Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Crown/Potato: Am I a joke to you?

I get that survivability is a lot more important as a perma-death game, but it does make majorities of players neglect others as their primary rings.

Hm… I can take the HP loss for something new, high risk high reward.

For my 7/8 NPE Ninja, she use UBDef is primary defensive ring and Vit as a swapout to regen a bit quicker (approx 10.48 HP/sec). Basic 6 UB rings on her inventory: Vit, Def, Att, Dex, Speed and MP.

For the Knight though, he uses UBMP as a primary ring and Vit/Wis as swapouts for a bit quicker regening (and Dex for accuracy farming).

But I still believe buffing them to 10:1 ratio would make rainbow tiered ring (not nerfing HP/MP) viable again to be used as primary rings (Vit and Wis could be used as swapout) to wear.


The key word is some of. How’d you get 7/8, tops and 6 UB rings on an NPE ninja with ~500 fame?


I think prcsakura means no pet char and not npe


By Jove, you have got it!

I didn’t clarify well I’m sorry about that. That Ninja does not have a pet following her that’s the only difference.

How did I got those tradable tops and UB rings? Something called hanging out @ USW3, buying the neglected rings for a Mana each (up to a Life), selling spare equipment for pots and taking opportunities of dudes who are selling overpay.


O1 keeps kicking me out with protocol error 21


I see this is your first post. If you are experiencing issues like this, you can ask for help by creating a thread in the Bugs and Known Issues category rather than this thread, as here is dedicated for a different topic.


i know how you feel, literally everything keeps kicking me out with protocol error 21 when i’m on flash on a shitty computer
what platform are you using, by the way?


yes, yes, ur bad, yes


Uh… that’s a delayed response time lol


I don’t if this is an unpopular opinion but bard is not that fun to play.


Clover sucks, constantly thinking about whether a dungeon will take too long and waste your clover is ass. As well as no motivation to do things in small groups because you use more time.


I just save up a bunch of clovers until I get a competent farming character, consume them all on him, and then just stop caring from there


Probably extremely unpopular opinion: Lost halls/cults/voids are really fun in discords


Ikr? I actually feel like I am part of something. Void is the most fun part of RotMG in discords IMo


Haven’t worked up the gut to try a void yet, I am extremely afraid of losing my first almost 6/8


Yeah, I only do halls on throwaway characters. IMO, void is easier then mbc. Mbc you are constantly tanking bullets and dropping health, while in void, you can actually dodge and it is quite enjoyable to do. The only problem is, sometimes if you stand in the wrong spot you can get sandwiched between a lot of bullets and get insta popped. Also, the loot isn’t great. (I mean drop rates aren’t, I almost always get marks, tho on my first one I got a dominion armor)


I don’t mind MBC/Void in a discord setting because the sheer about of health means you still have all of the same phases going on (though mseal trivializes a couple of them). I feel like LH itself and cult are super mind-numbing, though. I would way rather do those with a small 6-10 person group.

Fungal/CC is also pretty decent with discords, and I think Nest is again better with small groups. My opinion, at least!


I did my first void today and got a bow of void, so drop rates can’t be THAT bad. Prolly just got lucky tho.


That’s what happened to me when I tried to solo Void on Testing (well to learn his attacks and dodge them). Usually when I mess up just one time, it is difficult to recover and ended up scramble back to Nexus.


Decoy > Electric