PUBLIC TESTING: The Bees are Back in Town


Hello everyone! As you probably know the Nest has been out for over a year now and it sure is popular!

To remedy this, some changes have been made to the inner workings of the dungeon. These changes were more or less ready quite a while ago (May '18) but due to MotMG and my own schedule there was always little time to really work on the thing and prepare a PT (as you might tell from the lateness of this thread relative to PT going up).

goal of the rework

  • Make all Nest related content accessible for any group size

  • Make the encounter something people WANT to do

  • Fix bugs (hahaaa 0 from yellow bee amirite)

  • Balance (winged ice spheres, dps-breakers)

  • Fame alignment with ‘newer’ systems (LH, Pd, CR) (1)

  • Loot (1)

  • Event chest compatibility (1)

the raised numbers like this 0 one refer to notes further down the post.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details.


  • Reduced Hive Colony maxHP (5000 -> 2500)

  • Reduced Hive Colony Def (40 -> 30)

  • Removed Hive Colony #2 from set of colonies that come with the encounter due to bee density per square inch

  • Removed weak effect from Hive Colony Projectile

  • Nest required for Realm close again (2)

  • Nest Quest is now always visible, as are the guardian bees change made on prod in the meantime

  • Center Hive maxHP Reduced (80k -> 40k) 3

  • Center Hive HPScales (10%)

base: 40,000
20x: 120,000
85x: 380,000

  • fixed name-specific Oryx taunts upon event deaths

  • fixed 4th bee spawn failsafe trigger in high-latency realms

  • fixed Yellow bee drops 0 if last Prodscoped.

Guardian Bees

all three:

  • Transition to rage at lower health threshold (0.3% -> 0.25%)

  • MaxHP Reduced (75k -> 25k)

  • Now has scaling (10%)

base: 25,000
x20: 75,000
x85: 237,500

Yellow Guardian Bee (Rage Phase)

  • No longer has armor broken on self

  • Removed invulnerability during this phase

  • Speed reduced (15%)

  • Bee chases players for further away from setpiece beefore returning

Blue Guardian Bee (Rage Phase)

  • Speed reduced (25%)

Red Guardian Bee (Rage Phase)


Giant Phase (last bee remaining

  • Improved methods for reaching center hive

  • Yellow version of the center hive (the thing that shoots spirals to support the boss) now uses a projectile that slows instead of paralyzes

  • fixed blue bee no longer overspawns minions


quite some work to bee done here.

  • terrifying A new weapon in its arsenal! The bee now shoots small bees! (40DMG AP, slowed). 7

  • Base HP Reduced (300,000 -> 125,000)

  • Scales at 20%

base: 125,000
x20: 625,000
x85: 2,250,000


  • big dungeon bees baseHP reduced (17,500 -> 7,500)

  • big dungeon bees scale (20%)

base: 7,500
x20: 37,500
x85: 135,000

  • Invulnerabilities reduced on big dungeon bees 5

  • Big Blue Bee now inflicts silence with his grenades (was Weak)

  • Dungeon hives BaseHP reduced (6k)

  • Hives scale at 20%

base: 6,000
20x: 30,000
85x: 108,000

  • Small Blue Bees now inflict Silenced (was Weak)


  • Dr Terrible Bees’ latest invention! Upon fully clearing the dungeon and an event chest appearing, in each room 2 or more teleporters activate which will take you directly to the boss room 1

  • Removed recursive sub-branch creation so dead end lengths are significantly shorter. This also means that all side-paths are now directly connected to the main path. 6

  • Dungeon main path length reduced (9 -> 7)


  1. Fame alignment and Loot have an uncertain feature. As you might’ve gathered, there is no changelog of this yet. Decisions like this, while I would like to make them (better fame & loot to encourage doing the dungeon) are up to the developers in the end, and not discussed yet.
    As for the teleporters upon chest events activating, it is not sure if this feature will remain. Recently a shift has happened for the requirements of a chest (clear -> kill boss). If only a boss kill is required, this mechanic is obsolete.

