Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Greetings, friends!

Having gained a great amount of support for The Beyond, I have created another endgame dungeon:
It be quite the whopper and has some pretty swish new malarkies - take a gander if ya like!


Enjoy, and please leave yer comments & critisisms below!
~ Puffagod <3


Ho! Here is the updated version as of 20/12/2016! Changes specified somewhere below as well! C:



Edit (2017/03/10): Revised URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3q3r4PaU0K1ckdKUUZNQVcwZkU/view?usp=sharing [OB]

Edit 2017-04-24: Another revision: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3q3r4PaU0K1Q2ZDWFJ2alF4S0U/view?usp=sharing

The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod
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The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod
Dungeon Idea: Infernal Tophet (WIP)
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ahhh more quality reading!

Thanks puffagod the effort you put into these dungeons is insane


Haven’t read it yet, but I know it’ll be amazing


Only 85 pages? This feels somewhat incomplete. You slipping, @Puffagod?



Only into abject depression after writing 85 pages, that is :wink:


While scrolling my mouse wheel as fast as I could it looked fantastic, sorry I may get around to reading it later but my attention span is nothing like yours :’(


Puffagod. I’m lost for words, this is absolutely incredible


…85 pages…

I thought 50 was long… haven’t seen an actual dungeon for a while, although the only thing I look at is the drops


Holy cow this is awesome. Mask of the Bellico soo good.
One of the most in depth and well thought out dungeon ideas I have ever seen. Also the crit chance thing is super cool even if not an idea usually used in the game. Art is just the icing on the cake. Well done!


I’m able to read more than 10 pages of it(Since I’m at school), then I started skimming through the rest looking at all the amazing sprites. This seems like a harder version than shatters, all those enemies that give such high Dmg to players…I better hurry and master Shatter and Tombs before another unique and challenging dungeon comes out!


Thanks fellas; do leave a like if you at least gleaned a modicum of happiness! c:


holy smokes the projectile aesthetics, lore, quotes are amazing and the face of the universe , laidly wyrm looks badass


Read all 85 Pages xD @Puffagod

  1. Do you post these dungeons on Reddit? Do you post the community’s support of your dungeons on reddit? Because wow there is a lot of work into these, and Deca should give both a shot at making.

  2. Can you add examples of dungeon layouts maps like you did for the bridge?

  3. New skins? Would love to see some new original skins for drops.

  4. 50k Guild Fame for Access, this seems fair to me.

  5. Teleportation for Mystic? No curse orb? Thank you for flipping trickster off xD. Needs buff like +6 Dex and +6 spd, considering it has 6% bonus and 800 FP.

  6. I think the skull should be redesigned into a seal instead, As we don’t need another skull, and you gave it a HP boost which is a paladin specific ability I think.

  7. Buff Damage On quiver, as Archer just sucks without having a certain type of bow. 15 Range is so far xD

  8. Maybe make radius a bit bigger on poison.

  9. After reading the Prism, I noticed you have a obsession about giving abilities powers of other classes. xD

  10. Every other item, looks good to me, and I love the ideas you come up with, I’ll have to reread when I have time thanks for putting all the work you do in these dungeons <3


well, I did read the whole things beforehand, but you asked me to limit my feedback to a small amount before the release, so I did.

now for some other things I thought
first off

this is one of my favorite sprites of all time :heart: I want to be this guy really bad.

also I was thinking that, similar to pentaract towers, the 3 final bosses should drop their bags after all the others are dead. unlike tombs, all the bosses will have to be attacking somewhat at the very end, so trying to pick the loot up could very frequently be impossible without dying. also unlike tombs, the bosses probably can’t all be killed fast enough for you to kill them all and then pick up the loot.

the cursed bridge of doom or whatever could probably make do with this small change: make the relics follow you similar to a pet does, instead of actually having to equip it. the only functional difference this makes is that players can keep their rings on. also, due to connection issues, varying class speeds, etc, increase the range of the gigatome effect to 6-7 tiles, since that one is crucial to your survival. people will still try to stay in the small range to get the effects of the synergon bearer, so ideally your fight won’t change much.

unlike the beyond, all the mini sections at least had this in common: they were the 4 feudal houses vying for domination. but I can’t see any relation to these parts at all, except for the very last two. they seem random to me. (imo that takes the awesomeness down a notch, but maybe I’m missing something?)

also at first glance, these two changes from your typical style were glaringly obvious to me from the first 15s of reading: the floor/wall tiles have had their shading removed, and the speed of projectiles is no longer off the charts! of course, there are a few shots that still have super high speed, but I don’t want to go find them right now. I guess I had a bigger influence than I thought :3

overall, despite these little things that others will find and whine about, 11/10.


@Puffagod your priest is so sexy o.o


Oh my god. No lol. 6 dex is like crown level and 6 spd is unnecessary when you can freaking teleport anyway. Additionally, fame bonus and feed power have nothing to do with how good the item is.


That’s pretty hardcore :slight_smile:

Not at the moment; I only did the bridge because it was ultra mechanic-heavy. Sowwy ;3

I was thinking Gigatome/Synergon/Bellico dyes; maybe at some point.

Wouldn’t you like to EP tank on necro? I would ;3

Buffing the damage would also buff the lifesteal to unholy heights!

The mini explosions have a rock candy or firework style spread; the radius figure is just for one mini explosion. I hope that makes a bit more sense! [quote=“Xaklor, post:14, topic:3484”]
also I was thinking that, similar to pentaract towers, the 3 final bosses should drop their bags after all the others are dead.

Nice idea!

Hmm. [quote=“Xaklor, post:14, topic:3484”]
imo that takes the awesomeness down a notch, but maybe I’m missing something?)

I didn’t want to do the same things twice in a row. For the paracosm; it’s a simple case of the ‘ascending scale of terror motif.’ The primary unifyer is the colour schemes of the bosses; and their affinities to a particular relic - this is wrapped up at the end. It’s also symbolic of a greater journey, from the outer to the inner world - but I suppose this is reflected more in the subsection aesthetic rather than the bosses.

Though OP is based heavily off the Beyond; I wanted it to be thematically distinct in some way.
Whether that was for better or worse is your call!

Let’s face it; these were the biggest crutches of the Beyond :3

Thanks so much for the comments! <3



This is…wow.

I love everything about this. The sprites, forcing co-op, the sheer size of the dungeon…

But let’s talk for a second about how often it would really get opened. Would people really be willing to donate fame, when the goal is 100,000? I mean, that’s quite a lot and most people wouldn’t think their contribution could do anything, or even make a dent in it. If this was put in the game I just don’t see it being opened more than once a week, if that.

Anyway, Excellent job as usual! I look forward to reading it in more depth later.


I feel like the 3rd area has some Skyrim Blackreach influence, what with the combination of mushrooms and clockwork/dwarves influence.
Whether that was intended or not, great dungeon, as always!
When I first saw that this released, I nearly immediately clicked on it to see how it is, and I was extremely impressed, as I’ve been with the Catacombs and Beyond!
Nice job on it!


AGGHH Another amazing read :slight_smile: Synergon might be a teeeeny bit OP compared to other rings. I think the other masks should both have a little bit HP or MP boosts and also Synergon should be taken down to basically a combined Exa Hp and Exa MP ring