Patch X.31.9.3 - The Keyper


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Key Chain Cutlass

Crystal of Fortune

Crystal of Extreme Fortune

Golden Lucky Clover

Reward Chests

New Skins (from top to bottom: Brandon the Fish Trickster Skin, Lighthouse Keeper Paladin Skin, Angler Wizard Skin, Miner Warrior Skin)

Exclusive Discord Mod Skins (from top to bottom: Archer - Cyber Cop Skin/ Huntress - Cyber Cop Skin, Rogue - Cyber Cop Skin/ Assassin - Cyber Cop Skin/ Trickster - Cyber Cop Skin, Ninja - Cyber Cop Skin/ Samurai - Cyber Cop Skin, Wizard - Cyber Cop Skin/ Necromancer - Cyber Cop Skin/ Mystic - Cyber Cop Skin, Warrior - Cyber Cop Skin/ Knight - Cyber Cop Skin/ Paladin - Cyber Cop Skin, Priest - Cyber Cop Skin/ Sorcerer - Cyber Cop Skin)

MotMG 2019 Discussion Megathread
Patch X.31.9.2 - Crystal Cavern

Imagine doing Realm LH


This is a very good change. People have been wanting guaranteed dungeons from event bosses since wildshadow days.


I just want this so I can make my other Cutlass cry.
Feels like I’ve said this before?
if you weren’t here earlier, weird stuff happened when replying and editing.


Why they didn’t have in-game moderators in the first place that actually play the game like other players, amazes me.


So the Cutlass is a glorified Glass Sword give or take, right?


Patch Notes graphic from the game main menu:

Patch X.31.9.3

We’d been speculating in /g whether guaranteed encounter dungeon portals would remain permanent seeing as it had passed beyond the original end date without removal. Looking back into history, things like Sphinx originally could be multiple spawn per realm, so non-guarantee of Tomb maybe was due to this. Depths/WLab/Docks have always been guaranteed portal, as of course with OT. I think it’s a good move to let people access the dungeons more easily, considering that Marks quests are a thing.

Guess we won’t know how the Keyper thing plays out til later today (11½ hours til that launches).


That, and much of the stuff in the realm is no longer challenging to most players. Dungeons provide extra challenge, and in my opinion, the more chances the average player gets at these mid-high tier dungeons, the better.


Personally, I think they should have in-game moderators. I’m sure they could get some trusted volunteers to ban a few bots daily, or moderate the chat as they play.

Currently, the chat tends to be pretty gross, and the lack of an in-game report button doesn’t help on that front either.
Plus I’m sure banning spambots doesn’t take too long, and while they might come back in like 5 minutes, it’d take less than 5 minutes of the moderator’s time for nexus to be a bit cleaner, something is better than nothing (plus action could be taken on notifier bots, because those aren’t even being attempted to be banned it seems)


Okay, i’ve done a few of these Keypers and so far this event is kinda bad imho.

His first phase is just a bit slower leprechaun with a lot of small yet deadly quiet shots.
It’s hard to hit and i’ve seen some 8/8 deaths already.

Second phase is ok, but nothing too crazy. He stops his erratic movement so that’s good.

In last phase he just moves and throws slows iirc.

After that, he spawns 8 end-game dungeons and most of them fail because there isn’t enough players.


Keyper is very very VERY bad imo, at least the only thing is that it drops every event whites.


Video for those who haven’t had a chance to try it out yet


Am I the only one who didn’t like his name? I mean, it’s not april fools to joke around with boss titles. Did he even get a name?


i think the name is a fusion between key+keeper > keyper


First impression is I don’t much like this Keyper design. Takes a long time in a small group, chasing the idiot player who drags it through godpiles, but it dies in 30 seconds in a big realm. Same with the crystals, tough to solo but destroyed in a big group. Seems like it’s really cheater-friendly too, with its fast movement. Already seen people in chat joking for people to turn their autoaim on, which is a sign it’s poorly designed.


That’s my point, it sucks.


For those wondering how it works :