[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Not chubby, thicc


Tough Choices

Pages 1096-1100

Author’s Notes: 1.1k frames. Holy f u c k

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How in the hell can the tentacle do -15 damage

ima hackusate


pardon my chickenscratch, was supposed to be

tend to have ones marked with a line underneath, atleast how I’ve come to write them on paper

however much 1S damage is to you could be equal


Don’t worry Rhea. we’ve had to eat less damagiing bullets compared to death. I hope you have HP pots!


What shall she ever do?

Pages 1101-1105

Author’s Notes: All your friends are gone. Good luck.

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Oof. Established she chugged her HP pots, and glimpse into her usual party dynamic… Though I have to say I don’t remember which is whom.
Also, who’d thought Dreadstump would be the firepower to the technical Davy and supportive Bilge. His old colors are showing!


All purpose solution

Pages 1106-1110

Author’s Notes: Could of made this scene suspenseful. But why not some quicky drafted humor?
And don’t take Dreadstump as plotting a scheme, its just been a while since he’s had a real thought.

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Holy crap lmao. You got me in the 1st half, not gonna lie. Since I’m trained to have either dark outer panel or cloudy frame to show that this is a thought, I went back and forth on the 1st 2 panels.

Foreshadowing stumpy killing Rhea after he deems her useless/recovering his zeal? hmmmmm


I thought about trimming the panels, but I didn’t want to make it too obvious, but considered. And I wouldn’t come to see Dreadstump plot a revenge plan, its just a long time since the answer to all his problems have been “fire a cannonball at it”


Flash of Hope

Pages 1111-1115

Author’s Notes: I wonder myself why I never put action sounds in big flashy bubbles like in classic comics. ah well.

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Rhea died at level 20, ate cobblestone




I do remember an outdated Minecraft Mod for adding ROTMG stuff and wanted to flex my brain for adding more mechanics to it, but coding with Java to me is a pain but maybe someday someone will come along and make a big ROTMGxMinecraft crossover.


you have me lowkey considering it now


Well I’d hate to derail the thread, but I did see this, seems to be used as a plugin on premade maps. It depends whether or not how true you wanna go back to actual ROTMG over just having an RPG styled minecraft server/mod.

The General Chat Thread

Okay I’m a bit confused, but did Stumpy fire humself AT Rhea? Massive balls, and impressive that it broke the tentacles!


What, you don’t carry a big red cannonball around with you for just such an occasion? Don’t think he does either.


A sacrifical shot

Pages 1116-1120

Author’s Notes: The human cannonball experiment may not be the best one.

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Stumpy: 800 HP, +20% per player
MBC Tentacles: 300 damage.