside, perhaps, some inspiration.

Why don’t you?
It’s boring and inevitable, that’s why.

I doubt that :joy:


Are you telling that beacuse you didn’t get one and you think it’s unfair so you rage on other people who got it?
There are many people with ogmurs, and you can’t say there aren’t.
Same with cdirks, bulwarks, crowns, bracers, and (insert ANY ut)

hmhmhm maybe beacuse gods are good way to distribute mid tier dungeons hmhm
Where other do you want to drop mid tier dungeon?

SOOOOOooooo let’s make more easy dungeons for light blue stars but make it boring to ppl who already played thousands of hours in this game to make for the entire player base cool!!!11!!!

??? what broken tp system

Again wait

lol let’s make the game broken asf, it will do something right instead of making dungeons with passion x-d-d-ddDDDDD


Creativity = Coding and programming?
Creativity = bug fixing?

i just don’t get it.
Your points are so meaningless.


Idk but this dung look pretty cool and very hard which is really to put in game after the hard work by puffagod , yeah those ideas should be give a shot , see it carefully and use mind . They are worth , atleast for me I say


Are you telling me that because there are ‘loads’ of people with these UTs, that we must make Dungeons specifically catering to them?

I don’t know, I’m not a game developer, that’s their job.

Nice Strawman, but that’s not what I said, I meant that if we’re going to focus on making changes to the game, why don’t we give ideas for meaningful ones? Rather than an end-game Dungeon that only few people can run? I’m not salty about ‘not getting an Ogmur’ as I do have that UT on an Alt, and I could care less, I’m looking at it at the perspective of a newer player.

Yep, you weren’t around during Kabam’s time or before that, made clear by the blatant ignorance. Classic Red Star. 130 Second Tp Restriction is literally broken, it makes no sense to add that in a game that relies so much on the TP mechanic.

Once again, you weren’t around when Uts were tradeable, I suggest you not comment on it. It was perfectly fine, there were no magically game-breaking things that appeared from thin-air. Duping was a problem that only got blown out of proportion by Kabam’s sloppy coding abilities. And now currently, there are no replicable duping methods that I’ve heard of. I don’t see how trading UTs is broken, I honestly don’t.

Just like your entire reply, meaningless. You essentially replied with entire strawmans based on nothing. I said, why don’t you focus your ingenuity on coming up with solutions on current problems that most Realm player’s face? It’s a true statement, only red-stars like you will fool yourselves into thinking that the game is fine because Deca throws you bones in ‘New Dungeons’.


Love when people say this, but don’t understand the logistics of it. It is impossible to go from Light Blue to White Star, by simply fame training 24/7. It would take too much time, and it wouldn’t be the explanation for the several characters/items/skins on their accs.

Lots of Fan-made dungeons and items have been implemented into the game, Lost Halls being the prime example.

Confused by that statement, making the game literally 10x better, is boring and inevitable? Lol.

It was a hyperbole, there are definitely more than 10 or 30 people with an Ogmur currently playing. But it isn’t a numerous as you think. And loe and behold, almost exclusively white stars have that item.


those dungeons are a joke.
poorly designed, poorly constructed, poorly balanced. hopefully the hive is different but it’s extremely unlikely that it will be difficult.

then why don’t you stop badgering Puffagod and take a stab at it yourself? DECA is actually capable of working on both at the same time, I don’t see why the community can’t either.

fixed that for you, buddy :wink:

and even if that weren’t the case, Puffagod explicitly stated that:

and he’s doing it quite nicely. not everyone has the same goals that you’d like to project onto them.


So like are you going to send this to deca or split and make your own RPG??


Oh really? I guess Tomb, Shatters and LoD don’t exist then.

If you want a discussion about what this game truly needs, why don’t you start your own thread or try to find a thread that’s already talking about it?

Because right now, I don’t see how anything you say is related to this thread in the slightest.


noooope, guess they don’t.
I’m done now xD


Ahhh, yes.

  1. Say something dumb
  2. Get replied
  3. Say something that doesnt matter
  4. Profit

My question was, where you wanted to put it instead of god lands?
They are supposed to be harder than highlands but not as hard as shatters minions yes
There are plenty of gods, from flying brain to leviatans.
It is supposed to balance the players that are from getting into game (t7-9) to people that got into game (t10-12) so i dont see better way

Some people want to spend time on making dungeons, not fiding bugs and fixing. They want to show their creativity not coding. What you cant understand?

Ah! That what you were talking about!
It’s not meaningless. It is supposed to stop notifiers from tping to every herm/sphinx on every server across the world.

RWT is the main reason.
And you cant say there are no duping methods as we can still trade them. And if so, people are going to abuse it to the time we live.
Why botters still crash servers? That question you have to awnser yourself.

where did i said rotmg needs this dungeon in game?
You are just saying that your post was meaningless, not mine. maybe he doesnt have any coding skills but he is a game graphic and wanted to show out what he was doing with hope that people will like it
You think that if im red star then im a ignorant idiot that doesnt know anything in the game when you want to make it your own thinking it will improve game, meanwhile it will completly break it.
You are thinking that someone elses ideas are horse shit meanwhile your visions are completly the same
You are saying that if someone makes dungeon/item, they shouldnt beacuse ueue people who dont want to spend time on learning the game should have their dungeons eeeeee
Instead of going in the pointless ogmur topic (that you are wrong too, if you have luck you will get whitebags, not skill. But it takes skill to properly use it), or things you dont understand, just leave thinking about what you write.


How absolute the knave is! I didn’t even know what a train was when I was a light blue star. That statement is ridiculous, not only is it strictly false, but I have a terrible feeling that you knew full well what I meant. No-one uses the train to do that.

It is inevitable groundwork for the game to continue. Some greater, wiser and more talented soul than me should do it. It also requires less than a thimbleful of the charm, interest and creativity required for something like a successful dungeon idea. And I have two of those.

A white star alt? Or are you a lucky person like any other?

Did you read the idea? Not sure where ‘specifically catering’ comes from.



I said, and I quote. "This Dungeon idea is good, it’s nice. But we need to focus on improving the current game more so, I think spamming the forums with these ideas so that Deca can see them, is not going to help any of the player base, other than Yellow-White Stars that have the ability/experience to run this.

This is all your subjective opinion.

You seemed to forget every single vanity item in the game, in that ‘ftfy’.


Then post your own idea of how to improve the current game either in Ideas:Other or in Game Discussion. Don’t post it in Ideas:Dungeons or in a thread about a dungeon.

In other words: learn how to forums first, then we can have a discussion.


But, I can comment on whatever I choose.


DECA doesn’t read the forums. At all. I don’t think we’re in danger of that.


I read this along with The Lost Halls a couple years back. Brings back so many memories of staying up at night reading this :’)


LOVE IT ABSOULTY LOVED IT. We gotta get deca to take a look at your idea I also have one of my own. Epic Tomb of the ancients super hard.


Idk but u might just have buffed enemies alot