  2. By the end of the reworking process, hopefully the encounter isn’t as abandoned/unwanted as it is now, and possible to do even if you aren’t numerous in an acceptable timeframe. Since the non-required for closing status comes from these very issues, if they are resolved closing requirement is justified.

  3. Center hive opts to spawn his guardians at half hp, so it is effectively 20k to chew through at 1x. (scaling still applies to 40k)

  4. in case the screenshot was not helpful, post-pinning-red is the phase where the boss rotates around the center of the walkable ring, shooting bursts of 4 red balls with an occasional 8x omnidirectional large stinger shot / 6x omnidirectional tears.
    now, the boss still rotates around this same distance, but instead the shot cooldown between projectiles in the burst is doubled (0.2 -> 0.4), and each projectile alternates between a tear shot and a curse ball shot.

  5. There’s probably room for even more of that if necessary. But first, PT is necessary to determine if baseHP & scaling is correctly chosen even on large numbers.

  6. The amount of side branches is unchanged. More evaluation is needed if this length is correct. Feedback about length in particular is appreciated!.

  7. Phases where you will see this beeautiful new projectile are:
    post-stars yellow sub phase (after the oryx-horde pattern, at around half hp of the boss). This projectile substitutes the paralyze orb that used to bee there.
    post spinning yellow subphase: also a sub for the paralyze orb

known issues

I’m not the boss of you, but feedback on the below matters are most likely redundant. Some of these have a solution even, though those did not make it for the PT build.

  • Minions spawned by boss’ final phase instantly shoot, and while they aren’t on top of each other for a megastack, if you are standing close you might not have time to react.

  • Big dungeon bees that rush to protect the boss (to prevent them from doing their normal attack pattern during the boss fight) shoot while rapidly moving to the boss disrupting players unfairly

  • bad loot

  • bad fame

  • uni smells

  • Enraged blue bee + troom blue bee does weak while it should be silence

  • …more to come?

If you think you’ve noticed a change that is not mentioned in this log, let me know. I might have missed something, since these changes aren’t fresh in my memory nor have I had a lot of time to prep this thread.


Public Testing #9 - Status: Closed
Public Testing #9 - Status: Closed
Trivial Issues Thread
Avatar should be an optional map marker

Why couldn’t you do this earlier??
I wouldn’t have lost my jugg if it was like this from the start.

I’ve grown to like the Beehemoth event, though. It’ll take a bit of getting used to these changes.




also, making characters starts you with a lvl 1 character, and base equips, nothing fancy.




Noticed that new debuff you got hiding in there;
silenced - can’t spend mana to cast your ability - a less mean version of quiet


That’s not a new debuff, it’s been around for a long time and has already seen use in the Lost Halls.


I thought he meant new for the bees (who are, in fact, back in town)


Am I the only who actually likes liked the bees?



As for the lvl 1 starting chars, making a new char on Pt currently gives you a 6/8. (this change was pushed after going live)


Yeah, no.

Why do we have to clear the dungeon again?
They removed that from shatters
In addition, now the group can’t split up to clear because of a) hp scaling and bee) you can’t teleport to the boss and c) someone’s going to troll the new-no teleport-during-events just like they rush shatters to activate the king.


Why do we have to clear the dungeon again?
They removed that from shatters



(It shouldn’t be reeequired though, hp scaling would be a pain to clear through).

Also solution to people rushing to boss, activating the walls, and permenantly ending the boss fight?


Lost halls? Never heard of it. Is that an upcoming WIP dungeon like the goblin liar? :rose:


The Bees Are Back?



You expected too much from the realm community by putting additional notes in numbers


yeah, it was just a big lag issue.


God damn it


I really like all the changes, as I’ve already stated in the PT post!

…Well, that is except for just one tiny thing…
I’ll let this clip speak for itself. No sound, wrong settings, I guess.


The dungeon is balanced around Priests in the group with you, isn’t it?