Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


HOLY CRAP. Good for you! That one I hear is very rare and it’s best now in game


I dont find these 2 abilities very useful alone. But I was thinking about pairing decoy with savage, that way my pet would go in the middle of the crowd and attract bullets away from me.


If only we had 4 abilities, electric+savage would be insane


I did realize another dumb opinion of mine, though partly inspired by my new player laziness.

I’m perfectly fine with Rising Fury as my third ability. I don’t like electric, decoy, or care about the projectile attacks. I do wish the ability auto-charged, but I’ve found my uses for it.


Simple. Mheal, Electric, Savage!


On a priest or necromancer, this is totally viable


I mean, with the bullets not hitting me, I would easily give up heal. But yeah, having 4 abilities would definitely allow creativity, while retaining the meta.

I dont think electric+savage would be as good, unless savage makes the pet go directly on top of the enemies instead of only getting closer, like its said to do.


Realm has not figured out a way to deliver meaningful (more on that) gameplay in lategame bosses because they all rely on taking away agency from the player (with status effects); the Crystal Worm Mother is subsequently the only well-made endgame fight in the game.

I have been playing Risk of Rain 2 lately, and have had an incredible time with the game. It made me think about what makes these kinds of games fun to play (even if I am bad at them). I think the answer is in giving the player a set of tools, strengths and weaknesses and challenging them to make the most of it. I felt the same way about Enter the Gungeon, another game I thoroughly enjoyed. Let the player play how they would like, and never rob them of the fundamentals. Deliver challenges that make them really think about how they should utilize the agency they have and only very rarely reduce their agency (with a lot of design forethought into how that should work).

My truth is, if I am in a pinch in realm, I’m 99% certain there’s no meaningful tactic that makes use of the abilities of that particular class. They only matter during the stomp-and-steamroll part (most of) the game. In the actual ‘challenging’ situations, nothing pooping matters. Are you a knight with great health regen who’s identified a way to maintain their health while taking a certain risk? Think again, you’re sickened in every corner of the fight. As a trickster, have you found a clever way to get in an enemy’s face and teleport away if it gets risky? Screw that, you’re going to be unstable’d, silenced and hopefully, blinded. Perhaps you’re a necromancer and are thinking - ‘Hm, my HP is real low, I’ll make use of my ability to get a little healing from the boss and then enter the fight again’. No, you are silenced, my friend, and you will be for the next 40 minutes because that’s cHaLLenGe. Or, you know, it doesn’t matter what class you are - the game has decided you are paralyzed or blinded and not allowed to play. It’s as if players having the ability to Nexus gives the excuse to make fights spastic, unfun seizures and rob players of agency.

Well, screw that. You can argue that status effects introduce a layer of challenge and tactics by being debilitating and ‘interesting’ - to which I would argue that they are actually just annoying and frustrating and come with the incredible opportunity cost of leeway for meaningful gameplay. That cost is perceived to be less because realm has not had good goddamn endgame fights and gameplay for people to feel they’re missing out on quality. Supporting status effect spam damages the game’s very direction and potential in a way that’s simply hard to visualize but I’m a person of will and I have a finance class that I don’t want to pay attention to, so I’ll try to do it anyway. I have fun in Risk of Rain 2 because my abilities have a cooldown and there aren’t enemies that force my attacks to enter cooldown because I got hit. I move around in the game to dodge; I’m not slowed down and paralyzed or worse, suddenly moving in a goddamn different direction all of a sudden (looking at you, confuse) because I took the wrong bullet. No, I do none of those things and I still fracking die and I have a goddamn blast. I die using my abilities, zooming around like a mad motorfracker and executing a bunch of little plans that work out to varying degrees - but all fun. Those micro-plans require both:
a) Consistency for the player
b) Challenge in the actual fights

Same with Gungeon. The very few times I am robbed of agency (say, the Gorgun’s scream) - it’s so well-telegraphed and so consciously and carefully placed, that I get it. The developers of those games could have filled them with status effects. I could be constantly slowed, unable to use abilities or regain HP in RoR2 and you know what? The community for that game would have defended it and told me I’m a nooblet. But those games would not have been as fun, and they decided to be fun instead.

So, yeah. Business school is a freaking joke.


It does go directly on top. There is an old video of an electric - savage - attack close pet soloing a tomb (back when tomb was considered quite challenging).

For those curious, the pet is here and the video is here.


Wraiths brigandine is bad because it is literally soulless with 1 less def and 20 more hp wtf.


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Well, that comment was uncalled for.


7/8 grave looks better than 8/8 counterpart.

Priest and Knight performs better with more MP than HP, therefore UBMP is better than UBHP/Deca.


Character living>Preforming better
Also unless you have a maxxed divine pet mana takes forever to regen and you end up rarely having more than 1/2 mana when ever you play


But it does not mean only HP ring should be used though…


I agree with you on the knight part, and on the priest for other things, not mana.


what about the part where the same character can’t wear wraith and soulless


Orange star*


Thanks for the footage, I didnt know how savage behaved. That electric/savage/attack close combination look sick. Silly me, @Twitchystr, you were right. electric+savage do be insane.

So, because savage makes the pet go directly on top of the enemies, that means it could attract one target, allowing me to go around and stab the monster in the back, without fear of retaliation. For groups however, I would have to possess enough range to stay farther from the enemies than my pet is from them.

In any case, savage is underrated and uncommon. In fact ive never seen someone with a savage pet.


I think full ST sets are lame.

I would like to see more interesting partial bonuses on ST items that allow more mix n match set building options.

Example: 3 piece knight ST with a better sword, the third tier bonus gives a bunch of def to compensate for mercy’s loss of def, and altogether three pieces also grants +12 atk +12 dex. If you match it with a keychain cutlass you have more def than a CC while wearing the dps stats of 2 crowns